Person:Sharon Wilemon (2)

Sharon Frances WILEMON
b.Abt 1940
m. 3 Jul 1926
  1. James Wilemon1933 - 2012
  2. Sharon Frances WILEMONAbt 1940 - Abt 1945
Facts and Events
Name Sharon Frances WILEMON
Gender Female
Birth? Abt 1940
Death? Abt 1945 Etowah County, Alabama (Samuel Chapel Cemetery)
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You may or may not know this info: Odis Wilemon & Lillilan Holcomb Wilemon had a daughter name Sharon that died before reaching her teens, I believe the year for her death was abt 1946/1948, I was young myself but I do remember it.

Delivered-To: From: "christine k hopper" <> To: "Dalton J. Nix" <> Subject: Wilemon Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2003 09:25:29 -0600 X-Priority: 3

Good morning Dalton, Hope things are okay with you and the Mrs. today.�

My husband had back surgery but is home now and recuperating nicely.

On my recent trip to North Alabama, I saw one of Odes Wilemon's sons, James Kenneth. I asked him about his sister Sharron, he told me that he could not remember the exact date of her birth nor death but she died on her fifth birthday and�the year she died was�1945. He also said that she is buried at Samuel Chapel Church Cemetery.�

I was at Saul's Cemetery the day I left North Alabama and had intended to stop by Samuel Chapel Cemetery on the way to Attalla to get on the I-59 to head South but I forgot to do it. I need to go by Samuel Chapel Cemetery because I have some relatives buried there, I will try to do it on my next trip.

Gotta go for now but have a real good day.


Corrected, Revised and Updated, letter from Elizabeth Mintz July 2004.