Person:William Robinson (138)

William Robinson
m. abt 1701
  1. Christopher Robinson1703 - 1738
  2. Speaker John Robinson1704 - 1766
  3. Mary Robinson1706/07 - 1739
  4. William Robinson1709 - bef 1792
  5. Capt. Robert Robinson1711 -
  6. Katherine "Katy" Robinson1715 -
  7. Henry Robinson1718 - abt 1759
  8. Beverley Robinson1722 - 1792
m. 17 Feb 1737
  1. Lt. John Robinson1738 - 1798
  2. Henry "Harry" Robinson1740 -
  3. Catherine Robinson1742 - 1789
  4. Benjamin RobinsonABT 1744 -
  5. Samuel Robinson1748 -
  • HWilliam Robinson1709 - bef 1792
  • WAgnes Smith1738 - 1792
m. 27 January 1757
  1. Lucy RobinsonABT 1762 -
  2. Christopher Robinson1763 - 1798
  3. Francis Robinson1765 - 1840
  4. Samuel Robinsonabt 1766 -
  5. Agnes Robinsonest 1770-1780 -
  6. Elizabeth Robinson1770 -
Facts and Events
Name William Robinson
Gender Male
Birth[1] 25 Mar 1709 Middlesex County, Virginia
Marriage 17 Feb 1737 Spotsylvania, Virginia, United Statesto Agatha Beverley
Marriage 27 January 1757 Spotsylvania County, Virginiato Agnes Smith
Other? 2 Feb 1758 Orange County, Virginianamed in court record
Death? bef 7 Aug 1792 Spotsylvania County, Virginia[Executor's Bond]
  1. Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. (Richmond, Virginia: Virginia Historical Society), 17(4):429-432 , Oct 1904, Secondary quality.

    21. William Robinson (John6) was born 25 March 1709, in Middlesex County. (Register). He removed in early life to Spotsylvania county, where he married Agatha, daughter of Harry Beverley, of that county. The marriage bond was dated February 17, 1737. (Spotsylvania Records). Wm. Robinson was long J.P. [Justice of the Peace] for the county and was commissioned major of militia September 17, 1743. But little is known definitely of William Robinson or his children. He is said to have married twice, first to Agatha Beverley and second to Miss Smith, and it has been questioned whether he was the William Robinson whose will was proved in 1792. The first marriage is, of course certain, and there can be no doubt that he was the Wm. Robinson who died in 1792 leaving a widow Agnes. There is on record in Spotsylvania a deed dated November 5, 1764, from William Robinson and Agnes his wife, of Spotsylvania county, to John Robinson, Esq. of King and Queen (his brother). The surname of the second wife, Agnes, is unknown. The will of William Robinson was dated March 5, 1792, and the executor's bond dated August 7, 1792. The executor was Beverley Winslow. The legatees were sons Benjamin, Francis, and Samuel, wife Agnes, daughter Agnes, and daughters Lucy Nelson and Elizabeth Nelson. No provision is made for the children of the first marriage, who had long before received their portions. It seems probable that at the time of his death, Wm. Robinson was not possessed of any large amount of property, and that his children removed from the county. Little or nothing is known as to the descendants of most of them, and it is hoped that any one having definite information will furnish it for publication. [Additional information on some of his children is included in this source, although the placement of some of William Robinson's children may not be entirely correct based upon other dates and sources, may need additional research]

  2.   Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. (Richmond, Virginia: Virginia Historical Society), 16:217, Secondary quality.

    21. William (of whom hereafter).

  3.   Will Abstract, in Orange County, Virginia Will Book, vol/pg needed, Secondary quality.

    [Note: pending better citation]
    :Orange County, Virginia Wills
    :Indenture between WILLIAM ROBINSON of Spots. County, and AGNES SMITH, Spinster of other part, daughter of Stephen Smith of Orange. Whereas a marriage is intended by the Grace of God shortly to be had between William Robinson and Agnes Smith, this Indenture in consideration of said marriage... William Robinson hath demised unto Agnes Smith two negroes .. one feather bed .. during her natural life .. if William Robinson should have any children by Agnes, that after her death, negroes and bed to be divided equally between them, but if no such children, then they are to return to my former children .. 2 Feb 1758.
    :Witnesses: W. Robinson
    :Francis Smith, An Rice
    :Recorded Orange County 22nd June 1758