Person:William Taulbee (9)

William Hitchcock Taulbee
Facts and Events
Name William Hitchcock Taulbee
Gender Male
Birth? 1748 Baltimore Co., MD
Marriage 1783 Wilkes Co., NCto Margaret Canady
Death? 1833 Perry, Kentucky, United States

3. William Hitchcock Taulbee. Born in 1750 in Baltimore, Maryland. William Hitchcock died in Perry County, Kentucky abt 1833, he was 83. Born in 1748 in Baltimore Co, MD. William Hitchcock died in Perry Co., KY in 1833, he was 83. Occupation: Capt William, Williams Co 7th Orange Co., NC Militia 8-2-1776.

abt 1767 when William Hitchcock was 17, he first married Margaret Canady, daughter of Andrew Canady, in Wilkes County, North Carolina.

  1.   Rose Taulbee's Book
    Page 14C.

    -14 c-

    Our first record of Wm. H. Taulbee in North Carolina is as follows:
    Wm. Talby in Rev. War, quote "Wm. Talby, member of Capt. Wm. Williams Co., 7th Orange Militia. List given me at Hillsborough by Capt. Wm. of Col. Butler's Battalion, by Thomas Person, Gr. Gen. - This from Roster of Soldiers from No. Car., in the Rev. War. Published by NCDAR 8-2-1776. This action was war with the CHEROKEE, Creek and Seminole Indians 1776-78, along the Eno River which is in Orange Co., N. Car.

    Wm. Talby paid tax in Orange Co., N. C. 1779, in the amount $504.40 on land. This was given me as written. Am told Pound Sterling only, was used, but the above is as I have said.

    Next record (just received 6-1882) this in Wilkes Co., N.C.
    Wilkes Co., N.C. Land Entries: William Talbey
    1778 e 150A. on Bugaboo (Creek) near Jonathan Stamper
    1780 e 150A. at foot of Peach Bottom Mountain
    1780 e 640A mouth Cranberry on Fighting Creek

    The following given by Mr. Ivy of Wilksboro, NC some 10 or 12 yrs ago

    Wm. Talby entry #1910, Book A-1 page 474 - 100 acres on East Fork of Roaring River,
    joining James Barnyard, entry made 1-24-1781

    Wm. Talbey is listed in Capt. Wm. Reynolds District, this a tax list

    Reg. of Deeds Office:
    Wm. Talbey bot from State of N.C, Grant Book A-1, page 484-1784. Grant State of N.C.
    #564 - 100 acres - East Fork Roaring River Beginning "A". In the year 1785, page 423 - Bk. A-1, Quote "To James McBride." Must have sold land to McBride, this in Grant #520

    Wm. Talbey bot from Jesse Hall, 150 acres in 1798 on the South Fork of Roaring River, which included the Mill and the Homeplace. Deed Bk. D page 442. This indenture witnessed by Jacob Adams, Geo. Wheatley, Joel Stamper and Jesse Hall. Searcher found no record of the sale of this land on record in Wilkes Co., N.C.

    In the WILKES GENEALOGICAL BULLETIN, Quote "List of persons drafted in our Class - We sign our names this 7th June 1782." Twenty one men signed including WILLIAM TOLBEY.
    No officer was named. A Wm. Whitaker was named on same page.

    In Wilkes Co., NC -ANDREW CANADY had a mill on Bugaboo Creek (tributary of the Yadkin R.) in Wilkes Co. He was a member of the Roaring Creek Baptist Church in `779. Was a delegate to the Conference and served as Elder. He is very likely Margaret's father.
    Census Records
    State census of N.C. 1784-87 Wilkes Co.
    Wm. Talby 1 male over 21 - 2 males under 21 and 3 females

    Federal Census 1790 Wilkes Co., N.C.
    Wm. Talby 4 M under 16 - 1 male over 16 and 3 females

    1800 Federal Census
    W. Talby 2 M to 10 - 1 M to 16 - 1 M to 26 parents both over 45
    1 F to 10 - 1 F to 16 - 1 F to 26

    1810 Federal Census
    Wm. Talby 2 M to 26 - 1 F to 16 parents over 45


    The family migrated to Kentucky 1817, all except Andrew and Elizabeth

    1820 Federal census of Floyd Co., and 1830 Fed. Census of Perry Co., Ky., Wm. Talby is included in the family of son Wm. Barry Talbee.

    We so far have NO PROOF that Wm. Talbee was in either the battle of the Cow Pens or Kings Mountain. The battle of The Cow Pens was fought 1-17-1781 and as you have read on previous page, Wm. Talbee was very busy in Wilkes Co., N.C.

    We have a question; Was Wm. Hitchcock married once or twice? If the John Dial Taulbee letter is correct, that he married Margaret Canady AFTER the War, then he most certainly had a wife long before that.

    Elizabeth, Samuel and Andrew were definitely born before 1783. It would appear that either Elizabeth and husband or Andrew and wife were living at home of Wm. H. at 1800 census time. Samuel was married and had 2 sons already by 1800.

    There is the possibility that Wm. married in Orange Co., N.C. or even in Maryland and this 1st wife died and he remarried a second time and to Margaret. If he had only one wife, then he married Margaret Canady as early as 1772.

    The story that Margaret Canady was a Cherokee Indian, is without foundation at this time. I would hope that Wm. would not have tried to kill off all his wife's family; refer to his stint in the N.C. Militia, he was fighting the CHEROKEE, Creek and Seminole Indians in 1776.
    It would be sad to think that he came home one day to tell her, "Well I just finished the last of your tribe today."

    Also sent with this latest information from Wilkes Co., N.C. was the following:

    FRANCIS TOLBEY 1779 N. Side of Yadkin River (if this was a purchase of land, no acerage mentioned.)

    Have no idea this man's connection to our family. He COULD be brother of Wm. H.