Person:Thomas English (3)

Thomas English, Sr
b.13 Oct 1754
m. 1750
  1. George Englishabt 1751 - 1756
  2. Thomas English, Sr1754 - 1829
  3. Susannah Englishabt 1759 -
  4. Mary 'Polly' Englishabt 1761 -
  5. Rhoda Englishabt 1763 -
  6. Col. John English1766 - 1836
m. before 1774
  1. Mary English1777 - 1782
  2. William Englishabt 1779 - 1782
  3. Rhoda English1782 - 1782
  • HThomas English, Sr1754 - 1829
  • WJane Wicker1760 - 1842
m. 1774?
  1. Thomas English, Jr1777 - 1863
  2. Robert English1779 - 1844
  3. John English1783 - 1827
  4. Jennie Englishabt 1789 - 1855
  5. Joseph Englishabt 1790 - 1834
  6. Hannah English1791 - 1854
  7. Simeon English1798 - 1887
  8. Charity English1799 - 1850
  9. William Englishabt 1800 -
  10. Louisa English1802 - 1878
  11. Martha English1804 -
  12. Elizabeth Englishbef 1818 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] Thomas English, Sr
Alt Name[7][8] Thomas Ingles
Gender Male
Alt Birth[7] 13 Oct 1751 Virginia(correct by accounts he was kidnapped in 1755 when he was four years old)
Birth[1][2] 13 Oct 1754 (date on his grave marker)
Other[5] July 1755 Blacksburg, Virginia, USAkidnapped by Shawnee Indians near modern day Blacksburg, Virginia
Other[5] 1768 Castle Hill, Albemarle County, Virginiafreed by kidnappers and he underwent several years of rehabilitation and education under Dr. Thomas Walker
Residence? 1769 Macon, Bibb, Georgia, United Stateswent to live with a sister
Marriage before 1774 to Ellen Grills
Marriage 1774? (his 2nd wife?)
to Jane Wicker
Military? 10 Oct 1774 Battle of Point Pleasant
Military[4] 8 Sept 1781 Eutawville, Orangeburg, South Carolina, United Stateshe was wounded in The Battle of Eutaw Springs[1]
Other[8] 1782 Burkes Garden, Tazewell, Virginia, United Statesthe notorious chief, Black Wolf, and a band of outlaw Shawnees, whom he'd never got acquainted with on the Ohio, attacked his home
Residence[8] after 1782 Tennessee, USAmoved to Tennessee and settled in succession on the Watauga River, at Mossy Creek and at Fort Knox, now Knoxville
Death[2] 16 May 1829 Cape Girardeau County, Missouri
Alt Death[2] 16 May 1836 Cape Girardeau County, Missouri(according to year of birth and age as given on his grave marker)
Burial[2] English Cemetery, Cape Girardeau County, Missouri

Data for a Memoir of Thomas Ingles

From his son's autobiographical notes S11:

My Father Thomas Ingles, son of William and Mary Ingles, was born in Virginia, in the year 1751, and was a prisoner with the Shawnee Indians from about 3 1/2 years of age until nearly seventeen years old. - A prisoner nearly 13 years. He was educated at Charlottesville, Va., and became aquainted with Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe and a host of old Virginia Worthies.

Note: Something is wrong with this entry and it may be that Jane Wickers was married to Thomas Jr. not Thomas Sr. More research is needed. ~ user:cthrnvl

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    About 1769, he went to live with a sister in Macon, Georgia. He fought in the Revolution and reportedly was wounded at Battle of Eutaw Springs in Sept 1781. In 1804, he moved his family to Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

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    Thomas (Elizabeth HOWARD)
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    William (Nancy HUNTER)
    Jane ( Z R HOWARD)
    Patsey (George CAMSTER)
    Louisa (Hiram KENNISON)
    Talitha (John EVANS)
    Hannah (A JOYCE)
    Charity MATHEWS

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    [Note: there are known errors in this book. cthrnvl] Excerpt: Thomas Ingles left a son, Thomas Ingles, Jr., who was born in Tennessee in 1791, and removed to Natchez, with the family, in 1802. He also had a son John, who, somewhat later, is said to have been drowned in the Mississippi River.

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