Person:William Fox (63)

William Fox
m. 22 JUL 1670
  1. Hannah Fox1671 -
  2. David Fox, Jr.1672 - 1679/80
  3. William Fox1672/73 - bef 1718
  4. Mary Ball FoxAbout 1674 -
  5. Capt. Samuel Fox1673/74 - 1712
  • HWilliam Fox1672/73 - bef 1718
  • WAnn Chinn1682 - 1729
m. 1706
Facts and Events
Name[1] William Fox
Gender Male
Birth? 20 Jan 1672/73 Lancaster, Virginia, United StatesCitation needed
Occupation[3] 1702 Lancaster, Virginia, United StatesBurgess
Other[1] 22 Jun 1702 named in father's will
Marriage 1706 Lancaster County, Virginiato Ann Chinn
Will[3] 22 Mar 1717 Lancaster, Virginia, United States
Death[3] bef 12 Nov 1718 Lancaster, Virginia, United States
Probate[3] 12 Nov 1718 Lancaster, Virginia, United StatesWill proved
  1. 1.0 1.1 Will Abstract of David Fox, in William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine.

    Series 1, Vol 17, No 1, p 61, Jul 1908 -
    Will of David Fox. Son, Samuel Fox, to whom Monaskon ; son, William Fox, who is to have his silver plate ; daughter Hannah, now wife of Mr. Rodham Kenner to have 103 L sterling : wife Hannah Fox. Requests his sons to inventory "his estate from a shoe latchett upwards." Dated 22 June, 1702, proved 14 Oct., 1702. A large estate disposed of.
    [Identifies him as son of David Fox.]

  2.   .

    Hill, p. 50; Cuckro, p. 14, 57-58 (#26)

    Hill gives death year of death as 1717, Cukro gives death year of 1719. His will, dated 22 MAR 1717/18 was proved 12 NOV 1718. His widow Ann Fox married (2) Richard Chichester per Lancaster County marriage bond dated 11 JUL 1719, John Chichester security (Nottingham, p. 12).

  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 William Fox, in William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine.

    Series 1, Vol 17, No 1, p 61, Jul 1908 -

    ... 8. CAPTAIN WILLIAM FOX (David, David), married Ann Chinn, (note 2), daughter of John Chinn and Elizabeth Travers, (daughter of Raleigh Travers). He was a justice of the peace, captain in the militia, and burgess in 1702. He died without issue in 1718. An abstract of his will is as follows:

    [Series 1, Vol 17, No 1, p 61] -
    Will of William Fox. To sister Hannah Spellman (note 3)* the use of 4 negroes during life and then to her daughter Frances Spellman, and if she die without issue to Elizabeth Vaulx (note 4)* & Hannah Harris (note 5)*. To wife Anne, a negro girl for life & then to Elizabeth, daughter of Capt. George Heale. To said Elizabeth Heale 3 negroes & if she dies without issue to Ellen & Sarah Heale. To Ellen, daughter of Capt. George Heale two negroes, with reversion to Elizabeth & Sarah Heale. To nephew David Fox my watch & silver tobacco box. Sister [in-law *] Anne Fox a ring, to sister Hannah Spellman a ring, to William Dare £6 to buy his wife rings, to sister [in-law *] Catherine Heale a ring, to James Reeves & William Atchison a cow & calf each, to Thomas Frayser my wearing clothes, except my broad cloth suit trimmed with gold, my new silk suit that came in this year & my new beaver hat & silk stockings. To parish church of St. Mary's White Chapel the font that came in this year, & it is my will that my wife send for the Lord's prayer & creed well drawn in gold letters & my name under each of them set in black frames, to give to the said church. Whole estate, as it now stands, to wife for life, to nieces Frances Spellman & Frances Fox all the negro children that shall be born for seven years. My clothes before excepted to Major William Ball & James Ball. To Capt. George Heale £5, William Payne £5, nephew Richard Kenner (note 6)* £6 ; after death of wife estate given to his nephew, David Fox, except plate (not here mentioned) which he gives to wife Anne ; but if said nephew dies without issue give estate to Frances Fox, Frances Spellman & all the daughters of George Heale then alive. To Elizabeth, daughter of George Heale, 10 head of cattle. Wife and Mr. William Payne executor. Dated March 22, 1717-1718. Proved Nov. 12, 1718.

    [see Transcript for "notes".]
    [* cos1776 note: The words "in-law" were added for clarification, since the term "sister" is used for both William's blood sister (Hannah Spelman) and his sisters-in-law (Anne Fox and Catherine Heale).]
    [Identifies him as husband of Mrs. Ann Chinn with no living children named at the time of this writing.]