Person:Unknown Carn (1)

Unknown Carn
b.ABT 1698 Germany
d.BEF 1735 Pennsylvania
m. ABT 1718
  1. Johan Nicholas KernABT 1720 -
  2. George CarnABT 1727 - 1767
  3. Michael CarnAbt 1729 - BEF 1807
Facts and Events
Name Unknown Carn
Alt Name James Curn
Alt Name James Kern
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1698 Germany
Marriage ABT 1718 Germanyto Catherine Engen
Death? BEF 1735 Pennsylvania

Information on Unknown Carn

Some researchers claim that the father of George and Michael Carn is a Nicholas Carn but other researchers have dis-proved this story. Researchers are highly cautioned about using information found on the internet and should consult concrete sources before making conclusions regarding his family. The source listed below appears to be fairly well researched in its conclusions:


From "Early Families of Lancaster, Lebanon and Dauphin Counties, Pennsylvania", by Keith A. Dull, pg. 85: (Note: there was NOT a James Curn in Augusta County records, since the first husband of Catherine Engen had to have died prior to her second marriage (abt. 1735).

Unknown (James) Kern
This was probably the James Curn/Kern that appears on the early rentals of Augusta County, Virginia, in 1749/50. His widow m. Matthew Shaup/Matthias Schaub/Schaup. Matthias' will was written in Augusta County, Virginia on Nov. 4, 1750, and proved there on Nov. 28, 1750.
He names his eldest sons in law, Michael Carn, George Carn (both to receive the full estate that their father left them). One third of Matthew's estate was to be divided between eight children, and one third was to be divided between his own six children. Matthew named his two eldest sons, John and Adam Shaup (a Michael and George Carn appear as purchasers of Matthew's estate on Feb. 20, 1750/51 (recorded on May 18, 1762.) Unknown Carn/Kern had the following children:

Michael, b. in 1727 or before. Michael Carn was listed as not found on the delinquents list of Augusta County, Virginia in 1755. He was a juror in Augusta County on May 24, 1765, and listed as a witness from Bedford (80 miles away) on the same date. He resided in Bedford County, Bedford, Virginia.

George, b. in 1729 or before. He d. in Bedford County, Virginia in 1767.

Kern/Kerns Records in Augusta County

There was a Nicholas Kern in early Augusta County records: (listed in "Early Families of Lancaster, Lebanon and Dauphin Counties, Pennsylvania", by Keith A. Dull as the grandson of Unknown Carn and Catherine Engen):

  • Page 153.--1st September, 1773. The will of John Bender literally translated--To dear father and mother; to wife, Catharine; to sister, Margaret; to three sisters. Teste: John Bear, Adam Rader, Conrad Holle Proved, 16th November, 1773. This will of John Bender, alias Painter, proved by Jacob Mayer to be a true translation, and by Bear and Holle. Administration granted Catharine Painter, who qualifies (mark) with John Bear, Nicholas Keern, Christian Painter.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 18, 1773. - (152) Following to be bound: Barbara Painter, to John Painter; Mathias Painter, to Christian Painter; Margaret Painter. to Nicholas Kern; Mary Painter, to Jacob Mayer.
  • Page 251.--14th May, 1774. Mathias Rodes' will--To son, Mathias; to wife, Barbara; to children. (Copy from the original--a very bad translation of German.) Teste: Jacob Mayer, Nicholas Kern. Valentine

Cloninger testifies to correctness of translation. 16th August, 1774, proved by witnesses.

  • Vol. 2 - Page 708.--August, 1774: Barbara Painter, orphan, bound to Nicholas Kern, Planter.
  • Vol. 2 - Page 709.--August, 1774: Margaret Painter, orphan, bound to Nicholas Kern, Planter.

Record of Jonathan Kerns in Augusta County:

  • Vol. 2 - James Dillard, Jr., vs. Jonathan Kerns--Bond by Jonathan, of Rockbridge County, to James Dillard, Sr., of Amherst. £40, 17th February, 1794.

Record of Alexander Kerns in Augusta County:

  • Page 197.--10th May, 1808. William Johnston's will--To wife, Jane; to brother-in-law, Wm. McKnob, living on Watago, North Carolina; to Katherine Kerns, wife to Alexander Kerns; to half-sister, Jane Shields, wife to Patrick Shields, living near mouth of Missouri River; to Hugh, Ruery, and Lilah Dreddan, children of Wm. Dreddan, of Madison County, Kentucky; to sons and daughters of David Dreddan, living on South Fork of Holston River; to tenant, Henry Hartman. Executors, James and Robert Rankin. Teste: Michael Cline, Henry Hartman, Jr.; Henry Hartman, Sr. Proved, 27th June, 1808. 27th March, 1809, James Rankin qualifies.

Kerns listed in another Augusta County record:

  • Vol. 2 - Griffith vs. Bready--O. S. 31; N. S. 11--Bill filed in Berkeley County. Robert Griffith, heir at law of Robert Griffith, decd., complains that in 6th September, 1782, Robert Harper made his will (having no issue of his body) and devised part of his land to Robert Griffith, decd., who was nephew of Robert Harper, and then soon died. Robert Griffith died 178.., leaving orator, an infant, his heir at law. Sarah Harper, daughter of Robert Harper's brother Joseph Harper, and heir at law to Joseph; John Wager, son and pretended heir at law of Sarah. Robert Griffith was from Kentucky in 1794. Bready, after Robert Griffith's death, purchased the land from Robert Harper, nephew and supposed heir at law of Robert Harper, decd. Sarah Wager died 1786. William Bready and Edward White were brothers-in-law, 1804. Copy of Robert Harper's will dated 26th September, 1782, proved in Berkeley County, 15th October, 1782. Nephew RobertGriffith; niece Sarah Harper; nephew Joseph Keen (Kern); nephews, Robert and Josiah Harper, Jonas and Hezekiah and Israel Kern; Robert Griffith of Bedford County, executor.

Marriage of Margaret Kern in Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Memorandum of Marriages for 1791, 1792, 1793, 1794, 1795:- 1792, November 1st, Robert

Dunlap and Margaret Kern