Person:Thomas Joslin (6)

  • HThomas JoslinABT 1591 - 1660/61
  • WRebecca JudeABT 1592 - Bef 1669
m. EST 1613
  1. Abraham JosselynEst 1615 - Bef 1670
  2. Rebecca Josselyn1617 - 1675
  3. Mary Joslin1619 - BEF 1634
  4. Dorothy JoslinAbt 1624 - 1645
  5. Nathaniel Joslin1627 - 1694
  6. Elizabeth JoslinAbt 1629 -
  7. Mary Joslin1633/34 - 1711
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Joslin
Gender Male
Birth[1] ABT 1591 Roxwell, Essex, England
Marriage EST 1613 Englandto Rebecca Jude
Death[2] 3 Jan 1660/61 Lancaster, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States

On 17 April 1635, "Tho Joslin", husbandman, 43, "Rebecca his wife," aged 43, "Eliza Ward, a maidservant," aged 38, and "Rebecca," aged 18, "Dorothy," aged 11, "Nathaniel," aged 8, "Eliza" aged 6 and "Mary," aged 1, "Children of said Tho Jostlin" were enrolled at London as passengers for New England on the Increase.[6]

History of Sudbury (1911) lists him among early settlers of Sudbury, from where he moved initially to Hingham, then to Lancaster. Great Mgration says that although Savage claimed that Thomas Joslin was among the grantees of Sudbury 1640, but the Sudbury grantee was Thomas Islin, a distinct man altogether.

  1. "Genealogical Research In England", in The New England Historical and Genealogical Register. (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society), Vol. 71, page 253.

    Thomas Josselyn, probably born at Roxwell, Essex, England, late in 1591, d. Lancaster 3 Jan 1660/1, m. abt 1615 Rebecca ---. Passenger list of the Increase of London in Apr. 1635 included Tho: Jostlin, husbandman, age 43 [birth about 1592], Rebecca age 43, Eliza Ward (servant) age 38, and children Rebecca age 18, Dorothy age 11, Nathaniell age 8, Eliza age 6, and Mary age 1.

  2. Nourse, Henry Stedman. Birth, Marriage, and Death Register, Church Records and Epitaphs of Lancaster, Massachusetts, 1643-1850. (Clinton, Massachusetts: W.J. Coulter, 1890), 14.

    Tho. Joslin, 3 . 11 . 60.
    [In 1660, the 11th month was January of what we would consider 1661, but was then still considered part of 1660.]

  3.   Rodgers, Robert H. (Robert Howard), and Massachusetts. County Court (Middlesex County). Middlesex County in the colony of the Massachusetts Bay in New England: records of probate and administration. (Boston, Massachusetts: New England Historic Genealogical Society, c1999-c2001), Vol. 2 (1661-1670), p. 17, file 12967.

    Middlesex County Probate Records, 1661-1670, p. 17, file 12967

    Will of "Thomas Joslin of Lanchaster", dated 9 May 1660, inventory 25 Jan 1660/1, proved 29 Mar 1661, exhibited 2 Apr 1661, mentions "my wife Rebecca Joslin", "my Sonne Abraham Joslin", "my Daughter Rebecca Nicholls", "my Sonne Nathaniel Joslin", "my daughter Mary Soomner", "my daughter Elizabeth Emmons", "my Sonne Abraham Joslins Sonne, my Grand Child called also Abrahm Joslin the younger", "my Sonne in law Roger Sumner"

  4.   Thomas Joslin, in Anderson, Robert Charles; George F. Sanborn; and Melinde Lutz Sanborn. The Great Migration: Immigrants to New England, 1634-1635. (NEHGS, 1999-2011).

    Origin: Barham, Suffolk. Migration: 1635 on the Increase. First Residence: Hingham. Removes: Lancaster 1654 [Lancaster Records 31]
    Birth: abt 1592 (based on passenger list), son of Ralph Josselyn of Roxwell, Essex [NEHGR 71:250-51]
    Death: Lancaster 3 Jan 1660/1 [LanVR 14]

  5.   Savage, James. A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England: Showing Three Generations of Those Who Came Before May, 1692, on the Basis of Farmer's Register. (Boston: Little, Brown, and Co, 1860-1862), 2:572.

    THOMAS, Hingham, a husbandman, aged 43, with w. Rebecca, 43; and ch. Rebecca, 18; Dorothy, 11; Nathaniel, 8; Elizabeth 6; and Mary, 1; beside Elizabeth Ward, a serv. 38; came from London, 1635, in the Increase; was among grantees of Sudbury 1640, not resid. but aft. some yrs. rem. to Lancaster, where he sign. the civ. compact, 12 Nov. 1654, hav. perhaps for short time liv. at Boston, where Elizabeth m. 21 June 1652, Edward Yeomans, and next, 9 May 1662, Edward Kilby; but at Lancaster he d. 3 Jan. 1661. His will of 9 May preced. pro. 2 Apr. foll. made extrix. w. Rebecca, wh. m. 16 May 1661, William Kerley, and names s. Abraham, and Nathaniel, gr.s. Nathaniel, and ds. Rebecca Nichols, w. of Thomas; Mary, w. of Roger Sumner; and Elizabeth Yeomans. Copious notes by the dilig. and accur. librar. of the Univ. are pub. in Geneal. Reg. II. 306, of this progenit. but he fell into slight mistake in say. neither the will nor inv. is on rec. Both are, tho. not where he expect. to find them.

  6. Great Migration, citing Hotten 55
The Increase (1635)
The Increase sailed in the spring of 1635.
Sailed: April? 1635 from London, England under Master Robert Leah
Arrived: June? 1635 at New England

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