Person:Sutherland Mayfield (2)

Sutherland Mayfield
  1. Elizabeth MayfieldAbt 1744 -
  2. James Mayfield1746 - 1855
  3. Micajah Mayfield1748 - 1838
  4. Isaac C Newton Mayfield1749 - 1794
  5. Elijah Mayfield, twin1762 - AFT 1840
  6. Elisha Mayfield, twin1762 -
  7. Sutherland Mayfield1763 - 1789
  8. Mary Mayfield1766 -
Facts and Events
Name Sutherland Mayfield
Alt Name Sutherlin
Gender Male
Birth? 1763 Virginia, United States
Death[1] 10 Mar 1789 Davidson, Tennessee, United Stateskilled by Indians
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    Barry Dunagan's Genealogy and Military History Of Gibson County, Tennessee

    SUTHERLIN MAYFIELD,born in 1763 in Virginia. He was killed March 10, 1789 by Indians. He and a Mr. Joclyn and Sutherlin's two sons were building a wolf pen out from Mayfield's Station, which is near the present Smyrna Road. He had a guard keeping watch, but the Indians were able to get between the men and their guns. Mr Joclyn was captured and set afire. With no weapon, Sutherlin made a run for the fort. His body was found the next morning. One of his sons was also killed and his son George captured. Sutherlin was a son of James Mayfield.