Person:William Phelps (6)

William Phelps
m. Abt 1586
  1. Mary Phelps1587 -
  2. Mary Phelps1588 -
  3. Thomas Phelps1590 -
  4. Dorothy Phelps1595 -
  5. William Phelps1599 -
  6. James Phelps1601 -
  7. Elizabeth Phelps1603 -
  • HWilliam Phelps1599 -
m. Est 1619
  1. Richard Phelps1619 -
Facts and Events
Name William Phelps
Gender Male
Christening[2] 19 Aug 1599 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Marriage Est 1619 to Unknown
Other[1]  Not To Be Confused With?: William Phelps (3)

Not the Immigrant to Connecticut

The book Phelps Family of America and Their English Ancestors incorrectly assumes that this person was the William Phelps who immigrated to New England. This has been disproven - see William Phelps, the immigrant.

  1. Hyde, Myrtle Stevens. The English Origin of William Phelps: Comments. American Genealogist (D.L. Jacobus). (1982).

    This article challenges the assumption made by Oliver Phelps that the William Phelps of Tewkesbury was the immigrant to Connecticut. See the page for the immigrant for more recent research on his origin.

  2. Phelps, Oliver Seymour, and Andrew T. Servin. The Phelps Family of America and Their English Ancestors: With Copies of Wills, Deeds, Letters, and Other Interesting Papers, Coats of Arms and Valuable Records. (Pittsfield, Mass.: Eagle Publishing Company, 1899)

    William, baptized in the Tewkesbury Abbey Church 19th Aug., 1599. "Emigrated to New England." [The last statement has been disproved.]