Person:Timothy Phelps (1)

Captain Timothy Phelps
m. 14 Nov 1626
  1. Cornelius Phelps1627 - 1627/28
  2. Joseph Phelps1628 - Bef 1683/84
  3. Mary Phelps1628 - 1628
  4. Mary Phelps1629 -
  5. Sarah PhelpsEst 1632 - 1659
  6. Captain Timothy Phelps1639 - Bet 1716/17 & 1719
  7. Mary Phelps1644 - 1725/26
  • HCaptain Timothy Phelps1639 - Bet 1716/17 & 1719
  • WMary Griswold1644 - Aft 1716/17
m. 19 Mar 1661
  1. Timothy Phelps1663 - 1768
  2. Joseph Phelps1666 - 1716
  3. William Phelps1668 - Bet 1733 & 1733/34
  4. Cornelius Phelps1671 - Est 1742
  5. Mary Phelps1673 - 1690
  6. Samuel Phelps1674/75 - 1741
  7. Capt. Nathaniel Phelps1676/77 - 1746
  8. Sarah Phelps1679 -
  9. Abigail Phelps1682 - 1709/10
  10. Hannah Phelps1684 - 1727/28
  11. Anne Phelps1686 -
  12. Martha Phelps1688 -
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3] Captain Timothy Phelps
Gender Male
Alt Birth[1] Aug 1639 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Birth[1][2] 1 Sep 1639 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Marriage 19 Mar 1661 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, United Statesto Mary Griswold
Will[2][5] 2 Mar 1716/17 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Will[5] 2 Mar 1716/17 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, United StatesCodicil.
Death[2][5] Bet 2 Mar 1716/17 and 28 Sep 1719 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, United States (probably)Between date of will and date of witnesses' oaths.
Probate[5] 6 Oct 1719 Will proved.
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    'TIMOTHY, b. Windsor Aug. or 1 September 1639 [Grant 55]; m. Windsor 19 March 1661[/2?] Mary Griswold [Grant 56].'

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    Mr. Phelps resided in Windsor, Ct., on the old homestead, on land purchased by his father from the Indians. He was propounded Oct., 1663, and made a freeman 2d May, 1664. May, 1690. 'Thos. Allen chosen and allowed Capt. of Trained Band in Windsor, and Timothy Phelps, Lieut., and are to be commissioned accordingly.'

    May, 1696, 'The soldiers at Windsor have chosen Timothy Phelps as their Capt, The Court approveth their said choice and does order the said officers shall receive their commissions. Sgt. Timothy Phelps that went up to the Great Falls in Oct. last, ordered by the Gov. and Council. 6 Feb., 1706-7, upon public service, shall be allowed 8 shillings apiece more than allowed them by Capt. Matthew Allen.' [It seems probable that the Sgt. alluded to was not the Timothy born 1639 who had been previously commissioned Lieutenant and Captain, and who was in his late 60's in 1707.]

    He was appointed a Lieut. by the General Court, receiving his commission in 1709, and served under Col. William Whiting, in Capt. Matthew Allyn's Co., in 1607, in the Queen Anne War. [Also questionable.] He died in 1719. His will, dated 2nd May [March], 1717, mentions all his children, (except Mary who died young,) and grandson Samuel Filer, son of his daughter Abigail."

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    "TIMOTHY, Windsor, s. of William, freem. 1664, m. 19 May 1661, Mary, d. of Edward Griswold, had Timothy, b. 1 Nov. 1663; Joseph, 27 Sept. 1666; William, 4 Feb. 1669; Cornelius, 26 Apr. 1671; Mary, 14 Aug. 1673, d. young; Samuel, 29 Jan. 1676; Nathaniel, 7 Jan. 1678; Sarah, 27 Dec. 1679; Abigail, 3 June 1682; Hannah, 4 Aug. 1684; Ann, 2 Oct. 1686; and Martha, 12 Nov. 1688. He was lieut. and d. 1719, in his will, of 1717, names all these ch. except Mary, tho. two others of the ds. were d. but had left ch.

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  4.   Windsor Vital Records [NEHGS], in Connecticut, United States. The Barbour Collection of Connecticut Town Vital Records

    "Phelps, … Timothy, s. [William], b. Aug. [__], 1639 [MG]"
    "Phelps, … Timothy, s. William, b. Sept. 1, 1639 [1:29]"

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    Phelps, Capt. Timothy, Windsor. Invt. £344-19-06. Taken by John Palmer and James Enno. Will dated 2nd March, 1716-17.

    I, Timothy Phelps of Windsor, being very aged yet retaining a good measure of understanding and memory, do make this my last will and testament: Imprimis. I give, devise and bequeath all my estate whatsoever, both real and personal, to my three sons, William, Cornelius and Samuel, to have, hold and improve the same in trust for the use of my wife during her natural life, and after her decease my will is, and I hereby do give and devise all my houseing and lands with the appurtenances to my sons Timothy Phelps, William Phelps, Cornelius Phelps, Samuel Phelps, Nathaniel Phelps, and heirs of Joseph Phelps in the room of their father, to be equally divided into six equal parts, provided always, and it is my will, that they pay and make up to their sisters, Sarah, Hannah, Ann and Martha, my daughters, or to their heirs, and to the heirs of my daughter Abigail deceased, £48 as money apiece; and my will is that what they have already recd, as entered upon my book shall be reckoned as part of sd. summs, and yt my sd. sons and the heirs of my son Joseph shall pay their sisters and their heirs above mentioned in equal proportion, except that the heirs of Joseph shall pay £4 more than an equal proportion, and my son Cornelius £4 less than an equal proportion. And my will further is, that my wife shall have the free disposal of all her wearing apparell at her decease, and that my grandson Samuel Fyler shall have half of that bequeathed to the heirs of my daughter Abigail if he liveth with me so long as I live, or till he comes to the age of 18 years. I appoint my wife Mary and my three sons, William, Cornelius and Samuel, to be executors.


    Witness: John Mansfield, Thomas Moore.

    And whereas, I being aged and my wife soe, and not knowing how long it may please God to continue my life, and not knowing what debts and charge may arise before I leave this world, my will is that my sons and my daughters and their heirs shall pay their equal parts and shares of my debts and charges after my decease. And my daughters, Sarah, Hannah, Ann and Martha, and the heirs of Abigail, shall have £46 apiece with what they have already had, to be paid as money out of my estate after my decease. By the charge as above mentioned I intend that if there be any extraordinary charge, so that the improvement of my estate will not maintain me. This addition of my will was made and published the 2nd day of March, 1716.


    Witness: John Mansfield, Thomas Moore.

    These witnesses appeared 28 September, 1719, and made oath that they saw Timothy Phelps sign and seal the will with the addition, before Matthew Allyn, Assistant.

    Court Record, Page 112—6 October, 1719: Will exhibited and proven. William Phelps to be guardian to Samuel Fyler, son of Samuel Fyler, late of Hebron deceased, a minor about 10 years of age.

    Page 118—19 January, 1719-20: Order to dist. the estate according to the will, by Ebenezer Fitch, John Palmer and Abram Phelps.

    Page 5 (Vol. XII) 13 May, 1734: Jonathan Phelps of Northampton, Mass., heir by will to Capt. Timothy Phelps of Windsor, moves this Court that a division of the lands be made to the heirs. This Court appoint Capt. Henry Allyn, Lt. Roger Newbery and Lt. John Cook to set out by meets and bounds according to the will of sd. deceased."