Person:Sarah Woods (36)

Sarah Woods
b.Bef. 1723 Prob. Ireland
m. Bef. 1712
  1. Magdalena Woods1712 - 1810
  2. Martha Woods1718 -
  3. Sarah WoodsBef 1723 -
m. ABT 1741
  1. Jean Lapsley1741 - 1797
  2. Joseph Lapsley1742 - 1792
  3. James Lapsley1744 - 1827
  4. Martha Lapsley1746 - Aft 1802
  5. Capt. Samuel LapsleyAbt 1748 - 1786
  6. John Lapsley1753 - 1801
  7. Sarah Lapsley1762 -
Facts and Events
Name Sarah Woods
Gender Female
Birth? Bef. 1723 Prob. Ireland
Marriage ABT 1741 Virginiato Lt. Joseph Lapsley

This Sarah Woods has been apparently mis-identified as the daughter of Michael Woods and Mary Campbell in the Woods-McAfee Memorial publication, but that appears to be in error based upon other documented information (see below).

From post:

As a descendant of Peter Wallace and Martha Woods and their parents: SAMUEL Wallace and Elizabeth Woods and SAMUEL Woods and ELIZABETH Campbell, I resent the continued misstatements about the identities and parentage of these people and the continued confusion with Michael and Mary when there has been plenty of records for decades on both sides of the Atlantic showing the realities. I, the late Ruth Lamar Petracek, Ruby Woods, Lois M. Postel, the late Mrs. Ruthmary Erdahl-first cousin of the Congressman of the same name, my late mother, and others have spent over 40 years researching and transcribing the truth and passing it on--long before computers, trying to undo the speculative undocumented crap put out in the Woods-McAfee Memorial and other vanity press books published 85 to 100 years ago. We've even struggled with semi-historical claptrap like Marten's mangled history of Rockbridge which had uncle and nephew both named John Wallace dying the same day, ignoring the probate records and land records indicating that the nephew was alive and well when Marten has him dead. Apparently when he was doing his typing and editing he wasn't going back to cross check what he'd written with the original records. Yet we think he's the idiot who dropped Peter Wallace's will behind the file cabinet in the basement of the Rockbridge County Courthouse. (Ruth Lamar Petracek found it again--a photocopy of that is also in her book.)"......

Martha, Magalena and their sister Sarah who married Joseph Lapsley were all daughters of SAMUEL Woods and Elizabeth Campbell, not Michael Woods and Mary Campbell. Martha was born probably in 1718--the colonial marriage laws generally stated 21 as a minimum age for marriage. The Quakers allowed marriage for 18 year old females and were constantly at odds with the "official" church. Remember: church and state were one in England, and England ruled the Americas. Thus even many Quakers waited--because the fines could be quite hefty if they didn't. Peter Wallace was born between 1715-1717.

There is no evidence that Mary Campbell was killed by the Native Americans. The December, 1741 incident occurred west of where Michael Woods and his wife were living and it might have been her sister, Elizabeth Campbell Woods who was among people killed by the Native Americans after John McDowell gave the Iroquois war party liquor. According to the records of those asking for compensation for losses (which included family members) it was the Woods in Augusta County, connected with Samuel Woods, who filed for compensation.....