Person:Thomas Tuckwiller (1)

Thomas Tuckwiller
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Tuckwiller
Alt Name Thomas Tuckmiller
Gender Male
Birth? 1725
Marriage Bef 1752 to Sybilla Unknown
Death? 20 Oct 1774 Dunmore County, Virginia[area became Shenandoah County in 1778]

Estate Records

  • 1774, Shenandoah County, VA, Sept 27, John Duckmiller administrator of Thomas Duckmiller, John Duckmiller plus two other men into a bond Shenandoh. Will Bk. A, p.66
  • Sept 27,1774, Shenandoah County, Virginia, USA, Oct 20, Inventory of Thomas Tuckwiller estate. John Tuckwiller admstr. Will Bk. A, p. 72

Records in Virginia

  • 1768, Shenandoah County, VA. May 25, 1768, Entry obtained by Thomas Takewiller, 400 acres Late Proprietors Office. Survey Book.
  • 1787 - John Tuckwill, 200 acres, Wts. Greenbrier, Book 1, pg. 434. [Source: Sims index to land grants in West Virginia, pg. 161].
  • 1789 - John Tuckwillae (Tuckwiller), 239 acres, Muddy Cr. Mt., Book 2, pg. 187. [Source: Sims index to land grants in West Virginia, pg. 161].
Image Gallery
  1.   Virginia, Wills and Probate Records, 1652-1983.

    Name: Thomas Tuckwiller
    Probate Place: Shenandoah, Virginia, USA
    Inferred Death Place: Virginia, USA
    Item Description: Will Book, Vol A, 1772-1784; Will Book, Vol B, 1783-1789