Person:Simon Huntington (6)

Deacon Simon Huntington
m. 11 May 1623
  1. Christopher Huntington1624 - est 1691
  2. Deacon Simon Huntington1629 - 1706
  3. Thomas Huntington
  • HDeacon Simon Huntington1629 - 1706
  • WSarah Clarkest 1635 - 1721
m. Oct 1653
  1. Sarah Huntington1654 -
  2. Mary Huntington1657 -
  3. Simon Huntington1659/60 - 1736
  4. Joseph Huntington1661 - 1747
  5. Elizabeth Huntington1664 - 1664
  6. Lieutenant Samuel Huntington1665 - 1717
  7. Elizabeth Huntington1669 - 1762
  8. Nathaniel Huntington1672 -
  9. Daniel Huntington1675/76 -
  10. James Huntington1680 -
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3] Deacon Simon Huntington
Gender Male
Christening[1] 6 Jul 1629 Norwich, Norfolk, EnglandSt Simon & Jude
Marriage Oct 1653 Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut, United StatesRecorded at Norwich, which was not settled until 1660.
to Sarah Clark
Death[2][3][4] 28 Jun 1706 Norwich, New London, Connecticut, United States
Burial[5] Old Norwichtown Cemetery, Norwich, New London, Connecticut, United States
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    "1.3. Simon Huntington, like his brother Christopher, spent his youth, probably, with his mother in Windsor. If the Norwich records are authority, he was born in England, in the year 1629, and of course was not far from four years of age when the family came to this country.

    He seems to have possessed the spirit, and to have shared the fortunes of his brother Christopher. With him he appears at Saybrook, where, in October 1653, he married Sarah, daughter of John Clarke, of Saybrook, and later of Milford. In 1660 he joins the colonists who settled Norwich, and thenceforward stands among the first of that important settlement, both in church and state.

    Here his house lot was also in a central and commanding position, and the records show him to have been a large land-holder, and in worldly matters, an enterprising man.

    He was chosen, soon after the removal to Norwich, deacon of Mr. Fitch's church, in which office he served with acceptance, until, in consequence of his infirmities, he was succeeded by his son, in 1696.

    In 1674, he, with that other veteran and tried pioneer, Thos. Leffingwell, represented Norwich in the general court, and he again was a member of the body in 1685.

    In 1686 the town grant him and his sons thirty acres of pasture, westward of Goodman Sluman.

    In 1690, and again in 1696, he was the townsman. In 1694 he was appointed a committee to treat with Mr. Jabez Fitch, with respect to his helping and succeeding his father in the work of the ministry. In the same year he was also on a committee to search out and report on the deficiencies in the records.

    In 1697 he was one of the committee to seat the meeting house. In 1700 he was appointed on a commission to deed anew, lands about whose titles disputes had arisen, or would be likely to arise.

    In 1703, April 27, he and his son Simon deed away thirty acres of pasture land, west of the great plains, to John Gifford.

    The following record is copied from the Windham probate records.

    To all Christian people to whom these presents may come: Know ye that I, Simon Huntington, sen., of Norwich, in the county of New London, in the colony of Connecticut, in New-England, have of my free will, given, granted, unto my son Joseph Huntington, of the same town, county and colony aforesaid, and do by these presents, give, grant, alienate and pass over my whole right, title, interest in and unto our thousand acre interest, or one allotment, in the new plantation, above Norwich, that was willed by Joshua, Sachem, son of Uncas. I, the aforesaid Simon Huntington, have freely and absolutely given, alienated and passed over unto the aforesaid Joseph Huntington, my whole allotment, situated and being in the southeast quarter of the aforesaid plantation above Norwich. March 2, 1691. Deed acknowledged Jan. 24, 1692. Before James Fitch, Assistant.

    Deacon Huntington died in Norwich, June 28, 1706, aged 87 years; and Sarah, his wife, died in Milford, in 1721, aged 88 years."

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    SIMON, Norwich, br. of the first Christopher, prob. b. in Eng. was freem. 1663, m. Oct. 1653, Sarah d. of John Clark, perhaps at Saybrook, had Sarah, b. Aug. 1654; Mary, Aug. 1657; Simon, 6 Feb. 1659; Joseph, Sept. 1661; Elizabeth Feb. 1664, d. soon; Samuel, Mar. 1666; Elizabeth again, Oct. 1669; Nathaniel, July 1672; Daniel, 13 Mar. 1676; James, 18 May 1680; and d. 28 June 1706, aged 77. His wid. d. 1721, aged 88.

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