Person:William Crandall (28)

m. 1 Jan 1818
  1. Samuel Park Crandall1818 - 1910
  2. Ezra Crandall1820 -
  3. Anna Crandall1821 - 1855
  4. John C. Crandall1824 -
  5. Almira Crandall1827 -
  6. Rosena Crandall1829 -
  7. William Deloss Crandall1832 - 1920
  8. Charles C. Crandall1834 - 1895
  9. Henry W. Crandall1836 - 1856
  10. Laura M. Crandall1840 -
m. 24 Sep 1857
  1. Alice Crandall1859 - 1946
Facts and Events
Name William Deloss Crandall
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 4 Mar 1832 Friendship, Allegany, New York, United States
Marriage 24 Sep 1857 to Sarah Calfernia Coon
Death[2] 22 Aug 1920 Nile, Allegany, New York, United States
  1. Minard, John Stearns, and Georgia Drew Merrill. Allegany County and its people: a centennial memorial history of Allegany County, New York. (Alfred, N. Y.: W. A. Fergusson & Co., 1896)
  2. 2.0 2.1 The Sabbath Recorder . (New York City, New York; later Plainfield, N. J.)
    89:14:446, October 4, 1920.

    "The Sabbath Recorder", Vol 89, No 14, p 446, Oct. 4, 1920.
    William Deloss Crandall, son of Samuel P., and Anna Crandall Crandall, was born near Nile, N. Y., March 4, 1832, and died at his home in Nile, August 22, 1920, being eighty-eight years old.
    He was not a robust child but was always rather frail and on this account he was anxious to obtain a good education so that he might make his way in the world by some other means than farming. Until he was about eighteen years of age, he lived at home working on the farm and attending district school during the winters. Then he decided to go away to school, and attended high school at Richburg and Alfred several terms. But lung trouble developed to such an extent that he was compelled to leave school and he decided that if he was to live long his work must be in the open air, so his vocation since that time has been that of farming in this vicinity after about five years spent in Wisconsin.
    At the age of twenty-one, he with about twenty other young people was baptized by Elder H. P. Burdick, who was holding evangelistic meetings here, and joined the Seventh Day Baptist Church at Nile.
    When he was twenty-three he took a trip to Wisconsin, hoping that a change of climate might prove beneficial. During three months time spent at Milton, Albion and Utica, his health improved sufficiently to enable him to help some in the harvest field.
    While at Utica he heard about a new colony at Dakota, Waushara County, Wis., where there was a Seventh Day Baptist church, and where land was cheap, so he decided to go and look the situation over. While there he met the young lady, Sarah C. Coon, who was destined to become his life partner. Two years later on September 24, 1857, they were united in holy wedlock by Rev. George C. Babcock and have lived together in the most endearing relations for nearly sixty-three years.
    To them were born two children: Mary Alice, who is still living - the wife of Clark W. Green, of Nile, N. Y.; Dr. William Henry, who died at Thomasville, Ga., March 30, 1892, on his way home from Florida where he had spent the winter seeking to regain his health.
    After a few years Deloss Crandall returned to Nile, N. Y., to make it his future home. Here he entered heartily into the activities of the church and Sabbath school serving the Sabbath school as superintendent, chorister and teacher at different times. He was also church chorister for about thirty years. While living in Wisconsin he did what he could to build up the church there, serving as chorister and clerk. Several years ago he and his wife adopted the plan of systematic benevolence, and every week found their envelope ready with the money for pastor, church expenses and missions. Mr. Crandall was always found on the right side of every moral reform.
    To his business integrity only one word need to be said, his word was as good as his bond. A total abstainer from all things harmful seems to have been his motto through life. To this no doubt may be attributed his long and useful life.
    Funeral services were held at the church, being conducted by a former pastor, Rev. W. D. Burdick, assisted by Pastor John F. Randolph, former pastor, Rev. R. J. C. Bond, and also Rev. D. B. Coon and Rev. J. W. Crofoot. Interment took place in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Friendship, N. Y. J. F. R.