Person:Thomas Lincoln (7)

Thomas Lincoln
b.23 Oct 1761
d.Abt 1820 Fayette Co., KY
m. 5 JUL 1743
  1. Capt. Abraham Lincoln1744 - 1786
  2. Lydia Lincoln1747/48 - abt 1823
  3. Hannah Lincoln1747/48 - ABT 1803
  4. Isaac Lincoln1749/50 - 1816
  5. Jacob Lincoln1751 - 1822
  6. John Lincoln1755 - 1835
  7. Sarah Lincoln1757 -
  8. Thomas Lincoln1761 - Abt 1820
  9. Rebecca Lincoln1767 - 1840
m. 23 Sep 1782
  1. Abraham LINCOLN - 1855
  2. Catherine LINCOLN
  3. Elizabeth LINCOLN
  4. Hannah LINCOLN
  5. Margaret LINCOLN
  6. George LINCOLN1792 - 1848
  7. John LINCOLNAbt 1794 - Aft 1879
  8. David LINCOLN1800 - 1862
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Lincoln
Gender Male
Birth? 23 Oct 1761
Marriage 23 Sep 1782 Rockingham Co., VAto Elizabeth CASTNER (KARSNER)
Death? Abt 1820 Fayette Co., KY

Record of Thomas Lincoln in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Rymel and ux vs. Lincoln--O. S. 311; N. S. 111--Bill, 26th March, 1813, by John Rymel and Rebekah, his wife, late Rebekah Lincoln, one of daughters and devisees of John Lincoln, who made will in 1786 in Rockingham, leaving wife Rebekah and sons, Jacob and John, executors, who qualified 22d June, 1789, devising a plantation to widow for life and then to oratrix. But 2 years after father's death Jacob bought interest of Thomas Lincoln, the remainderman, and occupied it until death of his mother, which was 18 years. Jacob pretends to hold now by purchase from mother, who was 70 years old when Jacob took possession, and her mind impaired.
Will of John Lincoln of Parish and County Rockingham. Wife, Rebekah; son, Thomas, land on Linvel's Creek; son, Abraham; daughters, Hannah and Lydia, Sarah, Rebeckah; sons, Isaac and Jacob; son, John; granddaughter, Hannah Bryan. Dated 8th February, 1786. Recorded in Rockingham, 22d June, 1789.
David Lincoln deposes, 26th June, 1818, grandson of Rebekah. John Lincoln died November, 1788. Thomas Lincoln moved to Kentucky. Widow Rebekah lived with her daughter Hannah Harrison. John's wife did not want to have the trouble of an old peevish and jealous woman because she had had experience with such (a grandfather by the father's side), but shortly before Hannah's death John and his wife took her, 3d August, 1803. Rebekah died 21st July, 1806. Extracts from letter by Jno. Lincoln to his nephew David Lincoln, dated 27th June, 1810. William Shipman, brother to Jonathan, called to see John, supposing he was Wm. Henton's father-in-law. He lives in Shelby County, Ky., about 5 miles of Henton. Deed, 20th September, 1791, by Thomas Lincoln and wife Elizabeth of Rockingham to Jacob Lincoln of same place, 200 acres on Linvil's Creek, part of 1,200 acres granted to McKay, Duff, Green and Hite, 26th March, 1739, by them conveyed to Robert McKay, 20th June, 1746, by McKay devised to sons, Zachariah, Moses, Robert and James by will dated 7th October, 1746, 600 acres of which were conveyed by McKays to John Lincoln, 22d June, 1768, 200 acres of which devised by John Lincoln to son Thomas, by will 8th February, 1786. Recorded in Rockingham, 26th September, 1791.