Person:William Collier (2)

William Collier
b.abt 1585 to 1590 Southwark, Surrey, England 28 May 1670 and 5 Jul 1671 Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
  • HWilliam Collierabt 1585 - bet 1670
  • WJane Clarkabt 1590 - aft 1666
m. 16 May 1611
  1. Mary Collier1611/12 - bef 1644
  2. Hannah Collier1613 - 1625
  3. Rebecca Collier1614/15 - 1698
  4. Sarah Collier1616 - 1691
  5. John Collier1616/17 - 1618
  6. Elizabeth Collier1618/19 - aft 1678/79
  7. John Collier1619/20 - 1625
  8. Catherine Collierbef 1621/22 - 1621/22
  9. James Collier1622/23 - 1624
  10. Martha Collier1624 - 1625
  11. William Collierbef 1625 - 1625
  12. Lydia Collier1625/26 - 1625/26
Facts and Events
Name William Collier
Gender Male
Birth[1] abt 1585 to 1590 Southwark, Surrey, England
Marriage 16 May 1611 Southwark, Surrey, EnglandSt. Olave
to Jane Clark
Death[1] bet 28 May 1670 and 5 Jul 1671 Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States

Ref: Southworth Genealogy, p29:

"William Collier was one of the merchants of London who aided the Pilgrims in coming to Plymouth, furnishing the money for their outfit. After the partnership between the Pilgrims and the Adventurers was terminated, he came over in 1633 in the "Mary and Jane" with 196 passengers; with him came his four daughters: Sarah, who married Love Brewster; Rebecca, married Job Cole; Mary, married Thomas Prence; Elizabeth, married Constant Southworth. There is no mention of his wife, so she probably died before he came over. It has been said that he was not content to share the profit of the enterprise of the Pilgrims without also sharing their hardships. He at once took a prominant position in the young colony. He was made freeman in 1633; in 1634 he was one of the tax asessors, was himself rated at L2.05.00. He was on many committees, for assigning and laying out land, for building a meeting house, on highways, to revise the laws, and with his son in law, Constant Southworth, he had the task of looking after Goodwife Thomas, the Welsh woman. He served on the council of war more than once. He was assistant 28 years and was one of the most regular in his attendence, being rarely absent. He was one of the commissioners at the first meeting of the United Colonies in 1643. In 1659, "on account of his age and much business on him," the court ordered the treasurer to procure him a servant and allowed L10 for that purpose. He died in 1670."

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    Origin: Southwark, Surrey. Migration 1633 to Plymouth. Removes Duxbury after 1639. Occupation: Grocer, in England.
    Born: By abt 1585 based on date of marriage
    Death: aft 29 May 1670 (in list of freeman) and before 5 Jul 1671 (administration granted on estate)