Person:Sarah Stevens (7)

Sarah Stevens
  • HWilliam BlackAbt 1770 - 1862
  • WSarah StevensAbt 1774 - 1850
m. Abt 1793
  1. Mary BlackAbt 1795 -
  2. John David Black1797 - 1848
  3. William Morley Black1800 - 1887
  4. Rhoda Black1804 - 1869
  5. James Black1805 - 1835
  6. Samuel BlackAbt 1808 - 1837
  7. Jonathan Stevens Black1810 - 1852
  8. Daniel Black1817 - 1902
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Sarah Stevens
Gender Female
Birth[1][2] Abt 1774 Maryland, United States
Alt Birth[3] Abt 1774 Cleveland, North Carolina, United States
Marriage Abt 1793 to William Black
Death[1][2] 1850 Ashland, Ohio, United States

(Research):I'm researching William Black b:ca 1772, that married Sarah Stevens. I may be wrong on this but I think that I have seen posts and mentions on the LDS site that claim that this William Black was born in North Carolina. Sons of William & Sarah, William Black b:ca 1800, in the 1880 census, Lawrence Co., ILL, and Daniel Black b:ca 1818 in the 1880 census, Richland Co., Ohio, say that both of their parents (William & Sarah) were born in Maryland, USA. Has anyone done any research on either of the Black or Stevens famlies in Maryland? I descend through Rhoda Black b:1804, that married John Potts.

1790 census for Caroline Co., Maryland, USA BLACK, James 3--3--5--0--6 BLACK, Jas. Junr 2--1--4--0--0

STEVENS, Azel 1--5--3--0--0 STEVENS, Elizabeth 1--0--1--1--2 STEVENS, Johannah 0--2--3--0--0 STEVENS, John 1--1--3--0--11 STEVENS, Jonathan 1--0--1--0--0 STEVENS, Mary 1--0--5--0--0

1800 census pg 540 BLACK, James 1--1--0--0--1--0--1--1 BLACK, William 0--3--0--1--0--1--0--1 STEVENS, Azel 0--2--1--0--1--0--2--0 pg 18/568STEVENS, Daniel 0--0--1--0--0-0--0--1 pg 569STEVENS, Robinson 1--0--0--1--0--0--0--1 "STEVENS, John Sen 3--1--0--0--1--2--0--1--1 "STEVENS, Jonathon 4--0--0--1--0--1--1--1 "STEVENS, James 1--1--1--1--0--1--1--0--1 "STEVENS, Mary 0--0--0--0--0--0--1--0--0 pg 571

================= Contact the Register if Wills for Caroline County, Maryland

Dates Name Liber Folio

1784-1803--STEVENS, John --JR No. B--Illegible 1784-1803--STEVENS, John --JR No. B--141 1825-1853--STEVENS, John --WAF No. A--284 1885-1898--STEVENS, John W. --JBS No. 1--392 1803-1825--STEVENS, Robert --JR No. C--400 1688-1777--STEVENS, Walter --CC No. A--205 1688-1777--STEVENS, William --CC No. A--11 1688-1777--STEVENS, William --CC No. A--163 1784-1803--STEVENS, William --JR No. B--165

Age 66-1840 Census

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  3. Black, Chester Allen, and Sarah Hancock Black. Our Black family in America: some of the descendants of William Black and Sarah Stevens. He, born in North Carolina in 1770, lived most of his life in Vermillion, Richland County, Ohio, and died there soon after 1850. (Salt Lake City, Utah: [s.n.], c1960).