Person:Silas Couch (2)

Silas Murwin Couch
m. 11 Nov 1808
  1. Sally Maria Couch1809 - 1878
  2. Silas Murwin Couch1811 - 1894
  3. Hannah Amanda Couch1813 - 1889
  4. Calvin P. Couch1816 - 1852
  5. James D. Couch1819 - 1898
  6. George Washington Couch1821 - 1885
  7. Willison S. Couch1829 - 1896
m. 29 Nov 1837
  1. Mary Anne Couch1838 - 1877
  2. Daniel Row Couch1841 - 1908
  3. Joseph Tuthill Couch1844 - 1873
  4. Silas Dewit CouchAbt 1848 - 1871
  5. Susan C. CouchAbt 1849 -
  6. Hannah Elizabeth CouchAbt 1851 -
Facts and Events
Name Silas Murwin Couch
Gender Male
Birth? 4 Apr 1811 Washington, Litchfield, Ct
Marriage 29 Nov 1837 Montgomery, Orange, Nyto Margaret Millspaugh
Death? 8 Jul 1894 Canandaigua, Ontario, Ny

From Jerusalem, Yates County, Ny, 1850 federal census (Pg. 73) ... Dwelling 441, Family 456 Silas M. Couch, age 40, farmer, born Ny Margaret, age 55, born Ny Mary A, age 11, born Ny Daniel, age 9, born Ny Joseph, age 6, born Ny Silas, age 2, born Ny Susan C Couch, age 1, born Ny Sussanna Milspaugh, age 65, born Ny Elizabeth, age 27, born Ny

Jerusalem, Yates County, Ny, 1855 state census Couch Daniel 2/212 Couch Dewit S 2/212 Couch Hannah E 2/212 Couch Joseph 2/212 Couch Margrett 2/212 Couch Mary A 2/212 Couch Silas M 2/212 Couch Susan C 2/212

From Town of Jerusalem, Yates County, Ny, 1860 federal census (Pg. 639) ... Dwelling 4, Family 4 Silas M. Couch, age 49, farmer, born Conn Margaret, age 45, Domestic, born Ny Mary A, age 18, Domestic, born Ny Daniel R, age 19, Farm laborer, born Ny Joseph, age 17, Farm laborer, born Ny Silas D, age 14, born Ny Susan C, age 11, born Ny Elizabeth, age 9, born Ny Susana Milspaugh, age 76, Domestic, born Ny Eliza, age 39, Domestic, born Ny

Yates County Court Records Indictments 1823-1899 11-37-1851 People Vs Couch, Silas M, Common nuisance: sowing foul seed on public lands

Notes provided by Chris Barry: In April 1851, a Yates County, New York grand jury indicted Silas M. Couch on a charge of creating a common nuisance. The petition alleges he "did maliciously, wickedly, unlawfully & wilfully plant, sow, scutter and spread" the seeds of "certain noxious and hurtful plants, weeds and vegetables" on public lands, making the land "entirely useless and valueless to the good and honest citizens." District Attorney D.I. Sunderlin is unsparing in his description of the alleged offender: "Silas M. Couch, late of the town of Jerusalem in the said County of Yates, yeoman, being an evil dispised [sic] person and of a wicked and malicious disposition and unlawfully and wilfully contriving how to harass and injure the good citizens..." (From Yates County Court Records, Indictments 1823-1899, locator 11-37, photocopies courtesy Yates County Historian). The outcome of the case is not clear from the record at hand, but it is hoped that Silas' only offense was planting the seeds of legal hyperbole. Silas M. Couch, 59, farmer, appears in the 1870 U.S. Census of Tyrone, Schuyler County NY, pg. 6, dwelling 45, family 48 (enum. 27 July 1870). Listed with him are Margaret, 54, Mary, 31, Daniel, 29, Joseph, 25, Susan, 20 and Elizabeth, 18. The 1875 NY State Census lists Silas and Margaret, along with children Mary A., Daniel R., Susan C. and Elizabeth in Canandaigua, Ontario County (Election District 1, pg. 14, family 119, enum. 8 June 1875). Silas is not enumerated with his wife and family in the 1880 U.S. Census (see notes for Margaret). His will, dated 15 Jan. 1891, says he is of Jerusalem, Yates County, NY. William T. Hurd is named executor. Bequests to: "Wilson S. Couch One hundred and fifty dollars."

"Second...The remainder of my estate I bequeath to the Presbyterian Church for the education of poor children." "Before the above legacies are paid my executor shall procure a suitable tombstone and pay all my funeral expenses." "The amount given by me to my brother Wilson S. Couch is the legacy received by me from my sister Sally M. Coon." The 1892 NY State Census of Jerusalem, Yates County, lists Silas M. Crouch [sic], 80, after the family of Benjamin Egleston. (1st Election District, pg. 11). The family of J. Stephen Raymond follows. Petition for proof of will, dated 12 Oct. 1894, says the estate is worth $900 and lists heirs Daniel R. Couch, son, Susan Brown, daughter, Hannah Elizabeth Emerson, daughter, all of Canandaigua. (From Yates County Office of Public History, will file 129C).