Person:Thomas Watts (2)

Thomas Watts
d.Bef 15 Mar 1748/49 Culpeper, Virginia
  1. Thomas Watts1690 - Bef 1748/49
  2. Edward WattsAbt 1698 -
  3. David WattsAbt 1702 -
  4. William WattsAbt 1704 -
  5. John WattsAbt 1710 -
m. 28 Dec 1705
  1. Thomas Watts, Jr.Abt 1712 - 1764
  2. Edward Watts1715 - 1790
  3. Elizabeth WattsAbt 1718 -
  4. Benjamin Watts1720 - 1790
  5. John Watts1722 - 1796
  6. Robert WattsAbt 1724 -
  7. Ann WattsAbt 1728 -
  8. Sarah WattsAbt 1729 - 1803
  9. Rev. Jacob Watts1730 - 1821
  10. William WattsAbt 1732 - 1808
  11. Mary WattsAbt 1732 -
  12. Frances 'Frankie' WattsAbt 1735 -
  13. Esther WattsAbt 1738 - Aft 1795
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Watts
Gender Male
Birth? 1690 Thomas,Culpepper,Virginia,USA
Marriage 28 Dec 1705 Culpeper,Stafford,Virginia,USA
to Esther Wilkins
Death? Bef 15 Mar 1748/49 Culpeper, Virginia

Land Records in Virginia

  • Thomas Watts, 250 acres NL, in St. Marks Par.. Spotsylvania, in the fork of Rappahannock R.; line of a p. formerly g. sd. Watts; James Barber's line. 3 Dec. 1733. [Spotsylvania County, Virginia Deed Book 15].
  • Thomas Watts, 350 acres NL. in St. Marks Par., Spotsylvania Co.. N. side Rappardan R.; c. to Abraham Bledsoe. 28 Jan. 1733. [Spotsylvania County, Virginia Deed Book 15].

Will of Thomas Watts

  • In the Name of God Amen December 22d 1748.
I Thomas Watts of St. Thomas’ Parish in Culpeper County Planter being in sound and Perfect Health of mind and memory.. and as touching such worldly Estate. I hereby make my last Will and Testament..
Imprimis I give and bequeath my Soul to Almighty God that gave it me and my Body to the Earth to be buried..
Item I will and desire that my wellbeloved Wife Esther shall live on the plantation I now live on if she be the longest liver and have One hundred acres adjoining with Timber and Wood for the use of the Plantation for and during the time of her widowhood and no longer and at the time of either her Death of Day of Marriage that then the said Plantation to return to them as shall be hereafter mentioned
Item I give to my son Edward Watts the Plantation he now lives on with the Tract of land thereto belonging Estimated Two hundred acres..
Item I give and bequeath to my Son John Watts the Plantation he now posseth with the lands bounded accordingly estimated Two hundred acres be the same more or less..
Item I give to my Son Benjamin Watts* the Plantation commonly called the Schoolhouse with the tract of land bounded on James Barbour and John Watts so up the great branch including the land between them Bounds and Bland Ballards line Estimated Two hundred acres more or less..
Item I give to my son Thomas Watts the Plantation known by the name of John Stones Plantation with the tract of land adjoining thereunto containing by Estimation One hundred eighty three actress be the same more or less and bounded on Bland Ballards line James Barbours line and Dixon’s line..
Item I give and bequeath to my son Jacob Watts a Tract of land containing by Estimation One hundred and fifty acres b the same more of less and bounded between Bland Ballards, Benja. Watts..
Item I give to my Daughter Sarah Watts a tract of land containing by Estimation One hundred and fiftey actress be the same more or less bounded between James Barbour, Joseph Rogers, Dixon’s line ..
Item I give and bequeath after my Decease and the Decease or day of Marriage of my Wife Esther the abovementioned plantation I now live on with One hundred acres of land thereunto adjoining and bounded on the River and running to Benjamin Caves line on the River then along Capt. Benjamin Caves line to my back line as far as to include One hundred acres which said Plantation Land
I give to my Son Wm. Watts after my Decease and Decease or Day of Marriage of my Wife Esther.. :Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Esther Watts a tract of land containing by Estimation One hundred actress and bounded between the land belonging to the Manner Plantation and John Watts land
Item I will and desire that after my Decease my Still be to the use of my Wife Esther during her widowhood and all my children in General that is to say my son Edward, my Daughter Ann, my Son John, my Daughter Elizabeth, my Son Benjamin, my Son Thomas, my Daughter Sarah, my Son Jacob, my Daughter Esther, my Daughter Mary, my Son William, my Daughter Frankey which said Still shall be to their use and if any benefit or income shall accrue by the said Still the same shall be equally divided amongst y above mentioned Wife and children and if my wife should either marry or die or any of the above said children should die then the Still shall be amongst the remainder of my children and the income of the said Still shall be equally divided between such of my above mentioned Sons, John Watts and Benjamin Watts to be my Sole Executors of this my last Will and Testament.. In Witness whereof…
Presence Robert Sherman Thomas Watts (T)
Wm Twyman, George Twyman
15 March 1749
At a Court held for County of Culpeper Thursday the 15th day of March 1749
This last will and Testament of Thomas Watts deceased was this day exhibited in Court by John Watts and Benjamin Watts the Executors therein name and at a Court continued and held for the said County on Friday the 16th day of March 1749 Edward Watts the Heir at Law of the Decedent personally appeared in Court and declared he had no objections to make against the Proof of the said Will Whereupon the Court proceeded to examine the Witnesses upon Oath to wit .. whose depositions are hereunto annexed and ordered to be recorded with the said Will and on the motion of the said Executors Certificate is granted them for obtaining a Probat thereof in due form they having sworn to the same and given Security in the Penalty of One thousand pounds according to Law
March 16, 1749
Robert Sherman, William Twyman & George Twyman the Subscribing Witnesses to the will of Thomas Watts decd being examined touching the said Will upon their oaths severally depose as follows, the said Robert Sherman saith that he wrote the Will of the Testator at his request and by his direction left a large blank space therein, and that the Testator executed the same presence of all the subscribing witnesses leaving the same space blank and that about thirteen months afterwards the Testator directed the Deponent to insert the two last clauses in the said Will to wit, a Devise of One hundred acres of land to his Daughter Esther Watts, and a Bequest of the profits of his Still to his Wife and children, and that he believes the two other subscribing witnesses were ignorant of the two last mentioned clauses being inserted they not being present at the time And the said William Twyman & George Twyman severally depose that they saw the Testator Execute the Will produced and that he was then in his perfect sence and memory, but they believe the two last clauses were not inserted when they became witnesses but say there was a blank space left and were informed that the said two last clauses were inserted afterwards by Robert Sherman the other Subscribing witness & further they say not.
Sworn to in Court March 16, 1749
Teste Roger Dixon Clk