Person:Timothy Gallagher (1)

m. 15 Aug 1869
  1. James GALLAGHER1871 - 1949
  2. Patrick (Paddy) GALLAGHER1872 -
  3. Daniel GALLAGHER1874 -
  4. John (Johnny) GALLAGHERAbt 1876 - 1966
  5. Hugh Gallagher1878 -
  6. Ned (Edward) GALLAGHER1879 -
  7. Mary GALLAGHER1882 - 1958
  8. Daniel Gallagher1886 - Abt 1935
  9. Ann Gallagher1886 -
  10. Timothy GALLAGHER1889 - 1972
  1. Anna Mai Gallagher1910 - 1992
Facts and Events
Name[1] Timothy GALLAGHER
Gender Male
Birth[2][3][5] 10 Sep 1889 Glendowan, County Donegal, Ireland
Marriage to Nellie O'Shea
Death[4] 1972 Glendowan, County Donegal, Ireland

1.First source: Married to Cork woman. Fought in the first worldwar and lost a leg in the trenches One daughter 2. Second source: went to America and married a girl from Cork.He joined the army and fought in France, he got wounded andlost a leg. He was sent back to the Lodge from the ArmyHospital. His wife and daughter were still in America but itwould appear he lost contact with them. His daughter Mat? wassent back to her grandmother in Cork and after some years shefound her father's Lodge address in her granny's pocket. Shecontacted the Lodge in 1940 and was reunited with her father.She came back to Glendowan where she got married and reared afamily. Baptised at St. Colmcille's Cath Church in Glendowan, godparents, John Gallagher and Margaret Gallagher

  1. Patrick Gallagher, Glendowan, Co., Donegal, Ireland.
  2. Census of Ireland, 1901.
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    Godparents, John Gallagher and Margaret Gallagher

  4. Joseph Gallagher, Donegal, Ireland. Joseph Gallagher, Donegal, Ireland.
  5. Baptised by Fr. James Cannon, Godparents John Gallagher,Margaret Gallagher