Person:William Wardwell (13)

William Van Buren Wardwell
b.14 NOV 1836 Andover, Essex, MA
m. 28 DEC 1820
  1. Charles Otis Wardwell1821 - BEF 1871
  2. Mary Elizabeth Wardwell1823 - 1849
  3. Francis Darwin Wardwell1826 -
  4. Atwater Murdoch Wardwell1828 -
  5. Sarah Jane Wardwell1831 - 1858
  6. Augusta Mehitable Wardwell1834 - 1853
  7. William Van Buren Wardwell1836 - 1884
  8. George Emery Wardwell1839 -
  9. Clara Elena Wardwell1844 - 1899
m. 17 MAR 1864
  1. Charles A. WardwellABT 1865 - 1935
  2. William Reed WardwellABT 1867 - 1947
  3. Frances B. WardwellABT 1869 -
  4. Howe Watts Wardwell1877 - 1881
Facts and Events
Name William Van Buren Wardwell
Gender Male
Birth[1] 14 NOV 1836 Andover, Essex, MA
Marriage 17 MAR 1864 Arapahoe County, COto Mary Allison Watts
Death[2] 18 APR 1884 San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
Burial[3] 21 APR 1884 San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
Occupation? Postmaster in 1866 & 1870, Miner in 1880

"A Defaulting Clerk San Francisco April 18 W.V.B. Wardwell, bookkeeper for a Kearney Street firm, was detected yesterday in having embezzled funds of the firm who employed him. He was arrested this morning and when taken to the city prison it was found he had taken poison from the effects of which he shortly died." -Reno Evening Gazette 18 April 1884

Enlisted as a Lieutenant 2nd Class on 16 August 1861 in San Francisco, CA Commission in Company E, 1st Cavalry Regiment California on 16 August 1861 Promoted to Full Lieutenant 1st Class on 09 March 1863 (As of Co. D) Transfered on 24 April 1863 Mustered out on 25 April 1864 in Santa Fe, NM -Register of California Men in the War of the Rebellion 1861 to 1867. (CARoster) Published in 1890 by J. D. Young, State Printing

HEADQUARTERS DEPARTMENT OF NEW MEXICO, Santa Fe, November 22,1863. COLONEL: First Lieutenant William V. B. Wardwell, 1st cavalry California volunteers, leaves Santa Fe this morning, having under his charge one hundred and eighty-eight men, women and children of the Navajo tribe of Indians, en route, via Fort Union, for Fort Sumner. The transportation is ox-wagons as far as Fort Union. From that point they are to have such other transportation as the chief quartermaster may direct the depot quarter.

Living in Contadero, Socorro, NM at 1870 with real estate valued at $60,000 and personal estate value of $5000. A wealthy man.

Appointments as Postmaster in Fort Craig, NM recorded 19 December 1866 and 27 May 1870. In Fort Craig, May 10, 1873 when he wrote to his niece Mary Elizabeth Holt, who he refers to as sister:

"My precious Sister, Your kind letter of the 8th ultimo came duly to hand, and I am happy to see you in such good spirits, and that you are all well. I received a letter from George, of the 15th ultimo, in which he wishes me to write to him at home, as he intended to start home in a few weeks. He didn't say what route he intended to go, but I hope that when he gets down to where Mary is, that she will get him to come this way, as I wish very much to see him, both from affection, and on business. I am almost afraid that he will not be able to go home as expected, but hope that he will. I have not heard from Clara for quite a while, but am expecting a letter daily. I hope she is improving and will be restored entirely to health. I am glad to see you write in such good spirits and so happy with that beautiful boy. I enclose twenty dollars with which please buy him a present for me. It is impossible to get anything in this country to send him, so I will leave it with yourself to decide. Mary and the children are well and happy, but they want me to come there. The boys are at school and getting along finely. There is nothing new, dear Sister to write you. Much love to your husband, baby and your own dear self. I shall write Clara in a day or two. You must write me often, I like your letters they are so well written and light hearted. Your loving brother, William"

"Wm. V.B. Wardwell, who came here sometime since from San Francisco, to look after the Baca Land Grant, having finished the survey and location of said grant, left from his home, by California and Arizona stage this afternoon." -The Arizona Weekly Miner 23 March 1877

Living in San Francisco at 1880 Census

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