Person:Silas Jackson (14)

m. 7 Jan 1776
  1. Silas (1) Jackson1776 - 1776
  2. Nancy Jackson1777 -
  3. Hannah Jackson1779 -
  4. Silas Jackson1781 - 1864
  5. Sarah Jackson1783 - 1865
  6. Mary Jackson1784 -
  7. Elizabeth Jackson1786 - 1840
  8. Daniel Jackson, Jr.1792 - 1848
  9. Rev. Joseph Jackson1795 - 1892
  10. Benjamin B. Jackson1800 - 1868
m. abt 1801
  1. Mary Jackson1802 - 1802
  2. Sarah Jackson1803 - 1884
  3. John Jackson1805 - 1864
m. 28 Aug 1808
  1. James Jackson1809 -
  2. Martha Jane Jackson1812 - 1815
  3. Elizabeth Prudence Jackson1814 - 1863
  4. Elias Jackson1818 - 1878
  5. Elijah Jackson1820 - 1846
  6. Nancy Jackson1821 -
  7. Jemima B. Jackson1824 - 1917
  8. Mary Jane Jackson1826 -
  9. Hannah Jackson1829 - 1907
  10. Silas A. Jackson1831 - 1864
  11. Martha C. Jackson1835 - 1846
Facts and Events
Name Silas Jackson
Gender Male
Birth[1] 15 Jun 1781 Morris Co., New Jersey, United States
Marriage abt 1801 to Jane McHenry
Marriage 28 Aug 1808 to Mary Polly Peterman
Residence? 1830-1850 Knox Co., Ohio, United States
Death[2] 9 Sep 1864 Fishing Creek Twp., Columbia Co., Pennsylvania, United StatesCause: drowned
Burial[3][4] Saint Gabriel Cemetery, Columbia Co., Pennsylvania, United States

Silas' father Daniel moved from Morris Co, NJ in abt 1786, so Silas, although born in NJ, apparently grew up in Northumbland Co, PA.

Comment on Douglas Weaver's site: "Silas' first wife Jane died when she was only 23 years old in 1805. Silas married again in 1806 to Mary Peterman. His headstone in Coles Creek Cem says he was 83 years 2 months 24 days old when he died. His name appears on the same headstone as his first wife who died 59 years earlier."

In December 1812, Silas is found to be amoung the subscribers to build St. Gabriels Church. List of all the names can be found in J.H. Battle's 1887 History of Columbia and Montour Counties.[1]

Coles Creek Cem, St. Gabriels Ch, Columbia Co., Pennsylvania is listed at Find-a-Grave as Saint Gabriel Cemetery, Benton, Columbia County, Pennsylvania. There is a picture of the church but not of the tombstone. Find-a-Grave has merely "Husband of Jane".

U.S. General Land Office Records, 1796-1907 about Silas Jackson
Name: Silas Jackson
Issue Date: 7 May 1835
State of Record: Ohio
Acres: 80
Accession Number: OH0910__.171
Metes and Bounds: No
Land Office: Bucyrus
Canceled: No
US Reservations: No
Mineral Reservations: No
Authority: April 24, 1820: Sale-Cash Entry (3 Stat. 566)
Document Number: 9834
Legal Land Description:
Section Twp Range Meridian Counties
12 3-S 11-E 1st PM Hardin

1850 Census Berlin, Knox Co., Ohio
Silas Jackson 69 M Farmer 4500 NJ
Mary Jackson 62 F PA

1860 Census Greenwood, Columbia Co., Pennsylvania
Post Office: Rohrsburg
Samuel D. Patterson 30
Myrtilla Patterson 41
Elizabeth Patterson 5
Silas Jackson 80
(the image of this record at was too faint to read; so I've had to use their index record which does not include the birth place.)

URL to Silas Jackson's Will: Image 295 of 411
Pennsylvania Probate Records, 1683-1994
Columbia County

Columbia Co. Pen
June 23, 1863 A will in the name of God known to all men by these presence that I Silas Jackson being feeble and of sound and memory considering the certainty of death and being desirous to settle all my worldly busyness and be prepared to leave this world wen God may call me home I commit myself to God and to buryd by my friend and after all charges are paid I desire and bequeath to John Jackson one dollar.
I desire and bequeath to James Jackson the sum of one dollar.
I desire and bequeath to Elias Jackson the sum of one dollar.
I desire and bequeath to Silas Jackson the sum of one dollar.
I desire and bequeath Elizabeth Jackson the sum of one dollar.
I desire and bequeath to Nancy Jackson the sum of One Dollar.
I desire and bequeath to Jane Kolley the sum of one Dollar.
I desire and bequeath to Marietta Willits the sum of one dollar.
These claiming to be my sons and daughters my hers (sic) there down to be paid one year after after (sic) my death.
I desire and bequeath to Lucy MCartney fifty dollars.
I desire and bequeath to Swire?? MCartney fifty dollars.
I desire and bequeath to Silas Pond the sum of 25 Dollars.
I desire and bequeath to Charles Pond the sum of twenty five dollars.
I desire and bequeath to Hannah Ponds three dauthters twenty five to each one there given names I do not know. Charles Pond and the three daughters 25 dollars to Hannah 4 heirs make 100 dollars.
Hannah shall pay the heirs from her dowry. Charles Pond and Silas Pond and the daughters to be paid from Hannah Ponds dowry. Hannah heirs to be payed when they of age - and I desire and bequeath to Hannah Jackson my daughr the sum of two hundred dollars to be paid in this one year after my death. These my own heirs there down to be paid when can be collected.
I desire and bequeath to Sarah Cole my dauter 80 acre of land in Michig (sic).
I desire and bequeath Jemima MCartney my daughter 80 acre land in Michigan.
In testamony hereunto I set my hand affix my seal this 23 of June 1863. I do hereto as testamony set my hand and seal.
Sil ackson (seal) I Silas Jackson do hereby do constitute and apoint David Lewis to be my Exetor of my last will and testamony.
Signed sealed published by Silas Jackson
Witness presen
And we hereunto subscribe our names as witnesses to the above will
Alinas Cole (seal) Silas D. Cole (seal)

Columbia County
This sixteenth day of February AD one thousand eight hundred and sixty five before me John G. Freeze, Register for the Probate of Wills and country letters of administration in and for the County aforesaid personally came Alinas Cole and Silas D. Cole the subscribing witnesses to the written and aforegoing instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Silas Jackson late of said County deceased together with the codicil thereto anexed who being duly sworn to law do say that they were present and saw and heard Silas Jackson the Testator sign seal publish pronounce and declare the fore-going instrument of writing said for his last will and testament together with the codicil thereto annexted, and that at the time of -- --- he was of sound mind memory and understanding to the best of their knowledge and beliefs.
Alinas Cole
Silas D. Cole.
Sworn and subscribed before me John Freeze, Regs. per P. H. Freeze, Deputy

Columbia County Be it remembered that on the third day of May AD one thousand eight hundred and sixty five before me John Freeze, Regster for the Probate of Wills do in and for said County Letters testament in due and common form of law on the estate of Silas Jackson late of Columbia County deceased, were granted unto David Lewis the Executor in said will named. The said Executor having been first duly sworn to administer said Estate Will and truly and according to law and persuant to the provissions of the said Will and to faithfully comply with and regard the laws relative to Collateral Inheritances.
Witness my hand John G. Freeze Register**

The line breaks in the above document are the transcriber's and were not in the original document. This transcriber imagines that Silas dictated this will and then attempted to sign it himself but even his signature has a problem. He was 82 years old when he signed the will. Much discussion and research has been attempted to try to determine relationships to all the folks mentioned. All are known except Marietta Willits and Jane Kolley/Colley. On the 1860 census (see above) Silas was living with the family of Samuel and Myrtilla Patterson. So far no family relationship between Silas and either Samuel or Myrtilla has been found. The handwriting and spelling is bad and perhaps that 'Marietta' was supposed to be Marilla/Myrtilla???

Silas married his first wife, Jane, in Columbia County, Pennsylvania and she bore him three children, Mary, Sarah and John. Jane died in 1805 the same day that John was born. In 1808 Silas married Mary Peterman and judging by the dates of the birth of their children, the family moved to Knox County, Ohio sometime between 1826 and 1829. Silas' father, Daniel, had moved to Knox Co, Ohio in 1831. The land record above shows his buying 80 acres in Ohio in 1835. In 1850 Silas and Mary are still in Knox County, Ohio and the children have all left the family home. But by 1860 Silas is back in Columbia County living with the Pattersons. He writes his will in June 1863 in Columbia County and in Nov of 1863 Mary dies in Knox County. Silas drowned September, 1864 in Fishing Creek, Columbia County, Pennsylvania (pg 75 OBR).

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