Person:William Carr (70)

m. 20 Sep 1704
  1. John Carr1706 - 1778
  2. William Carr1707 - 1760
  3. Thomas Carr1709 -
  4. Agnes Carr1712 - 1778
  5. Sarah Carr1714 - 1774
m. Bef 1734
  1. Joseph CarrAbt 1734 - Abt 1809
m. Abt 1734
  1. Susanna Brooks Carr1735 - 1839
  2. Sarah Carr1736 - 1783
  3. William CarrAbt 1737 - Abt 1800
  4. Mary Carr1738 - 1760
  5. Elizabeth Carr1740 -
  6. Charles Brooks Carr1741 - 1765
  7. Phoebe Carr1742 - 1796
  8. Anne Carr1745 - 1820
  9. Agnes Brooks CarrAbt 1753 - 1807
  10. Walter Chiles Carr1753 - 1838
  11. Thomas N. Carr1758 - 1820
Facts and Events
Name William Carr
Gender Male
Alt Birth? 25 Jun 1706
Birth[1] 1707 Pamunkey, King William County, Virginia
Marriage Bef 1734 to Unknown Chiles
Marriage Abt 1734 King William County, Virginiato Susannah Brooks
Death[1] 1 Aug 1760 Spotsylvania County, Virginia

Will Abstract

William Carr's will was proven in Spotsylvania county on August 12, 1760, naming wife Sussannah and children Sarah Carr (married Mordecai Hord), Thomas Carr, William Carr, Ann Carr, Elizabeth Carr, Phebe Carr, Walter Chiles Carr, Charles Brooks Carr, Agnes Brooks Carr, Susannah Carr, Mary Carr.
[Note: William was the son of "the Immigrant" Thomas Carr, and the brother of Major Thomas Carr].

Estate Records

From "Reports of Cases Determined in the General Court of Virginia 1730 to 1740 and 1768-1772" by Thomas Jefferson, Charlottesville, Published by F Carr & Co. 1829, Jefferson Clark, Printer. P. 132-136; :
Herndon et al. v. Carr: William Carr the testator, having a wife and several children viz. William, the defendant, his eldest son and heir at law, and others, plts., and being seised and possessed of an estate in lands, slaves, and personal chattels, by will, dated August 2, 1760, after giving several specific legacies, bequeathed the residuum of his estate in these words: ?all the rest of my estate, both real and personal, not herein particularly mentioned, to be equally divided between my wife and children, viz. William, Ann, Elizabeth, Charles, Agnes, Walter, Phoebe, and Thomas; and I do hereby give the estate by this clause of my will devised, to my wife and children, respectively, and to their heirs forever. Provided nevertheless, that if either of my said children die before they arrive to the age of twenty-one years or marriage, that their part given by this clause, be sold by my executors, and the money arriving by such sale be equally divided among my wife, if living, and all my children or their representatives.' By a codicil to his will annexed, dated Aug 12, 1760, he empowered his executors, of whom Southerland a defendant was one, to divide his personal estate according to his will. Within a few days afterwards, one Walter Chiles having a considerable estate in lands, slaves, and personal goods, died intestate, leaving as his representatives, the children of two deceased sisters, viz. The testator William Carr, and his younger brothers and sisters, children of the eldest sister, and the defendant Southerland and his younger brothers and sisters, children of the youngest sister. Where by the sd. William Carr, the testator and the sd Southerland, became entitled each to a moiety of the slaves of the said Chiles, paying to their brothers and sisters a proportion of their value. William Carr, the testator, had notice of this accession to his estate, and died soon after without having altered or republished his will. And the question was whether the slaves which descended to him, after making the will, should pass by the will or not?..... Wythe for plaintiffs.. Pendelton for defendants. It was decreed the new acquired slaves did not pass under the will.

Records in Virginia

  • Pg. 18 page 169-170 - 22 January 1744/45 Joseph Martin of Fredericksville Parish, Louisa County, to Charles Smith of same in consideration of L 10 current money for 200 acres on west side of Little mountains in aforesaid Parish… Cradock’s line… William Carr’s corner… Martin’s corner… Timothy Dalton’s line. Signed: Joseph Martin. 22 January 1744/45 acknowledged by Joseph Martin.
  • Pg. 33 page 275-276 - 28 April 1747 Charles Smith of Fredericksville Parish, Louisa County, to Simon Ramsey of same, in consideration of L 20 current money for 200 acres on West Side of Little Mountains in Fredericksville parish… Cradock’s line… William Carr’s corner pine in Cradock’s line… Carr’s line to his and Joseph Martin’s corner… Timothy Dalton’s line; part of a greater tract granted by patent to Joseph Martin; by him acknowledged to said Smith by deed of Feoffment in Louisa County 22 January 1745. Signed: Charles Smith, Wit: Joseph Martin, A. J. Smith. 28 April 1747 acknowledged by Charles Smith.
  • Pg. 38 page 303-304 - 26 April 1748 David Watts of Fredericksville Parish, Louisa County, Planter, and Susanna, his wife, to John Minor of St. George’s Parish Spotsylvania County, for 600 acres of land in St. Thomas Parish, Orange, County hath sold to said Minor 400 acres in Fredericksville Parish on both sides of the north fork of the James River to the line of Mr. William Carr… John Minor’s corner on upper side of said fork, up same and across the River… Carr’s corner; granted to John Waller, Junior by patent 9 August 1745; by him conveyed to said Watts by deed acknowledged in Hanover County Court. Signed: David Watts. 26 April 1748 acknowledged by David Watts. 30 June 1748 acknowledged at the house of David Watts by Susanna, his wife. Signed John Carr, Joseph Martin George II to Robert Lewis, John Carr, Joseph Martin, Gentlemen Justices of Louisa County. Power granted to take relinquishment of dower of Susanna Watts. Said Susanna is so sickly and impotent, that she is unable to travel to the Court of our County to make her acknowledgment. 4 May 1748. Signed: James Littlepage Clerk. Returned by John Carr and Joseph Martin

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