Person:Stephen Jackson (4)

Captain Stephen Jackson
m. prob by 1738
  1. Col. Jonathan 'John' Jackson, Sr.abt 1740 - abt 1794
  2. Isaac Jacksonabt 1744 -
  3. Susannah Jacksonest 1750 -
  4. Captain Stephen Jackson1750 - 1832
  5. Edward Jackson1755 - 1845
  6. David Jackson, Sr.ABT 1758 - ABT 1824
  7. Mary Rushing Jackson1767 -
  8. Jesse Jackson, Sr.Btw 1775 - 1784 - ABT 1825
  • HCaptain Stephen Jackson1750 - 1832
  • WNancy CookABT 1754 - 1843
m. 16 Feb 1771
  1. Male Jacksonabt 1772 - bef 1783
  2. Male Jacksonabt 1774 - bef 1783
  3. William Jacksonabt 1775 - bef 1843
  4. Abel Jackson1786 - bef 1857
  1. John Kendrick Jacksonest 1789 -
  2. Mary 'Polly' Kendrick Jackson1791 - 1859
  3. Elizabeth 'Betsey' Kendrick Jacksonabt 1795 - aft 1859
  4. Sarah 'Salley' Kendrick Jacksonbef 1804 -
Facts and Events
Name Captain Stephen Jackson
Gender Male
Birth[1] Apr 1750 Anson County, North Carolina
Marriage 16 Feb 1771 Abbeville Co., South Carolinato Nancy Cook
Death[1] 10 Sep 1832 Chesterfield Co., South Carolina

The lineage of Stephen Jackson being a descendant of Robert Jackson of Hempstead was proven by yDNA testing 5 Mar 2006 when a descendant of Stephen's son, Abel was a 67/67 match to a well documented descendant of Robert Jackson.

A transcription of the Declaration of Stephen Jackson (Revolutionary War Pension Application) Nancy Jackson, Widow of Stephen Jackson State of TN (Humphreys County) can be found in Section 3 of Disambiguation. Stephen Jackson of Anson, NC and Early Craven Co., Cheraw District and Chesterfield Co., South Carolina This page studies the various Stephen Jacksons in the area during this time period. Statements in this Declaration prove that Killing Stephen and Nancy Cook had only 4 sons, two of which are named within the documents.

In addition Bob Mitchell believes that Stephen had a second family based on the many transactions below. This seems to be a reasonable conjecture based on these records but the viewer needs to be aware that this conjecture has been challenged.

Due to the fact that there were three Stephen Jacksons (possibly 4)in the Cheraw area of Anson Co., North Carolina and Chesterfield Co., South Carolina during the time period of 1790 through 1810, it is extremely difficult to determine exactly which one of these Stephen Jacksons was the Stephen Jackson who interacted with Nancy Ann Hendrick during that period of time. Based upon a study of the available records by UserBobmitchell24, it is his opinion that Capt. Stephen Jackson is that Stephen Jackson. There is no document or record that spells this out specifically, and conversely nothing has been found that can refute this assertion. This connection is opinion only. Bob is open to meaningful conversation and exchange of information on this subject. Please email him direct at

Known as "Killing Stephen," Stephen Jackson received this title after killing 6 Tories during the Revolutionary War and declaring that he would not quit until he had killed 20. Philip Rushing, a soldier who served under Capt. Stephen Jackson stated in his declaration for pension: "he recollects an anecdote of his Capt that is Capt Jackson that he the Capt usually said that he had killed 19 Tories and that he must kill the 20th before he stopped, that is with his own hand-he killed the nineteen." Stephen Jackson was a Captain in the South Carolina Militia and fought under General Francis Marion, also known as the Swamp Fox. He had two children with Nancy Cook, names unknown, who died during the Revolutionary War. This may explain his hatred for the Tories and his reported statement that he would quit killing Tories when he had killed twenty. Perhaps he intended to exact his revenge by ten fold for each child. Based upon land records, slave transactions and an 1804 Act of the North Carolina General Assembly, I think this is the Stephen Jackson who was also a consort of Nancy Ann Hendrick. It appears that Stephen was not living with his wife Nancy and she in fact had removed to Tennessee where she was living with her their surviving son Abel in Humphreys County by 1830. Divorce was not very easily attained in that day and it was not uncommon for husband and wife to split and lead separate lives. CPT Stephen Jackson is named numerous times in various Applications for Revolutionary War Pensions by men of the Cheraws or their wife in providing proof of service. Many of them served with or under Capt. Stephen Jackson.

  • Historical reg. of officers of the Continental Army. By Francis Bernard Heitman. Washington, DC, 1914. (685p.): 316 Stephen Jackson
  • 24 Oct 1774, Anson Co., North Carolina, Deed Book K, pg 240--Stephen Jackson, blacksmith, sold to William Blewett for 225 pounds--400 acres--
  • 23 Jan 1794 Anson Co., North Carolina Deed Book C2 Page 225 - Slave Bill: Stephen Jackson to Ann Hendrick, both of Anson County, North Carolina, for L40, Negro girl Silva, age four or five./s/ Stephen JACKSON. Wit: Jeremiah Martin, Nehemiah"X" Forehand.
  • 18 July 1795, Anson County, North Carolina Deed Book D Page 44, Stephen Jackson to Ann Hendrick, both of Chesterfield Co., South Carolina, for L20, 60 acres on southwest side of Pee Dee River in Anson County, North Carolina, on a branch of Thompson's Creek, joining Benjamin Jackson and State Line between the Carolinas - a survey for Malcolm Campbell dated 16 Apr. 1773../s/ Stephen Jackson. Wit: Jeremiah Martin, William "X" Edding.
  • 15 Sep 1797, Anson County, North Carolina Deed Book E Page 103, Slave Bill: Stephen Jackson to Ann Hendrick, both of Anson Co., North Carolina, for 150 pounds, slave woman Pat, slave girl Vilet aged about four years... /s/ Stephen Jackson WIT. Malachi Watts, John Goodwin.
  • 7 Jan 1799, Anson Co., North Carolina Deed Book 43 page 391, Land Grant to Stephen Jackson , 500 acres in Cheraw Dist.
  • 7 Jan 1799, Anson Co., North Carolina Deed Book 45 page 19, Land Grant to Stephen Jackson 325 acres in Cheraws Dist.
  • 1800 Anson Co., North Carolina, US Census, Stephen Jackson over 45 years with one son 10-15 years, 2 daughters under 10 years, one daughter 10-15 years and wife 26-44.
  • 1804 Laws of North Carolina, Chapter CXXVL. "An act to alter names of the persons therein mention, and to legitamate them. Be enacted by the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same. That the names of William Joyner, Martha Joyner, Sally Joyner, Joseph Joyner, Mary Joyner and Geraldus Joyner, illegitimate children of Joseph Batts and Elizabeth Joyner, of Edgecomb County, be altered and changed to those of William Batts, Martha Batts, Elizabeth Batts, Sally Batts, Joseph Batts, Mary Batts and Geraldus Batts:...And the names of John Kindrick, Polly Kindrick, Betsey Kindrick and Salley Kindrick, natural born children of Stephen Jackson, of Anson County, be altered to the names of John Jackson, Polly Jackson, Betsey Jackson and Salley Jackson..."
  • 29 Dec 1810 Anson Co., North Carolina Deed Book O pg 148, Stephen Jackson and Ann Kendrick to John Jackson-for love and affection for our son-one Negro boy named Simon.
  • 29 Dec 1810 Anson Co., North Carolina Deed Book O, pg 148 Stephen Jackson to John Jackson-for love and affection I have for my son John-250 acres under the conditions it is to remain in the possession of Stephen Jackson and Ann Hendrick during their natural lives.
  • 16 Oct 1817, Anson Co., North Carolina, Deed Book S, pg 99, John Jackson to Stephen Jackson and Nancy Hendrick.
  • 16 Oct 1817, Stephen Jackson and Nancy Hendrick, 450 acres on Talton and Cedar Creek branches of Thompson Creek...beginning at a Hickory on Benjamin Jacksons line...from said Stephen Jackson and Nancy Hendrick to said John Jackson...wit John Auld, Daniel McNair, Jesse Jackson
  • 1819 September Term of Court, Deed Book Y, pg 609- Stephen Jakson and Nancy Hendrick , Division of Land: Lot # 1, Stephen Jackson 200 acres crossing Tarlton Creek; Lot # 2 to Nancy Hendrick 221 1/2 acres crossing Tarlton Creek.
  • 1820 Anson Co., North Carolina US Census records show Stephen Jackson over 45 years old with a wife the same age range, one male child under 10 years, one male child 10-16, one female child under 10 and one female 10-16.
  • 25 Mar 1828, Anson North Carolina Deed Book Y page 582, - Stephen Jackson to David Crawford - $50 for acres not stated but was first granted to Bluden Curtis - Benjamin Jackson was an adjoining property owner
  • 1856 Record: North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, Vol III, No. 1, pg. 6 Anson Co, NC (Stack File # C.R. 005.928.3) 1. Jackson, Mary, wife of John Field Auld, both of Union Parish, LA., 23 Oct. 1855, appoints James C. Craig of Chesterfield Dist., SC, her attorney to convey to Elizabeth Jackson, wife and widow of Lewis Ganey, her interest in the Estate of her mother, Nancy JACKSON - all of Chesterfield Dist., SC. On 23 Apr., 1856, James C. CRAIG of Chesterfield Dist.,SC, as Attorney aforementioned, sells to said Elizabeth GANEY [widow of David Crawford] for $600. the interest of said Mary AULD and John F. AULD (in right of his wife) in the Estate of Nancy Kendricks of Anson Co., NC.
  • Descendants of Abel, Stephen Jackson's son, match genetically with descendants of Benjamin Jackson and Hempstead, New York Jackson Families. Proven by yDNA testing 5 Mar 2006.

Previously it was thought that Nancy's son John Henrick Jackson was the same John who married Rebecca Rushing. But this was conjecture based on circumstances and location but no documentation. So this is still a possibility but until better evidence is found, the connection of John Jackson and Rebecca Rushing and John Hendrick Jackson has been removed as of Feb 14, 2009.

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