Person:William Edmiston (7)

General William Campbell Edmiston
m. 5 May 1781
  1. Andrew Edmiston1783 -
  2. General William Campbell Edmiston1785 - 1847
  3. Elizabeth (Betsy) Edmiston1788 -
  4. Sarah (Sally) Edmiston1790 -
  5. Catherine Moffett Edmiston1795 -
m. 14 February 1810
m. Bet. 1839 - 1841
m. 16 November 1842
Facts and Events
Name General William Campbell Edmiston
Gender Male
Birth? 18 Nov 1785 Washington, Virginia, United States
Marriage 14 February 1810 Bristol, Sullivan County, Tennesseeto Elizabeth 'Betsy' Stuart
Marriage Bet. 1839 - 1841 to Anna Kennedy Maulby
Marriage 16 November 1842 Lincoln County, Tennesseeto Sarah 'Sally' Wells Dobbins
Death? 11 Jul 1847 Howell, Lincoln, Tennessee, United States

Note for later incorporation into this article:This person was named after his fathers commander during the Battle of King's Mountain. While he was probably known by "William", his full given name was actually "General William Campbell". This usage, while not common, is occasionally seen in various families in Southwest Virginia. (See planned article on Southwest Virginia Naming Ways