Person:Thomas Bingham (6)

Deacon Thomas Bingham
m. 6 Jul 1631
  1. Deacon Thomas Bingham1642 - 1728/29
  • HDeacon Thomas Bingham1642 - 1728/29
  • WMary Rudd1648 - 1726
m. 12 DEC 1666
  1. Thomas Bingham1667 - 1710
  2. Abel Bingham1669 - 1745
  3. Mary Bingham1672 - 1747
  4. Jonathan Bingham1674 -
  5. Anne Bingham1677 -
  6. Abigail Bingham1679 -
  7. Nathaniel Bingham1681 -
  8. Deborah Bingham1683 -
  9. Samuel Bingham1685/86 -
  10. Deacon Joseph Bingham1687/88 - 1765
  11. Stephen Bingham1690 -
Facts and Events
Name[5] Deacon Thomas Bingham
Gender Male
Christening[1][3] 5 Jun 1642 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Marriage 12 DEC 1666 Norwich, New London, Connecticut, United Statesto Mary Rudd
Death[2] 16 Jan 1728/29 Windham, Windham, Connecticut, United States

By 1652, Thomas's father, sisters and brother Edward were dead. His brothers Abel and Robert moved to Birmingham. Before 1659, Thomas came with his mother Ann to Connecticut and settled in Norwich, where Thomas was an original proprietor in 1660 at the age of about 18. He married and had his 11 children in Norwich before moving to Windham in 1693. In 1718, he deeded all his land to his son Joseph for a £400 bond guaranteeing that he would care for his parents throughout their lives. He was still alive when his grandson Gideon was growing up.[4]

Bingham family tradition has it that "two brothers came from England and took up their residence in New London, but soon one of them died and his family returned to England. The other brother, whose name was Thomas, soon removed to Windham, where he lived and died, leaving seven sons. All were over six feet in in height and all lived to great age and died in succession as born. They were all religious men, puritanical in their principles, and much renowned as musicians and singers."[6] This is true insofar as Thomas the immigrant lived in New London County (Norwich), and later Windham (though he moved there some 30 years later) and had seven sons who died in the order of their birth. There appears to be no record that he came with another brother, who would have had to be Steven, as Edward was dead and his brothers Abel and Robert had moved to Birmingham.

Tombstone: Here lies ye Body of that Holy Man of God Deacon Thomas Bingham ... He was ye son of Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Mary Bingham living in Sheffield in York Shier in England: he Dyed Janr ye 16, 1729/30 in ye 88 year of his Age.[7]

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