Person:Walter Scott (2)

Walter W. SCOTT
b.1859 Illinois
d.Bef 1900
m. 30 Oct 1853
  1. William A. SCOTT1854 - Aft 1900
  2. Thomas E. ScottAbt 1856 - Bef 1900
  3. James H. ScottAbt 1858 - Aft 1910
  4. Walter W. SCOTT1859 - Bef 1900
  5. Ellen (Ella) M. Scott1862 - 1952
  6. Charles E. Scott1868 -
m. 16 Mar 1881
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3] Walter W. SCOTT
Gender Male
Birth? 1859 Illinois
Marriage 16 Mar 1881 O'Brien Co. Iowato Ruth DURHAM
Death? Bef 1900

Living with his Aunt Sarah Anderson Clark in 1870 Northville,LaSalle County, Illinois Census From the Book, 1897 History of O'Brien Co. Iowa: Tornado One of the most saddest features of this disaster in thisvillage was the shocking injuries sustained by Walter Scott whohad approached a window to observe the storm at the north sideof the Stewart house. A heavy piece of timber, either from thechurch wreck, or from the demolished house of Hastings' camecrashing through the wall, striking Walter on the head andhurling him senseless across the room, where he lay dead, as itwas supposed, over his infant child which he held in his arms atthe time of the catastrophe. But on being picked up by W. J.Durham, who too had been struck in the head and stunned byflying debris, it was discovered that Walter was stillbreathing, though feebly, and his child was unharmed. Thesurgeon found Walter's injuries to consist of a fractured cheekbone with a bad depression, and fatally injured eye. At firsthis brain was thought to be injured at its base, and his casepronounced a hopeless one, but in the lapse of time, and withcareful nursing, he gradually improved.

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