Person:William Wright (182)

William Wright
m. Abt 1761
  1. William Wright1776 - 1854
m. 11 Dec 1800
  1. Elizabeth Wright
  2. Mary Polly Wright1802 - Aft 1880
  3. Philemon W. Wright1803 - 1887
  4. Mahala Wright1807 - Aft 1880
  5. Nancy Wright1809 - 1899
  6. Jacob Wright1810 -
  7. James Campbell Wright1811 - Abt 1860
  8. Frances F WrightAbt 1814 -
  9. Lyndia WrightAbt 1816 - 1859
  10. Adonian C. Wright1820 -
  11. Caroline Matilda Wright1822 - Aft 1880
Facts and Events
Name[1] William Wright
Gender Male
Birth? 1776 Laurens Co, SC
Marriage 11 Dec 1800 Warren Co, KYto Frances Campbell
Census[2] 1840 Tishomingo, MS
Census[3] 1850 Benton Co, TN
Death? Nov 1854 Camden, Benton, TN
Burial? Old Palestine Cemetery, Benton Co, TN

[Edna (Vinson) Davis Relatives.FTW] CHILDREN: Please note the ? beside William Wright born 1801 who married Nancy Stockdale and read the note under his name! ALL the children of this William Wright married to Frances Campbell are PROVEN EXCEPT FOR THIS WILLIAM! John T. Wright (Oct 2001) <> has presented a very strong case (see below and note that nowhere is this son, William mentioned as a heir) that the William Wright who married Nancy Stockdale and also lived in Benton Co, TN is NOT a son of William and Frances. I've left all the data intact, and will let you come to your own conclusion. MY thought at this time, after looking over the evidence, is to AGREE with John - therefore the ? beside the name of William Wright who married Nancy Stockdale. (CAB) 1810 -Barren Co, KY (1 son and 4 dau)

1817 -May 9, Warren Co, KY deed book B, 1813-1819 "William and Fanny purchased 97 acres on Lamb's Sinking Creek in Warren Co, KY adjacent to John Compton, Moses Johnson, and James Doughty and sold it for $300.00 to August Clayton on 5/9/1817"

1819 -Simpson Co, KY Tax List "268 acres, 4 horses, 1 white male over 21; property value of $1540.00"

1820 -Simpson Co, KY #509

1821 -Simpson Co, KY Tax List "200 acres on Drake's Creek, 3 horses, 1 white male over 21, 1 black over 16; property value of $1125.00"

1821 -Simpson Co, Ky Tax List "212 acres on South Fork Drake's Creek, 3 horses, 1 white male voter;property value of $2196.00. "

1822 -Simpson Co, KY Tax List "212 acres on Drake's Creek, 5 horses, 1 white male voter, 5 childrenbetween ages 4-14; property value of $2000.00"

1823 -Simpson Co, KY Tax List "212 acres on Drake's Creek, 5 horses, 1 white male; property value of $790.00"

1824-5 -Moved to TN 1830 -Henry Co, TN #59 - Rushing Creek area (later became Benton Co, TN) "3 sons, 3 daughters"

1836 -Feb 7, Benton Co, TN -Member of the first county court 1840 -Tishomingo Co, MS 1845 -Tishomingo Co, MS 1 male, 1 female

1849 -July 27, Benton Co, TN -buys 200 acres in Benton Co, TN 1850 -Benton Co, TN 1854 -Benton Co, TN Guardian Adm. Book, 1, pg. 586, lst Monday of Nov., 1854 Term of Court. "Whereas William Wright died intestate ---James C. Wright app'd Admin."

1860 -Jan 6 - Court Settlement in Benton Co, TN for William Wright assent to me by John T. Wright <> -West TN Whig" , Jackkson, TN issue of Jan. 27, 1860, Vol. 18, page 3 "In the County Court of Benton County, TN at Camden." James C. Wright, Administrator of William Wright, deceased, Fanny Wright, and others vs. P. W. Wright, John Huffhinds and wife, Elizabeth, P. Lewis and wife, Mary Lewis, and heirs of Lydia Brown, deceased, Mahala Ann Brown and J. E. Brown On motion and it appearing from the petition and affadavit filed thatthe above named defendants are non-residents of the State of TN. It is therefore ordered that publication be made for four successive weeks in the West TN Whig, a newspaper published in Jackson, TN, commanding said non-resident defendants to appear before the County Court of Benton County, TN to be held at the Court Houst in the town of Camden on the first Monday in February next, to plead, answer or demur to complainants petition, or the same will be taken for confessed and set for hearing exparte. W. M. McAuley, Clerk Jan. 6, 1860 at prs. fee $8. (note: date of the above court proceeding is missing) Page 500, Feb., 1860 James Wright & others vs. P. G. Lewis and others This day this cause came on P. W. Wright, John Huffmands (*Huffhines)& wife Elizabeth, P. Lewis & wife, Mary Lewis, and heirs of Lydia Brown, deceased, Mahala Brown, and J. E. Brown, are non-residents of the state of TN it also appearing to the Court that publication had been made four successive weeks commanding said non-residents defendants to come & appear in the present Term of Court to plead, answer or (___?__) to said petition all of whom failed to plead, answer or (___?__) tosaid petition. It is therefore ordered by the Court that (___?__)procompisso (?) be taken as the non-residents and that this cause set for hearing exparten (?) as to them. James Wright & others vs Pet. to sell land P. G. (or W) Wright & others This day this cause came up for further hearing when it is ordered bythe Court that this cause be referred to the Clerk & Master of this Court to take proof and report at the present Term of this Court as to the amount of indebtedness (___?__) in and also as to the probable benefits that may arise to the parties in consequence of selling same.

  • - indicates John's addition.

1860 -March, From the Benton County Court Records, March, 1860 Term. as sent to me by John T. Wright <> James C. Wright, Admr of William Wright Dec'd } * Sold land to W. W. Hudson and G. W. Hudson Mahala Dowell formerly Mahala Wright } See Deed Book H, Pg. 561, 12-15-1868 Nancy Hudson formerly Nancy Wright } J. C. Hudson who purchased Jacob Wright's interest, Matilda Thomas formerly Matilda Wright & her husband, F. C. Thomas & said F. C. Thomas who has purchased A. C. Wright's interest. ( *See deed book F, pg. 772, 1-4-1860) W. W. McCord (?) and Fanny, his wife, formerly Fanny Wright VS P. G. (should be P. W.) Wright, John Hufhries (*Huffhines) & Elizabeth, his wife, Mahala Ann Brown, J. E. Brown, hus. of P. Lewis & Mary, his wife, formerly Mary Wright This day this cause came on for hering upon the Bill report of this Clerk & master pro confesso & proof & it appearing to the Court upon the repot of the C & M which is unexcepted that it would be unnecessaryto sell the land for partition & (__?__) to the advantage of the heirs & it is further appearing to the Court from said report of the C &M that James Wright the admr of William Wright has paid thirty eight dollars and 64 cents over & above what came into his ahnds & such adm.which amount is due him with interest thereon. It is therefore ordered, adjudged & decreed by the Court that the Clerk of this Court after giving legal notice sell the same at the Court House door in (__?__)all except the dower interst upon a credit of twelve months the purchaser giving land & security for the purchasing of the remainder after paying so much cash as will be sufficient to pay the amount due James Wright, the administrator.

More from John T. Wright - For other deeds and court records refer toDeed book G, Pg. 121, Nov. 5, 1860 -Book G, Pg. 127 -Book H, Pg 561, dec. 15, 1868 -Book D, Pg. 130, 1/31/1837 -Book B, pg. 146, Dec. 1847, -Book B, Pg. 181, 8/22/1849 -Guardian Admin. Book 1, Pg. 586, pg. 606, -Will Book? page 586 -For list of property sold see page 606

1870 -Benton Co, TN (for the widow Frances - Fanny who was in household of daughter, Nancy Wright Hudson)

Sources: 1) Correspondence (May-June 2001) and extensitve reserach of Irene Wright <> 2) Genforum Posting by John T. Wright (April 1999) 3) Benton Co, TN Rootsweb List Archives (July 1998) - posting by Marion <> 4) FAMILIES AND HISTORIES - Benton Co, TN (1836-1986) - Volume I, page 321-322 (see Wright - Hudson) 5) FTM Page of Dana Stearley A) <> 6) Correspondenc and Research of John T. Wright (Oct 2001) <> Per: Glenda Proudfoot, Carla J. Kettell, Dana Stearley, Katheorine Gregson, Everts Jackson, David Wilshire, Evaline Rasdall, and Charles Dailey

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