Person:Wilhelm Ruf (1)

Wilhelm Friedrich Ruf
m. 31 Oct 1855
  1. Wilhelm Friedrich Ruf1856 - 1918
  2. Caroline Katharine Ruf1858 - 1958
  3. Luise Katharine Ruf1859 - 1917
  4. Adolf Friedrich Ruf1861 - 1961
  5. Karl Friedrich Ruf1862 - 1865
  6. Robert Julius Ruf1864 -
  7. Frieda Caroline Ruf1866 -
m. 17 May 1887
  1. Erwin Helmuth Ruf1896 - 1949
  2. Hermann Otto Ruf1897 - 1979
Facts and Events
Name Wilhelm Friedrich Ruf
Gender Male
Birth? 16 Nov 1856 Soellingen, Durlach, Baden, Germany
Marriage 17 May 1887 Baden-Baden, Baden, Germanyto Karoline Wilhelmine Weissbrod
Death? 25 Jan 1918 Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany
Ancestral File Number 26P1-PD

additional info from his TIC (No. 18621, book 6F, page 827) Instance of

 Erwin Ruf.

A typed german Ped Chart lists the marriage date as 17 May 1887 rather than

 17 Jun 1887 (not changed).  This also lists his death date as 27 Jan 1918,
 rather than 25 Jan 1918 (not changed).  His profession is listed as
 "Geometer" - surveyor.  A handwritten version of the same chart list the
 death date as 25 Jan 1918.  It also added the marriage location.

A Heiratsurkunde for him and Wilhelmine Karoline Weisbrod (sic) added the place

 "Amt Durlach" to the birthplace.

Mardy remembers dad or Maria Fry telling her that his surveying was on the

 German railway system and that he traveled extensively.

!BAPTISM: IGI Batch: FPO:183522-617-21443 listed as 23 Jan 1928 SLAKE

!ENDOWMENT: IGI (Pre-1970)

!SEALED-TO-PARENTS: IGI (Pre-1970) This record lists his birthplace as

 Sollingen, Baden - not changed.

!SEALED-TO-SPOUSE: IGI Batch A456861-?-456861 In this record his date of

 birth is 17 May 1887 and birth place as Baden-Baden, Baden

Another IGI record from Batch FPO:183557-342-16681 omits the middle name and

 lists his birthdate as 27 May 1845 and birthplace as Karlsruhe, Baden.  It
 notes the Baptismal date as 15 Jan 1936 SLAKE.

The Archive FGS lists his marriage date as 17 May 1887, vice 17 Jun 1887 (submitted by Hermann O. Ruf. (not changed) 11 Mar 1996 -see notes on wife and comments concerning the marriage certificate. The archive FGS is in binder 641, Archive Section, 4th floor, Joseph Smith Memorial Building, Salt Lake CIty, UT.