Person:Walter Graydon (3)

Walter Graydon
b.13 Mar 1903
Facts and Events
Name Walter Graydon
Gender Male
Birth[1] 13 Mar 1903
Death? Aug 1974 Los Angeles, California, United States
  1. Social Security Administration. Social Security Death Index: Death Master File, database. (Alexandria, Virginia: National Technical Information Service).

    Social Security #: redacted
    Issued in: New York
    ZIP Code of last known residence: 90024 Los Angeles, California

    last accessed Aug 2022.

    ... Walter Graydon was an architect, who designed or helped design, most of the older buildings in Atlanta , Georgia . When the depression came, he could not support his wife, son and daughter, so he left and became a bum on the bowery in New York City. Years later, his brother, Stafford, found him in Detroit . A Jewish woman in New York had married him and rehabilitated him. He then went back into design and designed the Parkchester in the Bronx , NY. He and his second wife later moved to California where he indulged in painting modern art. He also helped design the World Trade Center in N.Y.C., working for Matosi. He died from cancer in Aug 1974. ...