Person:Theunis Van Benschoten (1)

Theunis Eliasen Van Bunschoten
  1. Theunis Eliasen Van Bunschoten1643 - Bef 1727/28
  • HTheunis Eliasen Van Bunschoten1643 - Bef 1727/28
  • WGerritje GerritsAbt 1650 - Aft 1700
m. 27 Feb 1674
  1. Hendrickje Van Bunschoten1676 - Aft 1693
  2. Marritje Van BunschotenAbt 1677 - Abt 1768
  3. Major Elias Van Bunschoten1679 - 1757
  4. Gerrit Van Bunschoten1682 - Bef 1721
  5. Rebekka Van Bunschoten1684 - Bef 1692
  6. Rachel Van Bunschoten1686 - Bef 1695
  7. Jacob Van Bunschoten1688 -
  8. Solomon Van BunschotenAbt 1689 - 1754
  9. Rebekka Van Bunschoten1692 - Aft 1724
  10. Rachel Van Bunschoten1695 - 1760
Facts and Events
Name Theunis Eliasen Van Bunschoten
Alt Name Theunis Eliasen
Gender Male
Birth[2] 11 Nov 1643 Bunschoten, Utrecht, Netherlands
Residence[1] Bef 1671 Kingston, Ulster, New York, United States
Marriage 27 Feb 1674 Bergen, New Jersey, United States(Communipaw)
to Gerritje Gerrits
Will[1] 5 Feb 1725/26
Death[1] Bef 16 Feb 1727/28 Kingston, Ulster, New York, United Statesland record mentioning the late Theunis Eliasen

It is not known when Theunis Eliasen came to America; his first appearance in American records is at Kingston, N. Y., where on April 3, 1671, he acts as witness to a transaction between Regnier Van der Coelle and Henry Pawling.

On 27 Feb 1674 he applied for a lot "outside the gate for the purpose of building," which was granted. On 27 Mar 1678 he purchased eighteen morgens of land on the Esopus Flats of Dirk Jansen Schepmoes.

On 14 Jun 1682, The Kingston court records show that "Theunes Elisen, Jan Focken and Hendrick Ten Eyck, appointed and authorized by the hon. court as reviewers of chimneys and all places where fires are lit". But on 12 Oct 1683, Jan Hendrix was appointed examiner of chimneys, replacing Theunis Eliasen.

He served at least 9 terms as trustee of the Corporation of Kingston between 1688 and 1711, possibly to 1714.

The date of his death is uncertain, he signed his will on 5 Feb 1725/26, and a land deed dated 16 Feb 1727/28 makes reference to land owned by the late Theunis Eliasen, so he certainly died sometime in that interval.

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