Person:Steven Huygens (1)

Steven Huygens
Facts and Events
Name Steven Huygens
Alt Name Steven Huygens Wassenaar
Gender Male
Birth[1] Abt 1410 Sassenheim,Zuid-Holland
Marriage to N.N. Willems _____

Steven Huygensz Wassenaar

STEVEN HUYGENSZ., * omstr. 1410-1430 Sassenheim, tr. N.N. Waar hij gewoond heeft is onbekend. De Wassenaars uit Lisse Bezaten later land tussen de Oude Hof van Sassenheim en kasteel D'Ever te Lisse, in de omgeving van de Beekbrug en Derde Poellaan. Ook is het mogelijk datSteven Huygensz. in "Cliene Sassem" woonde,het ambacht van de Wassenaers, dat ten zuiden van de Oude Hof lag. Van Steven Huygensz. is slechts een zoon bekend: 1. William Stevensz., volgt.

approximate translation: STEVEN HUYGENSZ., * abt. 1410-1430 Sassenheim, spouse. N.N. where he lived is unknown. The Wassenaars Lisse had property between the old court of Sassenheim and castle D'Ever at Lisse, in the surroundings of the Beekbrug and 'third pond alley.' Also it ispossible that steven Huygensz. lived in "Cliene Sassem", the craft industry of the Wassenaers that at south of the old court lay. (?) Only one son has been only reported: 1. William Stevensz., follow


1. Type: Book Author: Vleer W. Tsj. Periodical:De Friese Wassenaars Publication: Wassenaar Comite

Vermeld (mentioned) Hillegom 1498

taken from family tree De Nederlandsche Leeuw

In 2012, DNA comparison between the "Van Wassenaer" and the descendants of Person:Steven Huygens (1), did not result in a match. Which makes it clear the Wassenaar family from Het Bildt is not related to the Van Wassenaer family. It was a made up herritage wich worked verry well to establish a certain status, being a descendant of Person:Steven Huygens (1) has been a status symbol for a long time. De first mention of him being a son of Person:Hughe Van Wassenaer (1) is in a postum document from 1566.

source : Nederlands Agronomisch-Historisch Instituut Groningen/Wageningen 2013 Historia Agriculturae 45 ISBN 978-90-367-6352-3

Declaration of roots

Just before the months (aug/okt 1566), when the population started revoking the Catholic traditions, 3 rich farmers Klaas Bartouts, Pieter Cornelis Bonteman en Willem Stevens, traveled from Het Bildt in Friesland to Holland, where there parents were born and relatives still lived and owned land.

These 3 cousins, deemed it necessary to have some official recognizion of their roots. On 08 Jun 1566 they received a declaration from the "Schout van Sassenheim", declaring their descent and giving a description of the family crest, which is also visible on a church window in Leiden.

This same crest was being used since 1557 by many descendants of the 3 cousins.

Their common ancestor was Steven Huijgens, who has been regarded to be the "founding father" of the original inhabitants of this region "het Bildt" for a long time.

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