Person:Warren Crumrine (2)

Warren J. Crumrine
m. 12 May 1855
  1. Sarah Ellen Crumrine1856 - 1938
  2. Warren J. Crumrine1857 - 1927
  3. John Calvin Crumrine1860 - 1937
  4. Mary Rosetta Crumrine1862 - 1941
  5. Stanford C. Crumrine1864 - 1866
  6. George Allen Crumrine1867 - 1902
  7. Martha Dorleska Crumrine1869 - 1971
  8. Louise Emma Crumrine1872 - 1961
  9. William Burton Crumrine1875 - 1918
  10. Robert Amon Crumrine1877 - 1970
m. 21 Aug 1878
  1. Frank Marion Crumrine1878 - 1938
  2. Nellie Myrtle Crumrine1885 - 1975
  3. Addison Enis Crumrine1888 - 1955
  4. Zelma May Crumrine1890 - 1988
  5. Lois A. Crumrine1893 - 1979
  6. Roy Garnett Crumrine1895 - 1965
  7. Susie Delina Crumrine1897 - 1993
  8. Donnie Crumrine1900 - Aft 1900
  9. Lucretia Alberta Crumrine1900 - 1959
  10. George Alonzo Crumrine1901 - 1972
  11. Mable Viola Crumrine1903 - 1990
  12. Irvine Warren Crumrine1907 - 1964
Facts and Events
Name Warren J. Crumrine
Gender Male
Birth? 16 Oct 1857 Warren, Iowa, United States
Marriage 21 Aug 1878 Warren, Iowa, United Statesto Arabelle B. Kelley
Death? 1927
Burial? Greeley Cemetery, Greeley, Greeley, Nebraska, United States

Warren lived with his parents during the 1860 and 1870 US Federal Censuses.

  1.   Warren Crumrine, in Find A Grave.

    Family links:
    Enos Crumrine (1835 - 1914)
    Susan B Mosher Crumrine (1834 - 1917)

    Arabelle Kelley Crumrine (1861 - 1939)

    Frank Marion Crumrine (1878 - 1938)*
    Nellie Crumine Pratt (1884 - 1975)*
    Addison Enis Crumrine (1888 - 1955)*
    Zelma May Crumrine Cross (1890 - 1988)*
    Lois Crumrine Moore (1893 - 1979)*
    Roy Garnett Crumrine (1895 - 1965)*
    Susie Delina Crumrine Wieser (1897 - 1993)*
    Lucretia Alberta Crumrine Gillham (1900 - 1959)*
    George Alonzo Crumrine (1901 - 1972)*
    Mable Viola Crumrine Nerly (1903 - 1990)*
    Irvine Crumrine (1907 - 1964)*

    Sarah E Crumrine Chumbley (1856 - 1938)*
    Warren Crumrine (1857 - 1927)
    John Calvin Crumrine (1860 - 1937)*
    Mary Rosetta Crumrine Roberts (1862 - 1941)*
    George Asa Crumrine (1867 - 1902)*
    Martha Dorleska Crumrine Matson (1869 - 1971)*
    Lou E. Crumrine Scott (1872 - 1961)*
    William B Crumrine (1875 - 1918)*
    Robert A Crumrine (1877 - 1970)*

    *Calculated relationship

  2.   Warren, Iowa, United States. 1880 U.S. Census Population Schedule

    Warren Crumrine 22
    Arabelle Crumrine 18
    Frank Crumrine 7m

  3.   Greeley, Nebraska, United States. 1900 U.S. Census Population Schedule. (Washington D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration Publication T623)

    Warren Crumrine 47
    Belle Crumrine 38
    Nellie M Crumrine 14
    Frank Crumrine 20
    Addison Crumrine 12
    Yelma Crumrine 9
    Lois A Crumrine 7
    Roy Crumrine 4
    Susie Crumrine 1
    Donnie Crumrine 8/12

  4.   Greeley, Nebraska, United States. 1910 U.S. Census Population Schedule. (Washington D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration Publication T624)

    Warren I Crumrine 50
    Arabelle Crumrine 45
    Zelma M Crumrine 18
    Lois A Crumrine 17
    Roy S Crumrine 13
    Susie D Crumrine 12
    Lucretia Crumrine 10
    George Crumrine 8 [9]
    Mable V Crumrine 5
    Ervin W Crumrine 3

  5.   Greeley, Nebraska, United States. 1920 U.S. Census Population Schedule. (Washington D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration Publication T625)

    Warren Crumrine 62
    Aralette Crumrine 59
    Mabel Crumrine 16
    Irvin Crumrine 13
    George Crumrine 18
    Pearl Crumrine 19 [18]
    Annabelle Crumrine 0 [3/12]

  6.   Crumrine, Gale D. (Gale David). Descendants of Michael and Peter Crumrine. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1992)

    Warren J. Crumine, b. 16 Oct. 1857 in Warren Co., Iowa., d. Dec. 1926 or 1927. m. Arabelle Kelley, b. Dec. 1861, d. 1939 Married at Indianola, Iowa. Lived in Warren Co., Iowa before moving to Nebraska. He died in Greeley, Nebr.,; she died in Warren Co., Iowa. In 1880 census in Warren Co., Iowa, Otter Twp. Frank, Nellie Myrtle, Addison Enos, Lois, Zelma, Roy, Susie Delina, Lucretia, George Alonzo, Mabel Violet, Irvin Warren

  7.   Smith, Earl E. (Earl Elmer). Mosher history and genealogy. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1978)

    575-III-Warren J. Crumrine, son of Enos and Susan B. Mosher-Crumrine
    Born: October 16, 1857 in Warren County, Iowa
    Died: 1927
    Married: to Orabell Zelley at Indianola, Iowa
    --Died: 1939 in Warren County, Iowa
    Their children:
    690-IV-Frank Crumrinc B-Oct. 2, 1879 D-1930
    601-IV-Nellie Crumrine B-July 18, 1885
    602-IV-Addison Crumrine B-May 27, 1888 D-Nov. 7, 1955
    693-IV-Lois Crumrine B-Jan. 10, 1893
    694-IV-Zelma Crumrine B-Aug. 17, 1890
    695-IV-Roy Crumrine B-May 10, 1896
    696-IV-Susie Delina Crumrine B-Aug. 19, 1897
    697-IV-Lucretia Crumrine B-Apr. 6, 1900 D-April 1959
    698-IV-George Alonzo Crumrine B-Dec. 23, 1901
    699-IV-Mabel Violet Crumrine B-Nov., 1903
    700-IV-Irvin Crumrine B-Jan. 6, 1907

    Warren and Orabell Crumrine lived in Warren County a few years before moving to Nebraska

  8.   Obituary.

    Warren Isaiah Crumrine 15 Oct 1858-8 Jan 1927
    The Final Summons to Warren Crumrine at Ord.
    Warren Izar (sic Isaiah) Crumrine, one of the pioneer settlers of Greeley, died at 4 o'clock, last Saturday morning in a hospital at Ord. He had been ill just a week. He went to the hospital hospital (sic) a week ago last Friday for an operation for rupture. A cancer was discovered during the operation, and this was given as the cause of his death. Immediately after the operation he became seriously ill and his condition continued to grow worse until the end.
    The body was brought to the family home nine miles east of Greeley and the funeral services were held from the Methodist church here Monday afternoon. Rev J. A. Martin, pastor, officiated. The pallbearers were, A. L. Hepp, Ben Weiser, T. J. Howard, Henry Nestor, James Donnelly and Carl Bergstrom. Burial was in the cemetery northwest of town.
    The deceased was born at Indianola, Ia., October 15, 1858. He was married there to Miss Arabelle(sic) Kelley of the same place August 11, 1877. In 1887 the family moved to Calwell, Kas., and the same year to Greeley. The family moved to Oklahoma in March 1893, but returned to Greeley in August of the same year. They spent the winter at Central City, returning to Greeley the next spring and remained here until 1910, when they moved to Jewel City, Kas. Mr. and Mrs. Crumrine and family lived there for three years when they moved back to Greeley, where they have since resided.
    Mr. Crumrine is survived by his widow and eleven children, five sons and six daughters. The children are Frank W. of Waco, Neb.; Mrs. Harry Pratt of Greeley, Adison (sic) of Scotia, Mrs. roy Cross of Jewel City, Kas; Mrs. Ernest Moore of Greeley, Roy of Robinsdale, Minn.; Mrs. Dan Weiser of Greeley, Mrs. George Gillham of Greeley, George of Greeley, Mrs. Fred Nerly and Ervin of Greeley. Four sisters and two brothers also survive. They are Calvin of Superiour (sic), Kas.; Robert of Beloit, Kas.; Mrs. Will Madsen of Superior, Kas.; Mrs. Lou Scott of Witchita (sic), Kas.; Mrs. Sarah Chumley of Indianola, Ia.; and Mrs. Mary Roberts of Califormnia. (sic)
    All of the children were here for the funeral. His sisters, Mrs. Mary Scott and Mrs. Madsen, and his brothers, Calvin and Robert, also were here. Mrs. Scott's daughter, too, attend the funeral.
    Mr. Crumrine was a carpenter and helped to build the first store building in Greeley. He built the first house ever constructed here. The store was the old T. H. Hoelwarth building where the Larson building now stands. The house is now owned by Mrs. Belle Byrns and is located in the north part of town. He also constructed several homes for the pioneers of Greeley. He farmed and worked at his trade for years. In the early days, he lived a mile north of Greeley.
    Mr. Crumrine was held in high esteem by all his neighbors and his friends were as numerous as his acquaintances. He was of a quiet and unassuming disposition, a hard worker and a man respected by all.
    Source: The Greeley Citizen, Greeley, Nebraska, 13 Jan 1927