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Facts and Events
Name unknown
Gender Female
Marriage aft Jul 1664 to Edward Sale

The Great Migration Begins suggests that Margaret, wife of "Edward Sales of Weymouth" was the sister or half-sister of Stephen French. However, Edward's first wife Margaret was banished in 1637/8, some 40 years before "my brother Searle" is mentioned in Stephen's will. If Edward was in fact Stephen's brother-in-law, then it is likely that it was Edward's third wife, whose name is unknown and whom he married sometime between 1664 and 1690, who was Stephen's sister or half-sister. This suggests the possibility that Judith (____) Rogers, possibly a close relative of Stephen [AEBK], whose first husband died in 1660/1, was Edward Sale's third wife.

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    'In a letter dated at Weymouth in 1690, William3 Carpenter's son Daniel conveys greetings to him from "Grandfather [Edward Sale] and Grandmother and unkell Natthanell [Nathaniel Sale]," all then living at Weymouth (Carpenter [1898] 54; GM 6: 144). From this we conclude that Edward had again remarried.'

  2.   Anderson, Robert Charles. The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-1633. (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1995), 1:702, entry for Stephen French.

    'ASSOCIATIONS: On 29 July 1669 administration on the estate of Jacob French went to Stephen French, Sr., "on behalf of himself and his sisters" [SPR Case #500]. This Jacob French of Weymouth, who died 12 April 1669 ... was certainly a brother to Stephen French, Sr. Stephen mentioned "my sister Mary Randol" in his will, and "my brother Searle" as well. Mary was likely the second wife of Robert Randall of Weymouth. "Brother Searle" was almost certainly Edward Sales of Weymouth. ... Edward Sales's wife was Margaret _____. This family strongly resembles that of Richard French of Misterton, Somersetshire, who had (among others) Steven and Margerie with his first wife, and Mary and Joseph [sic - should this be Jacob? - JB] with his second. None of these children is mentioned in the 1638 will of their father [Abstract of Taunton Archdeaconry Court Wills, by H. R. Phipps, 1937].'

  3.   Smith, Dean Crawford, and Melinde Lutz Sanborn. The Ancestry of Eva Belle Kempton 1878-1908. (Boston, Massachusetts: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1996-2008), 1:399.

    'Deacon JOHN ROGERS ... married JUDITH (___), living 30 April 1660 when her husband's will was proved (Suffolk Probate #264).
    It has been suggested that Judith was the Judith French, age 20, who embarked for New England at Weymouth 20 March 1635/36 with Joseph Huss, minister of Somerset, in whose family she was a servant (Hotten's Lists, 285). If this is the case, then John Rogers must have met and married her in a very short time after his arrival in New England. No independent evidence supports this identification.
    When John and Judith's eldest daughter, Mary, took administration on her late husband John Rane's estate, she was joined by her brother John Rogers, and Stephen French, of Weymouth, as surety. The involvement of Stephen French has fuelled speculation that Judith was a French.'