Person:William Alexander (52)

William Alexander, 2nd Earl of Stirling
m. Abt 1594
  1. Elizabeth Alexander
  2. Anthony AlexanderBet 1594 & 1611 - 1637
  3. Henry AlexanderAbt 1601 - Abt 1672
  4. Lady Jean Alexander1602 - 1670
  5. William Alexander, 2nd Earl of StirlingAbt 1602 - 1638
  6. Colonel John Alexander1603 - 1639
  7. Charles AlexanderAbt 1605 - Abt 1656
  8. Jane Alexander1606 - 1670
  9. Ladowie Alexander1609 -
  10. James AlexanderAbt 1610 - 1661
  11. Robert Alexander1610 - 1638
  12. Ludovick (Ludoric) AlexanderAbt 1611 - Abt 1656
  13. Jane Alexander1613 - 1683
  14. Mary Alexander1615 - 1684
  15. Margaret AlexanderAbt 1620 -
  • HWilliam Alexander, 2nd Earl of StirlingAbt 1602 - 1638
  • WMargaret Douglas1611 - 1660
m. 1629
Facts and Events
Name William Alexander, 2nd Earl of Stirling
Gender Male
Birth[1] Abt 1602 Menstrie, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Marriage 1629 Scotlandto Margaret Douglas
Death[1] 18 May 1638 Menstrie, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Alt Death? 18 May 1638 London, England
Reference Number? Q8004252?

BIOGRAPHY: [alexander8.FTW]
The Alexander family was settled in Menstrie before 1505.
On the 8th of February 1593 the fathers of the Presbytery of Dunblane were deeply concerned because James Alexander in Menstrie had profaned the Parish Kirk of Logy by burying the corpse of Margaret Alexander, spouse of John Stirling, under the floor of the church. On 20th February James Alexander appeared before the Presbytery and pled that he had buried Margaret below the floor of the kirk with the consent of the majority of the elders and deacons of the church. Then ten consenting elders and deacons were thereupon summoned to appear before the Presbytery on 6th March, 1593, and among those summoned were Johnne Bennet in Blair, James Dawsone, William Alexander, elder, and William Alexander, younger. Of those only Johnne Bennet and William Alexander, elder, appeared on the 6th of March, and made their peace with the Presbytery. James Dawson and William Alexander, younger,appeared on the 13th of March, when James Dawson confessed his fault,but William Alexander, younger, absolutely declined to admit any wrongdoing. William Alexander, younger, never yielded,and he was deposed for contumacy, but James Alexander, the chief offender, who long held out, ultimately appeared before the Presbytery on 21st August 1593, and submitted himself to th will of the brethren. After this therewas no further idea of burying the dead under the floor ofthe church.

Lee Parker
" Lord Stirling's first son and heir apparent, William Alexander, was born about 1604. He was admitted to Glasgow University in 1618, and in 1623 hisfather was trying to obtain some preferment for him in his Majesty's service. He was made Commissioner, with Sir John Scot of Scotstarvet, to act for his father in Scotland in the business of the Nova Scotia Plantation in 1626, and he was knighted that year at Whitehall. He became Burgess of Glasgow in 1627. The following year he sailed for Nova Scotia and planted a colony there at Fort Royal, formerly the French Port Royal, in September, returning to Scotland in November, 1629. The next year, as Commissioner to make a voyage to the gulf and river of Canada for the sole trade of skins, furs and hides, he wintered in Nova Scotia, arriving back at Dover in October 1630. William was styled Master of Stirling, 1630-33, and Lord Alexander from 1633. He was Councillor for New England from that year and served on many important committees. In April 1635 he received a large grant of lands in New England, to be called the County of Canada, including Long Island--to be called the Isle of Stirling--which he colonized.
Between his two voyages, He married Margaret, first daughter of Claud Hamilton, Lord Paisley. They had five children. Besides a son William, there were four daughters. Catharine married, as his 2nd wife, Walter Sandilands, 6th Lord Torphichen, leaving two daughters; Jean was living in 1644; Margaret married, as his 2nd wife, Sir Robert Sinclair, 1st Baronet of Longformacus, leaving two daughters; and Lucy, said to have ma rried Edward Harrington, Page of Honour to the Prince of Orange in 1630. Lord Alexander died at the age of 34 of a fever, caused by the hardships he had suffered in Nova Scotia, 18 May 1638 in London and was buried in Bowie's Aisle, Stirling Church. His widow died in January 1660, aged 49, and was buried in the Douglas vault in St.Bride's Church, Douglas.

Rogers Memories "Alexander Alexander, was by his wife,Elizabeth Forbes father of Three sons, William, James, and John and three daughters, Elizabeth, Marion,and Janet.
Scotts " Scotts " William A LEXANDER Sir. b. C. 1567 d. 21FEB1639/40 m. 03 JAN 1601 #39 96 Janet Ersk ine.
William ALEXANDER Lord. b. circa 1604, d. 18 MAY 1638, m. circa 1629 MARGARET _____ b. circa 1611, d. 01 JAN 1660
"The Complete Peerage" L. Claton Parker "Sir William Alexander, the Earl of Stirling Lo....

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Title: Scotts Peerage Publication: Scotts Peerage Note: TEXT Scotts Peerage
John, Lord of the Isles m. to Margaret
Alexander, Lord of Lochaser
MacAlexander--real founder of House of Alexander
Thomas Alexander mentioned as Baron of Menstrie in Mar.6 1505
Andrew Alexander
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Title: Roger's Memorials of the Earl of Sterling and the House of Alexander,and Chart by Francis Thomas Anderson Junkin, LL.D.,Ch
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The Alexander genealogy is given in Roger's Memorials of the Earl of Sterling and the House of Alexander, and Chart by Francis Thomas Anders...

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