Person:Thomas Shaw (8)

Thomas Shaw
m. Bef 1799
  1. Thomas Shaw1799 -
  1. Almira Shaw
  2. Phoebe Shaw
  3. Susanna Shaw
  4. Clarissa Shaw1823 - 1851
  5. Rebecca Shaw1823 - 1857
  6. Robert Shaw1829 - 1913
  7. Thomas Shaw1833 - 1899
  8. James Shaw1836 - 1912
  9. Abigail Shaw1838 -
  10. Wellington ShawAbt 1842 -
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Shaw
Gender Male
Birth? 12 Sep 1799 Glanford Twp., Wentworth Co., Upper Canada
Marriage to Abigail Clark
Reference Number? 12668

1. Thomas Shaw - only child of Ithamar Shaw and Elizabeth Morden,was bo rn Sept.l2,1799 and died Oct.9,1869. He was a farmer at lot 6,conc.7, Glan ford tp. When his father died in l834, intestate, he got his father's far m, lot 8,conc,7. He sold the S pt.50 acres to his brother Gilbert on Oct.2 5,1834. He sold the NE pt.50 acres to his brother Consider in a Conveyan ce dated Nov.25,l836, registered May 24,1845. Then in a B & S Consider a nd his wife granted to Thomas 33 acres dated Apr.3,1849, registered May 27 ,l854,and it was likely this 33 acres Thomas and wife sold to his son Robe rt in a B & S dated Feb 28,1863,registered Mar 7, 1863.

Thomas Shaw left a will and from it was found that Thomas owned other lands than those mentioned above. The will was made Mar 29, 1869 and probated Dec 4,1869 following the death of Thomas on Oct 9, 18

The will distributes his estate as follows - to wife Abigail -all household furniture,my homestead farm at iot6, co nc 7,Glanford to son Robert -N½ lot 9,conc 7,94 acres to son Thomas -part of lot 16,conc 7,sight title and interest in the se 70 acres -10 acres,NE part of lot5,Block 5,conc.4,tp. of Binbrook. to son James -S part of lot 5,conc.7,88 acres. to grandsons -114 acres,E and W halves of lot 1 on the west side of the R ussel road in Oneida tp ,Haldimand co , Thomas Ilesprovided that these two grandsons pay to my son Francis Iles Wellington $1000.00

to son Wellington- after the death of my wife Abigail, my homestead fa rm provided he pay the following legacies to my 4 daughters, Susan Atkinson, Almira Lindsay, Phebe Thomp son, Abigail Hardy, $1000.00 to each five years after the death of my wi fe Abigail to the children of my late daughter Rebecca Leeming the sum of $1000. 00 to be divided equally among them five years after the death of my wife Abigail. to gr.daughter Abigail Iles the sum of $200 00.

Executors - David Lindsay, James Hardy, Robert Shaw.