Person:Seeley Finch (2)

Seeley Finch
  1. Isaac Finch
  2. Solomon Finch - 1786
  3. Seeley Finch - 1813
  1. Captain Ephraim Finch1797 - 1863
  2. Seely Finch1806 - 1872
Facts and Events
Name Seeley Finch
Gender Male
Marriage to Mary Eggleston
Death? 19 Mar 1813 Wheatland, Monroe, New York, United States
Burial? Wheatland Baptist Cemetery
  • Capt. I. Lacy's Company; War of 1812
  • Died of Typhus at home, followed by children and wife all within a few days of each other.

1810 Federal Census,
Town of Caledonia, Genessee County, NY

FINCH, Seely.....31010-11010

3 males 0-10
1 male 11-15
0 males 16-20
1 male 21-45
0 males 46+

1 female 0-10
1 female 11-15
0 female 16-20
1 female 21-45

two of these children, or perhaps other children born after 1810 died of Typhus in 1913.

Wheatland, Monroe County, New York
A Brief Sketch of its History

By George E. Slocum
Printed by Isaac Van Hooser
Scottsville, N.Y., 1908, P22

Settlers from 1810 to 1820

During the second decade of the Century the incoming of home seekers was checked by the war of 1812--1814, and yet the number was large. In the roster of Captain Lacy's Company which went to the frontier in 1814, will be found the names of many early settlers of Wheatland, together with the names of many sons of the early settlers. In addition to the names record-ed the following are added, all of whom became residents of the town prior to the year 1820:--

Augustus Bristol, Freeman Edson, Abraham and William Haynes Hanford, Donald and John Mc Vean, Alvah Savage, Isaac 1. Lewis. Henry Tarbox. Osborn Filer. Caleb Allen, Jonathan Babcock, George H. Smith, Rawson Harmon, Donald Mann, Ebenezer Skinner, Thomas Faulkner, John Welch, James Olmstead, Solomon Brown and sons, Calvin Armstrong, Frederick Bennett, Clark Hall, George Ensign, Seeley Finch, William Fraser, and Thomas Lowry.

The Passing of the Quakers
By Miss Almira Franklin
Scottsville, N.Y.
Isaac Van Hooser Printer, 1903

Succeeding William Welch, "Colonel" Ephraim Finch was three times elected, in 1857. 58 and 59. He was one of the seven children of Seely Finch. who appears to have been the original settler on lands in the region of Albright's Mills, which on the death of the parents came into the possession of Ephraim, about 1817 and was held by him till 1862.