Person:Taverner Beale (2)

Taverner Beale
b.1713 Virginia
d.bef. 29 October 1756 Orange County, Virginia
m. 25 March 1696
  1. Col. William Beale1710 - 1778
  2. Ann Beale1711 -
  3. Elizabeth Beale1711 -
  4. Taverner Beale1713 - bef 1756
  5. Charles Bealeabt 1720 -
  6. Richard Beale1723 - bef 1771
  7. Reubin Beale1725 -
m. 1741
  1. Col. Taverner Beale1742 - 1810
  2. Charles Bealeabt 1743 -
  3. Frances Madison Beale1749 - 1806
  4. Elizabeth Beale1752 -
  5. Ann Beale1754 - bef 1788
Facts and Events
Name Taverner Beale
Gender Male
Birth? 1713 Virginia
Marriage 1741 Virginiato Frances Madison
Death? bef. 29 October 1756 Orange County, Virginia

Will of Taverner Beale

Pages 238-39. Will of Taverner Beale of the County of Orange, being sick and weak in body, dated 3 Nov. 1755
In expectation that my wife will give the land and plantation whereon we now live to my son Taverner after her death I give him of my lands only the 400 acres which I bought of Colo. Ches.
Unto my son Charles the tract whereon James Coward now lives containing 830 acres.
Unto my beloved wife my Negro man Sam Flynt and girl Easter upon condition that she relinquish her right of dower in the land given to my son Charles, but if she refuses the slaves be divided as the residue of my estate.
All my lands, slaves, stocks and houshold furniture remain and continue in the possession of my beloved wife during her widowhood or minority of my son Tqaverner for the mutual and joint profit, maintainance and education of herself and my five children. If my wife should marry before my son Taverner arrives to twenty one years then all my slaves and personal estate to be equally divided between my said wife and five children, Taverner, Charles, Frances, Elizabeth and Ann. If my wife shall not marry my slaves and personal estate be divided when Taverner shall arrive to full age.
My beloved wife Frances Beale, my brother Charles Beale, and Richard Beale and James Madison executrix and executors, and guardians of my children.
(Signed) Taverner Beale
Wit: Richd. Parker, Thos. Beale, Robt. Martin, Elizabeth (X) Coward.
29 Oct. 1756. Presented into Court by Frances Beale widow and Richd. Beale. Proved by Richd. Parker, Thos. Beale and Robert Martin. Frances and Richard with James Taylor and Geo. Taylor entered into their bond in the sum of £2000.
[Orange County, Virginia Will Book 2, 1744-1778, Dorman, pg. 50-51].

Pages 244-46. Taverner Beale. Inventory. 19-20 Nov. 1756.
Made pursuant to order of 29 Oct. 1756. Total valuation [£709.7.6], including 21 slaves valued at £522.
(Signed) Rowd. Thomas, Eras. Taylor, Geo. Taylor.
26 Nov. 1756. Returned.
[Orange County, Virginia Will Book 2, 1744-1778, Dorman, pg. 51].

Pages 309-10. Taverner Beale. Division of slaves. 17 Dec. 1760. Made pursuant to order of 23 Oct. 1760..
To Mrs. Hite, Elizabeth, Frances, Taverner, Ann And Charles.
(signed) Eras. Taylor, Rowd. Thomas, Geo. Taylor.
23 April 1761. Returned.
[Orange County, Virginia Will Book 2, 1744-1778, Dorman, pg. 61].