Person:William Wentworth (1)

Sir William Wentworth
b.Est 1289
m. 1288
  1. Sir William WentworthEst 1289 -
  1. Sir William WentworthEst 1310 -
  2. John WentworthEst 1312 -
Facts and Events
Name Sir William Wentworth
Gender Male
Birth[1] Est 1289
Living[1] 1308 Wentworth Woodhouse, Yorkshire, England
Marriage to Isabel Pollington
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    'William Wentworth, of Wentworth-Woodhouse, who was married, first, in 1288, to Dionysia, daughter of Peter de Rotherfield, by whom he had only two sons ... and ... married, secondly, Lucy, daughter of Sir Adam Newmarch, but had no issue by her; and himself died in 1295, in the lifetime of his father, ... On his father's death, in 1308-9, the family estate reverted to his eldest son William Wentworth, of Wentworth-Woodhouse, who married Isabel, daughter and coheir of William Pollington, Esq., of Pollington, in Yorkshire ...'