Person:William Sample (7)

William Sample
b.Abt 1770
d.Abt 1805 Sumner Co., TN
Facts and Events
Name William Sample
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1770
Death? Abt 1805 Sumner Co., TN

Notes from Patrick Morgan Harrison ( Notes for WILLIAM SAMPLE: The first record I have of William Sample in Tennessee is a deed which is located in Record Book No. 3, Page 316, Sumner county, dated 6 July 1802. William Sample purchases the following property for forty dollars: Southwest Square of the Town of Gallatin, lot number 13, bounded by Smith Street in the South, by James Trousdale's land on the South, by the water lot on the East and by lot no. 14 on the West; containing sixty poles of land more or less; registered and examined 29 January 1803. On 5 July 1803, William Sample purchased the following property in the County of Sumner: For thirty dollars, a certain lot of land situated in the South East Square of the Town of Gallatin known in the plan of said town by lot no. 19 bounded by Smith Street on the North, by James Trousdale's lot on the South, by lot no. 20 on the East and by lot No. 18 on the West, containing sixty poles of land more or less; registered and examined 5 September 1803. Both of these pieces of property were purchased from the three Tennessee Commissioners in trust for said county of Sumner, by virtue of an act of the General Assembly of said state passed at Knoxville the sixth day of November 1801. In the records of the Sumner County Marriages, I find the following examples of a William Sample: William Stuart and Sally Cougher married 20 September 1805, William Sample was the best man; Samuel McAdams and Margaret Robinson were married 2 June 1804, William Sample was the best man. In the early Tennesee tax lists 1787-1827 the following is found: Sample, William/Je-1800; Sample, William/Ge-1783; Sample, Wm., Heirs/Sn-1811 Additionally, the preceeding tax lists show these other Sample families: Sample, David, Ge-1805 James, D-1811 John, Wi-1815(2), Wi-1810 Mathew, Je-1800 Moses, Je-1800 Robert, D-1811, Wi-1815 Robert Jr., D-1811 Robert, James & John, D-1805 Samuel, A-1805, Ge-1783 Thomas, Wi-1815 In the Stark Cemetery, 9 miles southwest of Gallatin on Highway, 31 in the Maples Subdivision (5/10 mile south of the highway and directly south of the entrance to the Maples club house), the following individuals are buried: Sample, Susan 1 Mar 1798 - 19 Oct 1853 Stark, Sarah H. Wife of Thornton Stark 3 Dec 1778 - 1 Jan 1857 Stark, Thornton 8 Feb 1780 - 29 Jul 1855 Shelton, Elizabeth Wife of M. B. Shelton 30 Sep 1803 - ? Sep ? In the Sumner County, Tennessee Archives, County Court Records, Book 7, Page 370, February 1857, Smith H. Sample was appointed administrator of the goods, etc., of the estate of Susan Sample, dec'd [UL: Bucks County, Pennsylvania Records :UL] I found the following information in the [UL: History of Bucks Co., Pa., :UL] J. H. Battle, ed., Reprint Company, (1887 edition) Spartanburg, S. C. 1905. Vol I: Robert Sample of Buckingham, Commanded a company in the 10th Penn Regiment (ca 1776). Vol II: Penn marriages: 8 Sept 1760 - John Sample/Isabella Kaldozer; 18 Dec 1771 - James Sample/Jane Anderson. Pennsylvania in 1780: Sample, Ann - Bucks Co, Buckingham; Sample, David - Cumberland Co., Hopewell / Lancaster Co, Donegal; Sample, James - Bucks Co., Buckingham / Bucks Co., Hill Town; Sample, John - Bucks Co., Wright's Town / Cumberland Co., East Pennsbro; Sample, Joseph - Cumberland Co., East Pennsbro; Sample, Joseph - Cumberland Co., Middleton; Sample, Nathiel - Bucks Co., Plumstead. [UL: Lancaster Co., Penn., deeds: :UL]

  • B-347 1/18/1744-5, 214 acres, Derry Twp, Samuel

Blunlson of Hempfield to James Sample (Blacksmith).

  • C-128 7/29/1751 Sale of slaves (disputed) to John

Sample and others.

  • D-282 4/18/1755, Lancaster Bor. John Keyln of

Lancaster bor, mortgage to James Sample of same pc (satisfied 1758) f69-4/3d. lot located n.s. Lanc bor. Dr. Jacob Berger. 18 Apr 1755: Ann Sampale, Robert Sample, John Allison, excrs of James Sample dec'd. L400B(1) (Bucks County) List of those who took oath of fidelity to Pennsylvania in 1777: Feb., David Sample; Since Oct 1779, 20 Feb, John Sample (British deserter) - 14 Sept 1779, Recorded 15 Sept 1779. Oath of allegiance to Pennsylvania 1777: 30 June, John Sample - Buckingham; 4 Aug, James Sample - Buckingham; 27 Sept, Henry Sample. [UL: Tax Lists, Bucks Co. :UL] 1779 = Ann Sample, Buckingham: 1 horse 2 cattle James Sample, Hill Town: 1 horse, 1 cattle James Sample, Buckingham: 130 acres, 2 horses, 4 cattle John Sample, Wrightstown. 1760 John Sampell, Bedminister, will 1009 James Sampell, Buckingham, will 2064 John Sampler, Buckingham, adm. 1557 [UL: Abstracts, Bucks County Wills :UL] Page 9, dated 1 Dec 1759, Proved Mch 31, 1760 John Sampell, Bedminster, Weaver Wife Elizabeth and Joseph Brittain of Plumstead, Exrs. Sons: Samuel, William, Joseph, James, Nathaniel, John Daus: Jane Kelly, Ann, Hannah, Martha (last 2 minors) Wits: Thos Erwin, Henry Huddleshon, Edward Murphy. Book 6, P. 104: Hugh Smith Buckingham Twp, 2 Aug 1789 Will, Robert Sample, Wit. Book 4, P. 283: Thomas Betts, Buckingham Twp, dated 4/17/1783, proved 6/19/1783, dau: Ann Sample Book 3, P. 12: John Anderson of Buckingham Twp, proved 28 Apr 1760, Jas. Sample, Wit. Book 3, P. 164: John Wilson of Buckingham, proved 27 Feb 1767, Wit. John Sampale Book 6, P. 553: Sarah Betts, Buckingham Twp, (Advanced in years), proved 14 Feb 1804, Dau. Ann Sample.

Children of SARAH HANSBROUGH and WILLIAM SAMPLE are: i. DANIEL J.16 SAMPLE, b. Sumner Co., Tennessee; d. November 14, 1847, Madison Co., Mississippi9; m. SARA BUCHANAN, Abt. 1830, Tennessee; b. March 20, 1812, Tennessee; d. Mississippi;.

More About DANIEL J. SAMPLE: Burial: Old Cemetery, Canton, Miss.

ii. JOHN SAMPLE. 3. iii. NANCY ANN SAMPLE. iv. SUSANNAH (SUSAN) SAMPLE, b. March 01, 1798; d. October 19, 1853, Sumner Co., Tenn.10. 4. v. SMITH HANSBROUGH SAMPLE, b. Abt. 1800, Tennessee; d. November 1887, Sumner Co., Tennessee. vi. ELIZABETH (BETCY) SAMPLE, b. September 30, 1803, Sumner Co., Tennessee; m. MARTIN B. SHELTON, December 14, 1822, Sumner Co., Tennessee.