Person:William Pillsbury (1)

William Pillsbury, Jr.
b.Abt 1605 England
m. Abt 1598
  1. John Pillsbury
  2. Robert PillsburyAbt 1601 -
  3. Edward PillsburyAbt 1603 -
  4. William Pillsbury, Jr.Abt 1605 - 1686
  5. Sarah PillsburyAbt 1605 -
  • HWilliam Pillsbury, Jr.Abt 1605 - 1686
  • WDorothy Crosby1623 - 1686
m. 29 Jul 1641
  1. Deborah Pillsbury1642 - 1692
  2. Job Pillsbury1643 - 1716
  3. Moses PillsburyAbt 1645 - Bef 1701
  4. Abel PillsburyAbt 1650 - Bef 1697
  5. Caleb Pillsbury1652/53 - 1680
  6. William Pillsbury1656 - 1734
  7. Experience Pillsbury1658 - 1708
  8. Increase Pillsbury1660 - 1690
  9. Thankful Pillsbury1662 - 1686
  10. Joshua Pillsbury1671 - 1674
Facts and Events
Name William Pillsbury, Jr.
Gender Male
Alt Birth? 19 Jun 1599 Hartington, Derbyshire, EnglandCitation needed
Birth[3] Abt 1605 England
Marriage 29 Jul 1641 Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusettsto Dorothy Crosby
Death[1] 19 Jun 1686 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Burial[2] 20 Jun 1686 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States


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In the name of God, Amen. I Wm. Pillsbury of Newbury New England being sensible of my own mortality & being of disposing mind & willing to set my House in order, I commit my soule to God & my body to the dust in hope of a Joyful Resurrection & as for my worldly Goods I dispose as followeth,—

Item I give and bequeath to my Loving Wife Dorothy Pillsbury seven pounds per year per annum & the one half of my orchard & that end of my dwelling house next the street & six Sheep & a Cow & the Sheep & Cow to be Provided for & kept by my Exec'r as he doth his own Sheep and Cattell, also I appoint my Exec'r to Provide wood for my wife at his own charge suffic1ent for her supply & to cut it fit for the fire from time to time and at all times during her widdowhood & Also I give my wife two Swine & all my Household Goods During her Widdowhood; but when my wife shall marry again then my three Daughters shall have all my household Goods, namely Deborah Experience and Thankful & also all above given to my wife & all the Priviledges bequeathed to her as above said shall continue & Remain no longer but During her widdowhood & if she marry again then I doe & will appoint my Exec'r to pay her three pounds a year annually Provided my Wife renounce her Thirds of all my Houseing and Lands.

Item—I give and bequeath to my Son Moses Pillsbury forty Shillings to be paid by My Exec'r In good Pay within one year after my Decease I having given him a Portion in my Life time.

Item—I give to my Son Abell Pilsbury that four acres of Laud bought of Widdow Brown to be to him & his children after him.

Item—I give to my Son Wm Pillsbury the four acres of Land which I have given him a Deed of[,] and two acres of Land more adjoining to that Land after my Decease, which land Lyeth near my Son's House where he now liveth between Mr. Sewall's Land and my Son Moses's Land

Item—I give to my Son Increase Pilsbury Ten Pounds to be Payd by my Exec'r within one year after my Decease in Good Pay.

Item—I give to my Daughter Deborah Ewens Twenty Pounds within two yeares after my Decease

Item I give to my Daughter Experience Pilsbury Twenty Pounds to be Paid her within three years after my decease

Item—I give to my Daughter Thankful Pilsbury Twenty Pounds to be paid unto her w'th'in four yeares after my Decease

Item —I give and bequeath to my Son Job Pilsbury and to his heires of his Body All my now Dwelling House & Barne & Orchard & all my Upland & Meddows & Pasture lands & Priviledges in any way thereunto belonging which is not formerly Disposed of by this my Will or other lawfull Conveyance & my stock of Cattell & Sheep & Swine & Horses & all Tackling for husbandry work & I Doe hereby appoint my Son Job Pillsbury to be my Exec'r of this my will to pay all my honest Debts and to Pay & Perform all the legacys to my Wife & Children according to my Will & to receive all my Debts Due to me Always Provided that if my Son Job shall refuse to be the Exec'r of this my Will that then my Will is & I Doe hereby Appoynt my Son Moses Pilsbury to be the Executor of this my Will he Paying to my Son Job Threescore Pounds & Performe in all Respects according to this my Will & on that Condition I give to my Son Moses Pilsbury all Houseing and Lauds & Stock & Utensils as above given to my Son Job Pilsbury & I Doe Desire my loving & Christian Friends George Littel & Lieut Tristram Coffin to be the Overseers of this my Will & I Doe hereby oblige my Exec'r to carry my Wife to Meeting on the Lord's Day at all Convenient Times during her Widdowhood & I Doe hereby renounce all former wills by me made & declare this to be my Last Will & Testament as Witness my Hand & Seale this twenty-second day of Apr'il 1686.


W'm [his M mark] PILSBURY, Senr (Seale)

Signed & Sealed & Published in the Presence of

Tristram Coffin,

George [his mark] Littel

  1. Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States. Vital Records of Newbury, Massachusetts, to the End of the Year 1849. (Salem, Mass.: The Essex Institute, 1911)

    Pilsbury, William, sr., June 19, 1686.

  2. Pilsbury, David B, and Everett Lamont Getchell. The Pillsbury family: being a history of William and Dorothea Pillsbury (or Pilsbery) of Newbury in New England, and their descendants to the eleventh generation

    The exact date of his emigration is "a little uncertain", possibly late 1640 or early 1641 [no explanation]. Married between 1 Jun - 29 Jul 1641 Dorothy Crosbey. Moved sometime 1651 to Newbury. Freeman 29 Apr 1668. Will dated 22 Apr 1686, died 19 Jun, buried near Upper Green in Newbury 20 Jun, will proved 10 Sep 1686.

  3. Holman, Mary Lovering. Ancestry of Charles Stinson Pillsbury and John Sargent Pillsbury. (Concord, New Hampshire: Privately Printed at The Rumford Press, 1938)

    Born in England about 1605 (deposed 1676, age 71).