Person:William Peak (8)

William Peak
d.14 Jun 1864 Dalton, Georgia
m. 14 Jan 1789
  1. James Peak1789 - 1825
  2. Elizabeth Peak1791 - Abt 1880
  3. Chloe Peak1793 -
  4. Vilotta Peak1794 - 1853
  5. Susannah Peak1796 - Aft 1853
  6. Mary Jemima Peak1798 - Aft 1860
  7. Jacob Thomas Peak, , Junior1800 - 1879
  8. Bird Peak1801 - 1892
  9. Absalom Peak1803 - 1867
  10. Rhoda Peak1805 - 1850
  11. Luke Peak1807 - 1863
  12. Westley Peak1809 - Aft 1860
  13. William Peak1812 - 1864
m. 1835
  1. Nancy Margaret Ann Peak1838 - 1864
  2. Elizabeth Peak1838 - 1853
  3. Zerelda Keziah Peak1839 -
  4. William Henry Harrison Peak1841 - 1878
  5. Sarah Catherine Rhoda Jane Peak1842 - 1926
  6. Amanda Isabel Peak1844 - 1882
  7. Byrd Peak1846 -
  8. Jacob Peak1848 - 1898
  9. Mellie Peak1850 -
  10. James Wesley Peak1853 -
  11. John Absolam Peak1855 - 1949
Facts and Events
Name William Peak
Gender Male
Birth? 1 Jan 1812 Anderson County, Tennessee
Marriage 1835 Anderson County, Tennesseeto Sarah Tunnel
Death? 14 Jun 1864 Dalton, Georgia
Burial? Peak Cemetery, Anderson County, Tennessee

WILLIAM PEAK was born and spent his life in Tennessee.

In 1830 William was living with his parents in Anderson County, Tennessee.

In 1840 William was living with his family in Anderson County, Tennessee.

William was a veteran of the Civil War. He served as a Sergeant in Company A, 26th Infantry, Tennessee. He was a purchasing agent for the Confederate Army. He died near Dalton, Georgia.

The Court appointed William Peak as administrator for the estate with Jacob G. Carmichael and T. Sienknecht on his bond for $20,000 each. William Peak held a sale for all chattel, or personal property items, on October 3, 1861. A record of items sold covers sixteen pages of details as to item and purchaser, and the total amount for the sale was $3,320.25. The settlement of the Oliver estate was transferred from county court to Chancery court in a case styled William Cross Vs. Heirs of Richard Oliver. Later, Samuel Tunnell replaced William Peak as Administrator. (Peak was engaged in the Civil Way). After war caused delays and the usual delays, the Chancellor ordered the Clerk and Master to divide the estate into several tracts, and to sell to the highest and best bidders. (Snyder E. Roberts, The Story of Oliver Springs, Tennessee and Its People, Estate Book 1859-1872, Page 61)

Anderson County, Tennessee Circuit Court records show that Edward Black who later lived in Anderson County on Back Oak Ridge overlooking Poplar Creek brought suits against a number of Confederate sympathizers in 1865. Black had entered the Union Army as a private but elevated to the rank of Major. According to the record, page 54, "Black vs. William Peak, Sr, William Peak, Jr., John Galbraith, E.C. Edwards, etc. "Black was suing for $50,000 for trespass, battery and false imprisonment for 45 days". (Source: Snyder E. Roberts, The Story of Oliver Springs, Tennessee and Its People)