Person:Thomas Girty (3)

m. Abt 1737
  1. Thomas Girty1739 - 1820
  2. Simon Girty, UEL1741 - 1818
  3. James Girty1743 - 1817
  4. George Girty1746 - 1796
  5. ??? GirtyAbt 1750 -
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Girty
Gender Male
Birth? 1739 Chambers' Mill, Pennsylvania
Other? 1768 Bedford, Pennsylvania, United StatesTax Assessment
Death? 03 Nov 1820 Girty's Run, Ross Tp., Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA
Reference Number? 6103

Thomas Girty and Sarah Sample

SOURCE - Full text of "The Records of deeds for the district of West Augusta, Virginia; for the court held at Fort Dunmore (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1775-1776, copied consecutively as recorded
"Thomas Girty, being bound over to this Court on the Complt of Samuel Sample for Threatening to beat his wife Sarah Sample, and that he was afraid that the s'd Thos. Girty will beat or wound her, he being in fear of his Wife's Sarah's Life, being Called, appeared, and on hearing and Examining Several Witnesses the Court are of Opinion that on his makeing Con- cessions for his good behaviour towards her for the future be ' discharged."
  1.   Butterfield, Consul Willshire. History of the Girtys : being a concise account of the Girty brothers, Thomas, Simon, James and George, and of their half-brother, John Turner: also of the part taken by them in Lord Dunmore's War, in the western border war of the Revolution, and in the Indian war of 1790-95 : with a recital of the principal events in the West during these wars, drawn from authentic sources, largely original. (Cincinnati: R. Clarke and Co., 1890), Page 46, 330, 331.

    Page 46 - But little is known of Thomas Girty at this period. At a term of the West Augusta court held at Pittsburgh on the 16th of January, 1776, he was compelled to enter into bond to keep the peace, he having been charged with threats against, and an assault upon, the wife of one Samuel Sample.

    Page 330, 331 - Some time previous to 1792, Thomas, with his family, moved across the Alleghany river, never returning to Pittsburgh to live. On the 22nd of May of that year, a white woman was captured by the Indians at Reed's block-house, twenty-five miles from Pittsburgh. During her captivity, which was brief (as she soon escaped), she was asked by one of her savage captors if she knew Thomas Girty; she said she did. The Indian then said that he (Girty) lived near Pittsburgh; that he was a good man, but not so good as his brother (Simon); but that his wife was a bad woman - she tells lies on the Indians, and is a friend to America. It is thus that the loyalty of the wife of Thomas was made known, strange to say, by a savage. He had heard the account of her probably from the lips of Simon; doubtless it was true. Except the forgoing, nothing has be preserved of Mrs. Thomas Girty. Her life-career is wholly unknown. Thomas died on Girty's Run. He had raised there and in Pittsburgh a respectable family. Two children - John and Nancy - The father breathed his last on the 3d of November 1820.