Person:Thomas Hannan (2)

  1. John Hannan1783 - 1861
  2. Easom HannanAbt 1784 - 1866
  3. Elizabeth HannanAbt 1786 - Bef 1834
  4. Sarah Hannan1789 - 1862
  5. Susannah Hannan1796 -
  6. Henry Hannan1796 - 1852
  7. Jesse F. Hannan1800 - 1888
  8. Charles Hannan1806 - 1860
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Hannan
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1757 Frederick, Virginia, United States
Marriage to Elizabeth Henry
Will? Will
Death? 15 Apr 1835 Cabell, Virginia, United States

Records of Thomas Hannan in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Crawford vs. Hine- O. S. 199; N. S. TO--Bill, 1804. In 1782 Rev. Edward Crawford of Washington County, entered 2$18 acres on Little Guyandotte in Montgomery County, now Kenawha County. In January, 1783, he entered 252 acres adjoining. James Hines, under direction of Thomas Tease, deputy surveyor of Montgomery, made the survey for 2,610 acres adjoining Fry's military survey at mouth of Little Guyandotte, in 1185. In 1781 Jno. (James) Madison entered 1,000 acres about 15 miles above mouth of Big Guyandotte about 21 miles away, which Madison assigned to said Hines, and Hines made another survey for orator, Rev. Edward Crawford, without orator's knowledge, on 18 Mile Creek, which falls into the Ohio about three miles above Little Guyandotte, and a grant was issued to orator. Hines assigned the 2,670 acres to Thos. Hannan. Copy of entry by Rev. Edward Crawford for 252 acres dated 28th January, 1783. Copy of entry by Rev. Edward Crawford for 2,418-1/2 acres, dated Ilth April, 1782. Flats and surveys. Orator had a son, Saml. L. Crawford. Thos. Tease deposes in Campbell County, Virginia, 29th April, 1813. John Vanbibber, aged 79, deposes in Mason County, Virginia, 12th April, 1813. Has been acquainted with Little Guyandotte since 1785 or 1786. John Alien deposes in Mason County, IfLth April, 1813. He lived at Point Pleasant, 26 years. Entry 17th September, 1782, by John Madison of Monongalia County, 1,000 acres on Ohio River. Entry 12th November, 1781, by Rev. M. James Madison, 1,000 acres. Jacob Persinger deposes in Botetourt, 22d April, 1813, he went with Cap. Arbuckle to keep garrison at Fort Randolph, which is now Point Pleasant. In 1776, in September, Thomas Toys, James Mooney, and deponent went down the Ohio to kill some buffaloe for the garrison.