Person:Thomas Roote (1)

  • HThomas Roote1555 - 1609
  • WAnn Burrell1559 - Est 1610
m. Abt 1575
  1. John Roote1576 - 1640
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Roote
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 1555 Badby, Northamptonshire, England
Marriage Abt 1575 Badby, Northamptonshire, Englandto Ann Burrell
Death? 5 Apr 1609 Badby, Northamptonshire, England
Burial? Church of the Virgin Mary

The city of Badby was anciently called Baddebi and is two and one half miles from Daventry. The village stands on the side of a sandy ascent called Badby-Down, and there are numerous springs of water and quarries of hard blue rag-stone in the neighborhood. The name of the place may be derived from the Saxon bad or bade, a pledge in security, and bye, a dwelling or habitation in allusion, possibly two circumstances now forgotten, connected to its original foundation. In Badby, the Root family owned an inn in the early 1800s.


  1. Inator/Rootsweb WorldConnect Project: John Root.
  2. Other family researchers give his birth date as 1549.