Person:Thomas Hart (51)

Thomas Hart
b.Est 1735 AT SEA!
  1. Thomas HartEst 1735 -
  1. Joseph Hart1761 - 1841
  • HThomas HartEst 1735 -
m. Aft 1761
  1. Isaac HartAft 1761 -
  2. Alexander Hart
  3. Jane Hart
Facts and Events
Name[1] Thomas Hart
Gender Male
Birth[1] Est 1735 AT SEA!
Marriage Aft 1761 to

Thomas' was born at sea on the same voyage during which, his father died. The voyage took 4 months. It is not known if the family traveled with others, as was common.

The ship landed at Bordentown, New Jersey. It is about 5 miles southeast of Trenton, and about 30 miles northeast of downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Bordentown, Trenton, and Philadelphia are all located on the Delaware River, which empties out to the Atlantic Ocean. There seems to have been no record of their lives in Bordentown during that approximately 25 year period they lived there. Apparently, Thomas met and married his wife in Bordentown.

Thomas, and his wife, plus her two brothers (surname STOUT), moved from Bordentown to Loudon County, Virginia, prior to 1761.

--White Creek 20:47, 24 September 2013 (UTC)

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