Person:Thomas Bull (2)

Captain Thomas Bull
b.Cal 1610
d.bef 20 Apr 1684 and 24 Oct 1684
  1. Mary BullCal 1639 -
  2. Captain Joseph BullCal 1641 - 1711/12
  3. Ruth BullCal 1643 - 1690
  4. Susanna BullCal 1645 - Bef 1709
  5. Deacon Thomas BullCal 1647 - 1708
  6. Major Jonathan Bull1649 - 1702
  7. David Bull1650/51 -
  8. Abigail BullCal 1653 - 1702
Facts and Events
Name[1] Captain Thomas Bull
Gender Male
Birth[1] Cal 1610
Emigration[1] 1635 On the Hopewell.
Residence[1] 1635 Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Residence[1] 1636 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Will[1] 19 Apr 1684 and 20 Apr 1684 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Occupation[1] Soldier
Death[1] bef 20 Apr 1684 and 24 Oct 1684 Between date of will and date of inventory.
Burial[3] Ancient Burying Ground, Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Estate Inventory[2] 24 Oct 1684 £1132-11-10
Probate[1] 25 Nov 1684 Will proved.

Capt. Thomas Bull, born ab. 1605, according to his testimony, April, 1681, that he was then aged ab. 75; be was first at Boston or Cambridge; accompanied Hooker to Hartford in 1636 ; served in the Pequot War, 1637. He became familiar with the Indian habits and language, and was therefore peculiarly useful to the early settlers. He was an original proprietor, and in 1640 his homelot was on the south side of the road from George Steele's to the South Meadow, his lot being bounded N. by that road, E by Richard Lyman's land, S. by Stephen Post. W. by Philip Davis, or Ward's lot. He was master of a vessel at Curacoa 1647-8; juror, Hfd., 1648-9; Winthrop calls him "a godly and discreet man." He received, with others, grants of land from the General Court, at Nihantecutt, in 1650, and in March, 1651-2, the Court granted to him, and the rest of the five soldiers of Capt. Mason, 200 acres of upland, which lay northward, and adjoining to the remainder of the land before laid out to them. He was appointed Lieut. of a company raised in 1653, by order of the Commissioners of the United Colonies, to fight the Dutch. In May, 1662, he was appointed one of the Grand Jurors of the colony ; chosen List and Rate Maker, 1668; Townsman, 1663. He was in command of the fort at Saybrook, when Sir Edmund Andrus attempted to gain the place for his master, the Duke of York, in 1675. The bravery and wisdom which he displayed in his resistance to Andres greatly endeared Capt. Bull to the people of the colony as a gallant and intrepid officer. He and his wife, Susanna, were original members of the South Church, Feb. 12, 1670. His wife d. 1680, aged 70. He d. 1684 ; will dated April 19 ; inv. Oct. 24, £1,248. 11. [2]

Hopewell (Sept 1635)
There were at least three voyages of ships named Hopewell in 1635. The first in April 1635 under William Buddick; the second, a voyage in May from Weymouth under John Driver; and this voyage, the third in September under Thomas Babb.
Sailed: mid-Sept 1635 from London, England under Master Thomas Babb
Arrived: late fall 1635 at Massachusetts Bay Colony

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    ORIGIN: Unknown.
    MIGRATION: 1635 on the Hopewell.
    CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Based on the two surviving baptismal records for their sons, either Thomas Bull or his wife had been admitted to Hartford church by 1649.
    FREEMAN: "Lt. Tho[mas] Bull" appears in the October 1669 "list of freemen on the south side of Hartford" [CCCR 2:518].
    BIRTH: About 1610 (aged 25 in 1635 [Hotten 130]).

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    Invt. £972-06-00 in Hartford. Taken 24 October, 1684, by Joseph Whiting, Nathaniel Stanly and Stephen Hosmer. £276-05-00 in Saybrook, and £76-00-00 in Joshua's gift of Land. Total, £1322-11-10. Taken 29 February, 1700.

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