Person:William Black (1)

m. Bef 1770
  1. William BlackAbt 1770 - 1862
  • HWilliam BlackAbt 1770 - 1862
  • WSarah StevensAbt 1774 - 1850
m. Abt 1793
  1. Mary BlackAbt 1795 -
  2. John David Black1797 - 1848
  3. William Morley Black1800 - 1887
  4. Rhoda Black1804 - 1869
  5. James Black1805 - 1835
  6. Samuel BlackAbt 1808 - 1837
  7. Jonathan Stevens Black1810 - 1852
  8. Daniel Black1817 - 1902
Facts and Events
Name William Black
Gender Male
Birth[1][6] Abt 1770 Maryland, United States
Marriage Abt 1793 to Sarah Stevens
Census[3] 1820 Vermillion, Ashland, Ohio, United States
Census[4] 1830 Vermillion, Ashland, Ohio, United States
Census[2] 1840 Lawrence, Illinois, United States
Residence[6] 1850 Green, Ashland, Ohio, United States
Residence[7] 1860 Vermilion, Erie, Ohio, United States
Death[8][1] 1862 Richland, Ashland, Ohio, United States
Burial[9] Richland, Ashland, Ohio, United States

1790 census for Caroline Co., Maryland, USA BLACK, James 3--3--5--0--6 BLACK, Jas. Junr 2--1--4--0--0

1800 census for Caroline Co., Maryland, USA pg 540 BLACK, James 1--1--0--0--1--0--1--1 BLACK, William 0--3--0--1--0--1--0--1 STEVENS, Azel 0--2--1--0--1--0--2--0 pg 18/568STEVENS, Daniel 0--0--1--0--0-0--0--1 pg 569STEVENS, Robinson 1--0--0--1--0--0--0--1 "STEVENS, John Sen 3--1--0--0--1--2--0--1--1 "STEVENS, Jonathon 4--0--0--1--0--1--1--1 "STEVENS, James 1--1--1--1--0--1--1--0--1 "STEVENS, Mary 0--0--0--0--0--0--1--0--0 pg 571

1810 census for Caroline Co., Maryland, USA BLACK, Wm 1--1--2--1--0--0--2--0--1--0--0--0 pg 208 There is also a Jno and a Sarah Black listed pgs 190, & 192

Age 80-1850 supposedly died at age 92

In Vermillion in 1814.

Taken from the book "Our Black Family in America" Compiled by Chester A. Black and Sarah H. Black 1960 pg. 1

"This record is accurate insofar as possible. We have records from old family Bibles, from wills, deeds, and from census and county records.  Many complete family records have been sent in by members of the family and all these we have tried to copy accurately.

The families in America by the name of Black are numerous. We have tried in this book to list all members of the family of William Black and his wife Sarah Stevens. Real proof of the origin of this family in America has as yet not been found. From letters and old Bibles and stories handed down from one generation to another we are led to believe the first member of the family in America was either John or William Black, and we are sure he fought in the Revolutionary War in North Carolina around King's Mountain. The names of William and John are so common we have been unable to find absolute proof of his identity. Until further proof comes to light we are offering this account and hope some day to find the beginning.

The Black family was well established in Vermillion, Richland County, Ohio, until 1837, when the elder son of the family lost his farm and decided to move to Illinois where land was to be had for the taking. Judging from the land deal, a copy of which is here reproduced, the rest of the family followed very soon. The sister, Rhoda, with her husband and family were already in St. Francisville, Lawrence County, by the time John reached there, and soon the whole family had taken farms and were settled close to what is now Bridgport, Lawrence County, Illinois. They were staunch Baptists, and when a church was erected the names of the Black family were all engraved on a plaque outside the door. So many of the family lived there the settlement was called Blacksburg; the name, however, was later changed to Bridgport.

In Ohio William Black owned and operated on his own land the first grist mill on the Black Fork of the Vermillion River.

In the 1850 census we find William Black and his wife Sarah Stevens Black had left Illinois and returned to Vermillion, Ohio, but by that time the county had been divided and Vermillion was now in Ashland County. By 1850 Sarah was dead, but William was living there with one of the younger sons. He gave his age as 80 in 1850. By 1860 he too was gone."

Our Black family in America pg 5 "William apparently moved to Illinois and lived there for about four or five years. The eldest son John had died in 1839 and their son James 'went across the river into Kentucky." The old people, with Johathan Stevens Black, Samuel, and Daniel, must have longed for the old home, as they returned to Ohio. William Morley Black in his family record gave the death of Jonathan Stevens Black and his wife and their little girl, and the 1850 and 1860 census of Ashland confirm this information. By 1850 James was in Kentucky, Jonathan S., John, and Grandma Sarah Stevens Black were dead; William the elder was living with his son Daniel in Ohio, then 80 yers old. Samuel also lived in Ohio. William died sometime between 1850 and 1860 as he was not listed in the 1860 census, which showed no more children for Samuel or Daniel."

Contributed by Jim [excerpts from an account prepared around 1960 by Floyd H. Black, grandson] "The Black family moved from Ashland County, Ohio, to Lawrence County, Illinois, in 1838 travelling in covered wagons and arriving in the month of May. They were William Black, Sr., and his wife, Sarah Stevens Black, John and Polly Black, Samuel, Jonathan and Daniel together with their wives and several children. In addition to those, three other children of William and Sarah Black remained in Ohio, their names being Mary, Rhoda and James. The records of the Palestine Association of Baptist Churches in Illinois show that in 1839, William and Mary Black, Jonathan and Mary Black, Samuel and Harriet Black, Daniel and Elizabeth Black became charter members of the newly organized Shiloh Church, which is still an active and flourishing organization.

At a date probably in 1840 my great grandfather William, his wife Sarah and two of their sons returned to Ashland County, Ohio, after having become dissatisfied with conditions in Lawrence County. William Black died in Ohio at age of 92.

John Black, son of William and Sarah, died November 13, 1848, being 1 years, 7 months and 19 days old. His gave with headstone may still be seen in the Old Cemetery. Sarah Ann, daughter of John and Polly Black, who was born in Ohio, February 15, 1822, married James M. Milhouse, who died in 1886, but Sarah Ann, his wife lived on to a great age dying on October 9, 1915, at the age of 94 years, 7 months and 23 days."

From "The Guarantee Title Company" Mansfield Ohio 1943 "The Southeast Quarter of Section 35 Vermillion Township, containing 160 acres, was conveyed to William Black by deed dated August 26, 1817 and recorded at Volume 25, page 435

"Said Quarter Section was conveyed by William Black and Sarah Black, his wife, to Joseph Stricklin by deed dated November 18, 1822 and recorded at the same volume and page.

The east half of the Southeast Quarter of Section 35 in said Township was conveyed by William Black and Sarah Black, his wife, to Samuel Black by deed dated May 4, 1833 and recorded at Volume 9, Page 490.

130 acres in the East Quarter of Section 35 in said Township was coveyed by Jonathan S. Black, Samuel F. Black, William Black, Sr. and Sarah Black, his wife, and John Black and Mary Black, his wife, to Andrew Mumper by deed dated July 7, 1837.

The west half of the Southwest Quarter of Section 35 in said Township was conveyed by William Black, jr. and Mary Black, his wife to William Coulter by deed dated August 19, 1837 and recorded at Volume 18, Page 461."

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    William Black is listed as:
    1 10 and under 15 - male (Daniel)
    1 15 and under 20 - male  ?
    2 20 and under 30 - male (Johathan and Samuel)
    1 60 and under 70 - male (himself)
    1 50 and under 60 - female (his wife Sarah)

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