Person:William Bratton (10)

m. Abt. 1738
  1. Jean BrattonBef 1739 -
  2. Hugh Bratton1740-1755 -
  3. Thomas S. Bratton1740-1755 -
  4. Robert Bratton, Sr.1740-1755 - ABT 1814
  5. Col. William Bratton1742 - 1815
m. 1768
  1. Elsie Jency Bratton1766 - 1825
  2. Jane Bratton1769 -
  3. Martha Bratton1771 - ABT 1813
  4. Dr. William Bratton1773 - 1850
  5. Elizabeth Bratton1774 - 1840
  6. Nancy Agnes Bratton1782 - 1847
  7. Mary Bratton1785 - 1838
  8. Dr. John Simpson Bratton1789 - 1843
  9. Nancy BrattonABT 1791 -
Facts and Events
Name Col. William Bratton
Gender Male
Birth? 1742 Amagh County, Pennsylvania
Marriage 1768 Rowan County, North Carolinato Martha Robertson
Death? 9 FEB 1815 Brattonsville, York County, South Carolina

25. Col William BRATTON Jr. was born in 1742 in Amagh County, Pennsylvania, died on 9 Feb 1815 in Brattonsville, York County, South Carolina at age 73, and was buried in Bethesda Church Near Battlefield Of Huck's Defeat.

General Notes: Colonel - Revolutionary War

TX DAR Register; Revolutionary Ancestors Vol 1-A Part 1; Will of William Bratton book D pg 51. SC probated Feb 13, 1815; DASR 51532, 66034 and "The Bratton Historian" Vol 2, No 1, 1979.

Col Bratton, Sgt of Militia, French and Indian War - captured and released. In charge of Battle at Huck's Defeat, SC as Col in Rev. War.

Martha Bratton, his wife, was a heroine of the Revolution whose noble deeds were commemorated in 1839 at a celebration of Huck's defeat at Brattonsville.

"Colonel in the American Revolution in Sumpter's Brigade in battle at Williamson's Plantation, at Fish, Dam Ford, Rocky Mount, Fishing Creek, Mobleys, Gibson's Meeting House and Black Valley, prior to formation of Sumter troops, he fought at Battle of Charlestown. Before going to SC he served in the Virginia Militia at the Battle of Braddock's defeat. He was a Justice of the Peace for Craven under the Crown." Bratton Historian Vol 11 No. 1, 1979

York County's first county court session occurred in January 1786. In 1785, the South Carolina governor, Hon. William Moultrie, commissioned York County's first Justices of the Peace: William Bratton, William Hill, John Moffet, David Leech, Francis Adams, James Wilson of Kings Creek, and John Drennan, Esqs. Minute Book A, January 1786-April 1792, states that the above named justices met and acted as the first jury.

BRATTON William (grandfather of John Bratton), Senator from York District. -Born in 1742 in Ireland; came with parents first to Pennsylvania, then to York, S. C. Married Martha Robinson of Rowan County, N.C. During Revolutionary War, colonel under General Thomas Sumter; served in militia in York formed to stop advance of British after fall of Charles Town in 1780. Tax collector, New Acquisition, 1778-84. Commissioner for building court house and gaol, Pinckney District, 1791. One of first county court judges. Justice of peace. S. C. House of Representatives, New Acquisition District, 1784-90. S. C. Senate, York, 1790-94; resigned on election as sheriff December 19, 1794, serving four years. Trustee of Alexandria College in Pinckney District, 1797. Member of Bethesda Presbyterian Church, McConnell's. Died February 9, 1815; buried in Bethesda Cemetery, York District.

BIOGRAPHY William settled in York County, SC. He was a colonel of militia and commanded the troops in the battle of Huck's Depot. By 1776, he had settled in the upper part of Camden District which later became York County SC. It was here that he established himself as a planter. In addition to his home plantation, he owned 200 acres and employed a work force of 23 slaves. Bratton represented the election district of New Acquisition in the SC house during he Sixth (1785-1786), Seventh (1781-1788), and Eighth (1789-1790) General Assemblies of SC. York District elected him to the South Carolina Senate for the Ninth (1791), Tenth (1792-1794), and Eleventh (1794-1795) General Assemblies. He resigned from the Eleventh General Assembly upon his election on the 19th of December as Sheriff of Pinckney District. In 1790, he was a delegate from New Acquisition to the state constitutional convention. Active in local as well as state affairs, Bratton held a number of offices, including trustee to establish and incorporate a college in Pinckney District (1797). Along with his legislative and civic affairs, Bratton supported the state in a military capacity as well. Serving as militia Colonel (1780), he led a group of volunteers attached to General Thomas Sumter. He successfully conducted an attack against the Tories at Mobley's Meeting House near Winnsboro (June 1780). Following this action, Bratton defeated a group of Tories encamped at his own plantation (12 July 1780). He was also present at the engagements at Hanging Rock (6 August 1780), Fishdam Ford (9 November 1780), and Blackstock's (20 November 1780). Prior to 1766, Bratton wed Martha Bratton (see her in this Who's Who Section). They were parents to eight children. Survived by his wife and children, William Bratton died 9 February 1815 and was buried in Besthesda Presbyterian Cemetery. Visit the recreation of his plantation at Brattonsville SC. near McConnell, SC. From the Biographical Directory of the South Carolina House of Representatives Vol. III, 1775-1790.

William married Martha ROBERTSON in 1768 in Rowan County, North Carolina. Martha was born in 1750 in Rowan County, North Carolina, died on 9 Jan 1816 in York County, South Carolina at age 66, and was buried in Bethesda Church Near Battlefield Of Huck's Defeat.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 89 F i. Elsie-Jensy BRATTON was born on 7 Sep 1766 in Pennsylvania and died on 27 Nov 1825 in South Carolina at age 59.

  90 F    ii. Jane BRATTON was born on 9 Oct 1769. 

Jane married Dr James SIMPSON before 1803.

  91 F    iii. Martha BRATTON was born on 18 Mar 1771 in York County, South Carolina and died about 1813 about age 42. 

Martha married Rev John FOSTER.

+ 92 M iv. Dr. William BRATTON III was born on 22 Aug 1773 in South Carolina, died on 1 Dec 1850 in Winnsboro, South Carolina at age 77, and was buried in Sion Presbyterian Churchyard, Fairfield County, South Carolina.

+ 93 F v. Elizabeth BRATTON was born on 15 Aug 1774 in South Carolina, died on 9 Sep 1840 in York County, South Carolina at age 66, and was buried in Bethesda Cemetery.

+ 94 F vi. Nancy Agnes BRATTON was born on 23 May 1782 in York County, South Carolina and died on 19 Jan 1847 in York County, South Carolina at age 64.

  95 F    vii. Mary BRATTON was born on 13 Jun 1785 in York County, South Carolina and died on 1 Jul 1838 in York County, South Carolina at age 53. 

Mary married George STEELE on 18 Sep 1823 in York County, South Carolina. George was born on 22 Feb 1799 in York County, South Carolina, died on 26 Feb 1868 in York County, South Carolina at age 69, and was buried in Bethesda Cemetery.

+ 96 M viii. Dr. John Simpson BRATTON Sr. was born on 21 Feb 1789 in York County, South Carolina, died on 23 Apr 1843 in York County, South Carolina at age 54, and was buried in Bethesda Presbyterian Chapel Cemetery.

  97 F    ix. Nancy BRATTON was born about 1791 in South Carolina. 

Nancy married Robert McCORD.