Person:Thomas Wilkerson (4)

Thomas Wilkerson
b.1635 England
  1. Thomas Wilkerson1635 - 1701
  • HThomas Wilkerson1635 - 1701
  • WAnn Isard1638 -
m. 1688
  1. Daniel Wilkinson1690 - 1730
  2. George Wilkinson1693 -
  3. Joyce Wilkinson1696 -
  4. John Wilkerson1698 -
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Wilkerson
Alt Name Thomas Wilkinson
Gender Male
Birth? 1635 EnglandBirth of Wilkerson, Thomas
Marriage 1688 Virginiato Ann Isard
Death? 8 Aug 1701 St Peters, New Kent, VADeath of Wilkerson, Thomas

Book: Duplicates of Lost Colonial Virginia Records (pp 264-5) Will of Thomas Wilkinson of Matson Parish county York, dated April 23, 1668, proved 26 Oct 1668 submitted for recording in Stafford Co., Va. 8 Nov 1682 My lands at the head of the Potomac Creek to my wife and daughter Eliza Wilkinson, to be divided equally between them when my daughter my daughter reached the age of 14. My wife to have full estate if my daughter dies. Wife Ann to serve as Executrix. Witnesses: Robert Cobbs William Farmer

1. This version of the patent recorded Patent Book 4, p. 222 as abstracted by Nell Marion Nuet in her Cavaliers and Pioneers , Volume 1, p. 378, does not acknowledge that this patent was assigned to Wilkerson by Samuel Matthews. 2. The 6000 acres would appear to be in the immediate area of Payne's corner, Stafford Co., Stafford, predating King George Court from ever exercising any jurisdication over this tract. The suit occurs in King George Co because King George was created in 1720, it was long and narrow , running along the northern watershed of the Rappahannock River, a far different configuration that it is today. It was not until 1777 that King George and Stafford Co's to redraw the boundaries the result of several petitions by the residents of both King George and Stafford to redraw the boundaries of the two counties so that travel to the courthouse in both counties would be more convenient for residents in the western areas. ....

Virginia Old Churches, Vol. 1 Reveiw this tp

Old Churches, Ministers, and Families of Virginia. Article XL.

At the death of Mr. Robertson in 1740, an agreement was made with a Rev. Mr. Hartwell to become the minister; but, misunderstandings taking place as to the terms, it was never carried into execution. Mr. Robert Ferguson was then chosen, and continued to be the minister for ten years,--until 1750. He was succeeded by the Rev. Eleazer Robertson, who continued two years, and was succeeded by the Rev. Thomas Wilkinson, who resigned in 1762, and was succeeded by the Rev. William Harrison, who resigned in 1780, though continuing to reside in Petersburg until his death in 1814, being eighty-four years of age. The parish being advertised as vacant, the Rev. Mr. Kennedy and the Rev. Dr. Cameron were candidates in 1784. The latter was chosen, and ministered in the parish until 1793, when he resigned. Of him I shall speak in another place. In the following year the Rev. Andrew Syme was elected, and continued until his resignation in 1839,--a period of forty-five years. He continued to reside in Petersburg until his death, esteemed and beloved, by all who knew him, as "an Israelite in whom there was no guile." For further particulars of him the reader is referred to my article on South Farnham parish, Essex county, from which he removed to Bristol parish, and to the Rev. Mr. Slaughter's full and very interesting pamphlet on Bristol parish. For some years previous to his resignation of the parish, Mr. Syme, on account of increasing infirmities, had called for an assistant, and obtained the services of the Rev. Hobart Bartlett, from New York, whose fine talents, popular preaching, and agreeable manners contributed much to the increase of the congregation. In the year 1839 I was induced, under peculiar circumstances, to take the temporary charge of the congregation, but soon accomplished the object had in view, and procured for the congregation the services of the Rev. Mr. Cobbs, now Bishop of Alabama. His ministry, during the few years of its continuance, was very prosperous in all respects. During that period a general awakening of the souls of the people of Petersburg took place, and the ministers of all denominations laboured faithfully in prayer, and sermons, and exhortations, private and public. Instead of discouraging such extraordinary efforts for so extraordinary an outpouring of the Spirit of God as was granted, Mr. Cobbs came behind none, and went beyond some, in the frequency and continuance of his religious exercises. The result was, that no congregation was more highly blest in the results thereof. I laid my hands on the heads of ninety-three at that time, who, for the last three months, had been receiving the daily instructions of their minister, either public or private, and of such other ministers as he was able to bring to his help. During Mr. Cobbs's ministry the ladies of the Wilmer Association--who had for so many years been the most active of all in supporting beneficiaries at our Seminary, sending at times to the amount of five and six hundred dollars to the treasury--began to divert their funds from this to the promotion of missionary labours in the town of Petersburg. The result has been the establishment of the prosperous church under the care of the Rev. Mr. Gibson. In the year 1843 the Rev. Mr. Slaughter accepted a call to this parish, after the resignation of the Rev. Mr. Cobbs. His services were so acceptable to the people, that at the end of the six months which he had proposed to himself as a trial, he agreed to continue, nor did he cease to labour there until his health so failed as to make it improper to add further efforts. He was succeeded by the Rev. Horace Stringfellow, who continued until the year 1854. His place has been supplied during the present year (1856) by the Rev. Mr. Platt, from Alabama.

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Old Churches Ministers, and Families of Virginia. Article XLVIII.

Nottoway county was scparated from Amelia in the year 1788. Nottoway parish was established in the county of Amelia, being separated from Raleigh parish before the year 1752 and after the year 1748. There being no account of the Acts of Assembly for 1749-51, in Henning, I am unable to decide the precise year. In the year 1754, and again in 1758, the Rev. Wm. Proctor was the minister,--the same, no doubt, of whom mention is made in the vestry-book of Halifax. In the years 1773-74-76, the Rev. Thomas Wilkinson is the minister. Of him I have found a good account. The Rev. Mr. Jarratt informs us that Dr. Cameron was its minister for about two years after leaving Petersburg in 1793, but was obliged to resign for want of support. This was, no doubt, the last of Episcopal services in this parish, except some occasional ones of late years. As to the churches in this parish, all that I have been able to learn is from the Act of Assembly in 1755, by which the parish of St. Patrick is established in the county of Prince Edward. It seems that the county of Prince Edward had been separated from Amelia the previous year, and from that part of it in which the parish of Nottoway lay, but no new parish was then cut off from it and established in Prince Edward. But now, in 1775, the parish of St. Patrick is taken from Nottoway and made to correspond with the bounds of Prince Edward. At a later period (1788) Nottoway county is established, corresponding, I presume, with the bounds of old Nottoway parish in Amelia. The Act speaks of two new churches being recently built in the lower part of Nottoway parish, and requires the parish to refund a portion of the money which had been raised from the whole parish for their erection, to be refunded to the new parish in Prince Edward. Where these churches are situated, and what were their names, and what others had been there before, I am unable to say. *[* I have an old leaf from a vestry-book, without the name of the parish on it, in which I find the Rev. John Brunskill minister in 1753, Major Thomas Tabb and Major Peter Jones churchwardens, William Craioby, Wood Jones, William Archer, Richard Jones, and Samuel Cobb, vestrymen. This must certainly be a part of the old vestry-book of Raleigh parish, and Mr. Brunskill must have been its minister in 1753. In the following year (1754) he was certainly in another parish, and Mr. Dauson in this. He must have returned to this before the year 1773, or else one of the same name, for there were three John Brunskills in Virginia at this time. "In the year 1829 or 1830," writes a friend, "while riding with a friend from Prince Edward Court-House to Nottoway Court-House, I noticed, near to a farmhouse on the road, a barn of singular appearance. 'Yonder barn,' I remarked, 'looks much like some of the old Colonial churches I have seen.' 'It was a church of the Old Establishment,' was his reply. 'The present owner of the farm, (which I think had been the glebe,) finding it vacant and on land which was once a part of the tract he purchased, and as it was near his house, had it put on rollers and removed to its present position for the use you see. There was no one to forbid the sacrilege, or, if so, it was without avail; but the act, I believe, is condemned by the general sentiment of this community as that of a coarse-minded, unscrupulous votary of mammon.'"]

a renewal of Thos's origiinal patent of 1650

From Mercers Land Book Wm Berkely to Thomas Wilkinson 6,000 acres. 18 Maar. 1662 give and grant to Thos. Wilkinson 6.000 acres above the head of the Potomak Creek. beginning at the westernmost corner of the land of Mr Merryweather. now in the tenure of Nicholas Russell. and running southwesterly 1280 poles, thence northwesterly 750 poles. thence northeasterly 1280 poles. thence southeasterly 750 poles to beginning.Being formerly granted to Wilkinson by patent dated 10June 1650 and now renewed in his Maj. name by order of the Quarter Court. to have & hold &c to him the said Thos. Wilkinson. yeilding & paying &c; given at James City under my hand & the seal of the coIony

signed Wm Berkeley test: Francis Herkinan recorded at Stafford Co; 12 Nov 1692 copy test Thos. Claiborne. C.C.

From Don: via Mary Neff Hurst Thomas Jr. is the immigrant- getting a Grand patent from Wm Berkeley in 1650 for 6,000 acres. His wife was Anne Izzard. His parents were Thomas Wilkinson and Eliz Lvddall. Thos. Jr. had several other patents. But on his big one, the 6,000 acres, going by the headright system, he would have paid for the "planting" or transporting of 150 people from England~ He is a Plandter-which is not technically a farmer but a planter of people. He would have had to have some family connections to be able to have $$ to do this. I am looking to the possibility of their family maybe being in the merchant/ shipping trade in England-just an idea at this point. Thos. and family were related to the Parkes- a big Virginia name and family, and the Carys also. The ~biggest coup however is the wife of Thomas Sr.,Rebekah Evelyn-her father, George had the first patent on gunpowder in England and was granted a monopoly for it for Great Britain by Queen Elizabeth!!! So they were very wealthy -- and industrious!

I believe Thomas jr~ lived around New Kent Co and Charles City , but He also had connections to the famous "Rosewell" home of the Page family Gloucester Co., connected to the Carters-the largest land holders at that time in Va. Anne Izzards father, Francis had a mill on Black Creek which after he died it went to his wife, Frances. It then went to Thomas and Ann This is in New Kent Co. On the map you can flnd MOBJACK BAY-- and this area lies west of there into the peninsula.

24 July 1635. Persons to be transported (from London) to Virginia by the Assurance of London, Mr. Isack Bromwell, after examination by the Minister of Gravesend: Robert Brian 27; Maudlin Jones 60; Ann Shawe 32; John Duncomb 46; Sith Haieward 30; Richard Hamdy (or Hamey) 38; William Holland 35; Henry Snowe 26; Marie Southwood 22; Francis Rowlson 29; Jane Sowthern 19; Margerie Baker 39; Sara Rayne 18; Andrew Underwood 22; Phillipp Johns 22; Henrie Marshall 35; Henry Heiden 30; Elizabeth Sherlocke 29; Thomas Hurlock 40; Samuel Handy 25; John Gater 36; Joan Gater 23; William Lee 36; Josua Titloe 19; John Middleton 23; Robert Haiward 22; Samuel Powell 19; Richard Glover 24; Thomas Pagitt 41; Mathew Holmes 21; Elias Harrington 22; Richard Smith 35; Thomas Robinson 24; Evan Ap Evan 19; John Browne 21; Robert Frith 23; Thomas Wilkinson 23; Dennis Hoggin 24; John Friccar 25; Richard Ridges 19; Edward Davies 27; Theodorus Bakewell 21; John Dermot 21; John Morgan 27; Thomas Baycock 46; Richard Rogers 48; Richard Lockley 51; John Jakes 20; Thomas More 19; John Baker 22; Nehemiah Cason 21; Robert Mayes 28; Richard Barnes 38; John Buttler 50; William Rebbell 19; Robert Wyon 22; Mathew Dixon 18; John Wheeler 23; John North 24; Moutford Newman 27; Robert Steere 17; William Lake 35; Humfrey Wilkins 19; Antony Stilgo 21; Thomas Deacon 19; Robert Rigglie 19; Benjamin Pillard 18; Robert Davies 28; John Smith 20; Walter Merridith 33; Thomas Phillips 24; James Kingswill (or Kingsmill) 18; John Bowton 20; Walter Chapman 44; James Arnold 37; Richard Leake 18; Thomas Edwynn 13; Handgate Baker 22; John Abrock 20; Thomas Hall 15; James Edwin 18; Edward Commins 28; John Gater 15; Nicolas Gibson 22; John Roberts 46; George Mosely 20; James Ravish 20; John Hales 21; Warram Tuck 20; John Jones 30; William Culture 19; Robert Silby 19; Richard Bruster 26; John Swanley 21; William Charles 21; Anthony Lee 21; William Williams 28; Henry George 19; John Billins 21; William Write 18; Robert Lovett 20; Job Jefferie 19; Henrie Haler 22; Richard Symonds 33; James Sparks 57; Richard Kirbie 32; James Hingle 40; Thomas Saunderson 24; William Spicer 20; William Thomas 19; Henry Madin 30; Edward Ednall 21; Thomas Jefferies 22; Nicolas Jackson 22; Thomas Spratt 23; Thomas Leonard 18; Thomas Beson 24; Christopher Dixon 24; Isack Kemp 23; Jeremie Slie 19; John O'Mullin 18; Antony Procter 16; Robert Handley 19; John Aymies 18; John Tayler 21; William Roffin 18; Richard Halsey 13; Antony Otland 18; Robert Oldrick 18; William Hall 21; John Copeland 19; John Goad 18; John Pooly 17; Francis Gayer 18; Thomas Craven 17; Richard Lucas 16; George Cullidge 18; Lawrence Barker 26; John Bowes 20; John Woodbridge 32; John Johnson 20; John Chappell 38; George Whittaker 32; Richard Liversidge 24; Henrie Wood 20; Robert Max 21; John Warren 18; Thomas Turner 18; John Garland 19; John Humfrey 23; Isack Ambrose 18; William Huncote 35; Thomas Williams 19; Thomas Foxcrofte 19; Thomas Hobbs 22; Charles Collohon 19; Henry Donn 23; Roger Quintin 21; William Small 18; William Coleman 16; Antony Androwe 21; John Richardson 18; William Claddin 17; Thomas Gudderidge 17; Roger Burley 17; Thomas Bard 16; Henry Butler 14; John Budd 15; John Marshall 35; William Read 30; Edward Mitchell 18; Robert Drewrie 16; Richard Wells 17; John Cotes 17; John Stubber 17; Henry Lee 18; Richard Ball 17; John Cooke 17; Thomas Syer 14; John Partridge 18; John Johnson 24; Isbell Davies 22; Isabell Hakesby 23; Joan Vallins 17; Marie Chambney 28; Elizabeth Allcott 20; Francis Bakewell 30; Elizabeth Payne 21; Elizabeth Hughson 22; Marie Averie 22; Sara Alport 25; Marie Lee 22; Elizabeth Bateman 23; Thomazin Markcom 26; Ann Goldwell 17; Ann Griffinn 26; James Brookes 28 and his wife Alice Brookes 18; Dorcas Mercer 30; Ellin Davies 23; Alice Harris 21; Eedie Holloway 22; Sara Coggin 20; Elizabeth Baker 20; Dorothie Davies 17; Elizabeth Raynard 20; Marie Olliver 21; Alice Riall 18; Rabecca Parmeton 19; Marie Middleton 17; Katherine Fulder 17; Elizabeth Dicks 18; Sara Greene 20; Margaret Rickord 20; Winnifredd Congrave 22; Mathew Plant 23; John More 28; Elizabeth Powell 17; Marie Shorter 26; Marie Lee 14 weeks; Mathew Clatworthy 25. (PRO:E157/20).